Kino the demon is Flab the Demonhog's twin brother, but the youngest out of the two by 5 minutes. Appears in RandomFlab 2's fanfics.

Biographical Information

Kino the Demon

Name Kinosus Hirulon The Demon
Age 15
DOB 8th February, 1995
  • Mephiles the Dark (father)
  • Emily (mother)
  • Pheer the Demonhog (younger half-brother)
  • Flab the Demonhog (Twin Brother)
CounterpartsTo be posted
Future RelativesUnknown

Keeny (as dubbed by Flab)

The Unstoppable Demon Wrecking Ball

Romantic Interests Unknown
Physical Description
Species Demon (Appearance Hedgehog)
Gender Male
  • Fur: Dark Red, Spines kept down, Tanned skin
  • Eyes: Red
  • Black Goggles
  • Black Fingerless gloves
  • Dark Grey Pants
  • Black Spiked Shoes
  • Spiked collar and wrist braces (Black)
  • 2 Tonne Steel Baseball Bat
  • Super Strength (stronger than knuckles)
  • Super Speed
  • All-round specialist
  • Brick-like skin
  • Extremely resistant to elemental attacks
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Powers over electricity
  • Powers over darkness
  • Is able to use the byakugan
  • Can clone himself to the amount of curse stones he has
  • Can shape-shift
  • Dark Kino
  • Flaming Kino
  • Burning Kino
  • Sparking Kino
  • Zapping Kino
  • Quake Kino
  • Tidal Kino
  • Tornado Kino
  • Blinding Kino
  • Cursed Kino
  • Wild Kino
  • Solaric Kino
  • Brawl Kino
  • Demon Destruction Kino
Other Information
Australian V.A. User:RandomFlab 2
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s)To be posted
Appearances To be posted
Original CreatorUser:RandomFlab 2


Kino is basically the evil twin of Flab the Demonhog, and was created on paper before Flab the Demonhog ever was thought of. Kinosus was a name that I created towards a fire demon, and being that Kino has these abilities (and is a demon) I thought i should name him that. Hirulon is just a namme, and when thought about actually sounds like "I Rule On", which also makes a nice pun towards Kino's attitude. Has alot of brutal and destructive abilities.


  • Rage
  • Power
  • Destruction
  • Bacon Sandwiches
  • Grabbing the attention away from Flab


  • Flab (for being born first)
  • The fact that he is always compared to Flab
  • People who tend to mistake Kino for Flab
  • People who are nice


Kino is a very mean and aggressive Demon. Just like Flab, he likes to keep his emotions to himself and prefers it when he is alone. But around people he doesn't know, he is either silent or tries to get into a large fight. Kino likes to be in an angry attitude, and always acts as if almost everything is a serious contest. Kino likes to fight, but usually prefers to train while listening to power metal. When alone, Kino seems to lose all sense of emotions, mainly because of the spirit inside him allows Kino to see his thoughts in a deep and meaningful way. When people try to befriend Kino, one of two things will happen: 1. if you are good Kino will "blast you to the sun and leave you there to die". And 2. If your evil, Kino will only use the friendship as a way to train and make himslef stronger. Kino is regarded as the only true villain of the underworld, giving Kino large confidence in himself and his skills. Even though he has a soft spot for family and a tendancy to put other villains needs before his, people still recognise him as the villain to be.

Battle Style

Kino likes to strike the opponent with light blows as quick as possible, only to deliver a swift strong blow when the opponent leasts expects it. Kino has trained so that any attack given towards him (whether it be physical or long-ranged) can be deflected, returned, or destroyed by his hands so he feels no damage. An example of this when the opponent sends an energy ball to Kino, he will punch it with extreme accuracy so that the energy ball will disappate into thin air. Kino is an all-round fighting expert. At close-range Kino focusses on blocking blows with his arms, then returning a devastating counter-attack with his hands or feet. At long-range, Kino deflects most beams directed at him, and counter-attacks by using flame orbs of electric balsts. Kino's hands are virtually indestructable. Kino has the ability to use the byakugan of the Mephiles clan. Just like Flab, Kino uses this to predict what kind of long-range attack the opponent will use, so he can decide whether to deflect, return or destroy. Kino has the unique ability to weaken elemental attacks by absorbing the energy used to control the element, returning it with his own elemental powers. Kino never dodges, but doesn't have a very good defence, hence why he deflects beams and blocks attacks with his hands. That is why where Flab is strong in defenec, Kino is strong in attack so that he can break through this. Kino is so strong, that he is the only person who can deal a normal punch that Flab ACTUALLY has to try to block. Kino has the ability to shape-shift, generally changeing shape into a reptile or some sort of wolf-like creature to disguise himself among mobians.


  • Fast opponents
  • Grass-based opponents
  • Water-based opponents
  • Steel-based opponents
  • Ice-based opponents
  • Light-based opponents
  • Strength and his elemental draining abilities


  • Rock-based opponents
  • Large and slow opponents
  • Ground-based opponents

Kino's Valuables

It's not much, there is a reason why he has the following:

  • 2 tonne steel baseball bat made from a steel clone made by the Beast of Steel and Praise
  • A Purple stone adorned with red shards
  • A book full of information only known to Kino

The Guardian

Kino is the only user and the creator of The Curse Stones. These stones are a dark and evil replica of the living stones, created by Kino's jealousy fo Flab's skills. These stones are used to replicate all of Flab elemental forms, as well as increasing the powers of his already fire and Electric forms. These stones can also help Kino access a form which is infact far superior to Flab's Golem Form.

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