"Use your brain, Cygnus. He gave you one for a reason-oh wait, you don't HAVE one!"
Kira the Wolf
Vital Information
Age 12
Gender Female
Species Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Residence Christmas Island
Attire lavender jumpsuit with white camisole under. Striped red and green leg warmers, Simple tennis shoes
Relatives Rai the Bee(adopted brother), Sui the Wolf(sister), Cygnus(creator)
Nicknames Angel of Darkness, Sis(Rai and Sui), Black Rose(Cygnus)
Romantic Interests Tails
Political Alignment & Abilities
Affiliations Cygnus, Sonic
Alignment good
Abilities spin dash, Hi Jump kick, Black Rose, Dazzle Darts, Super Jump, Heart Swap
Forms Super Kira


Kira is a fairly 'normal' wolf, with off-white fur, purple eyes, and pale pink hair. She usually wears a lavender jumpsuit or a yellow shirt and a sky blue skirt. Kira has striped green and red legwarmers and wears gloves similar to Amy's.


Kira usually has a nice personality, but has violent tendencies occasionally. She can go from one feeling to another very easily. Cygnus thinks it's fun to provoke her, but Tails treats her nicely and opposes Cygnus. When her violent tendencies, the only thing that can calm her down is chocolate.


Kira can rarely see the future, because she avoids it. She knows a good sum of martial arts and dark magic. Her favorite move is Hi jump kick because she learned it when the X1000 robots broke into her home. Black rose fools her enemies into being drawn to a sweet-smelling rose, and then they are hurt by their thorns.

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