Kelly Prower
Kelly Prower
Pirate Girl, Booty Babe
Good at navigation, hunting, and fighting; carries a few swords, guns, and bombs; commandeers her own ship called the Swingin' Vortex
Love Interests
Sailing the high seas, adventure, finding treasure, making friends, meeting new people
Losing something important, getting beat to the treasure, getting ransacked or captured, being forced to rely on others, being helpless

Kelly Prower is a solo pirate and the daughter of Miles "Tails" Prower and Marine the Raccoon. She is a good pirate, but also ambitious that loves finding treasure and experiencing great adventure.


During one visit to Blaze's home world, Tails and Marine went on a date and got pretty intimate fairly quickly. When Tails learned that Marine got pregnant, he was very indifferent towards this, as he was father to a small number of kids already. Nevertheless, Tails was taken aback when Marine told him how she felt for him. While Tails was still trying to consider who he wanted as his one true lover, he still decided to make occasional visits to Marine to check up on his new potential girlfriend. When the baby at last came into the world, Tails and Marine named her Kelly, but Marine was left to care for her, as Tails had his hands full with the rest of his children.

Kelly showed an immense interest in being an explorer and a pirate, as she was interested in sailing the high seas of the multiple dimensions besides her own. She read as many pirate stories as possible and did lots of research of sea travel and building ships and many other things about these kinds of subjects, mainly what her parents were into. Eventually, at age 14, Kelly built her own pirate ship, the Swingin' Vortex, and started sailing the high seas of not just her world, but her father's world and many others, looting and finding treasure, and fighting many pirates along the way.


Kelly is a very ambitious pirate, always wanting some adventure and trying to find some treasure every waking moment. When on the sea and not with her crew, she either steers and commandeers her ship. But when she doesn't, she always lets the wind take her to where she must go. Kelly has faith in mother nature, thinking it'll never let her down.

Kelly is also skilled in battle, having faced many pirates before and used her great agility and charisma to outwit the worst of the worst. She wields a few swords (always keeping her favorite with her at all times), a couple guns, a boomerang, harpoon, clawshot, some bombs, and so many others that are hard to keep track of.

Despite being so ambitious and seemingly greedy, Kelly is a kind girl that isn't afraid to ask for temporary crew members and talk to some locals that she runs into. She is pretty easy to like, but is more level-headed and has a better grip on reality than her own mother. She also seems to be just as smart as her father, and some of her siblings.





  • Kelly's accent is a mix between Australian and pirate.