Khalise is the crack coupling between Khaos Desuske and Princess Elise

Reasons to support this coupling

Princess Elise frustrated of countless suitors after her for the goal of royalty one day took off to the night. She found that life outside of her royal kingdom was not an easy one. She made a constant fool of herself and was almost taken advantage of by a cruel man. Khaos not knowing anything of the princess stepped in and defended her honor from the predator. The princess lost and confused asked for Khaos to be her companion in her travels. Khaos taken aback by the sudden question hesistantly accepted her request and became her companion in an unknown journey. After spending countless hours with her and defending her from more predators he began to feel a strong bond form between the two. This bond was further strengthened when the princess was taken hostage by the same man who tried to take advantage of her in the first place, and then was rescued once again by Khaos. After time has passed Elise returned to her castle, Khaos believing that he has played his part in the young princess' life begins to depart, But not before being called on by her. She tells him that she can not bear having him leave her after all the time that they have spent together and asks him to stay with her in the castle. Khaos agrees but under one condition, he wants to throw his name into the ring for obtaining Elise's hand in marriage. Now Khaos must fight his ultimate challenge and that is the other suitors. It will be a tough trial but he has one thing the others do not possess, Elise's heart. With this advantage in hand he uses every opportunity to go somewhere with the princess and please her to her hearts content, much to the disdain of the other suitors. Will he be successful in obtaining the princess' hand in marriage? Only time will tell.





Khaos: *Sighs* Goes to show that people only remark on the disgusting Crack pairs... never a good story plot. *shrugs*

Elise: *giggles* Oh cheer up at least you get to show the people just how skilled you are in story telling.

Khaos: *smiles* I suppose so! *looks around* I wonder who will talk to us though?

Elise: Just give them time. I suppose they are not used to talking with overlanders.

Khaos: Yep totally ignored.... *sighs*