Kirsten the Cabbit is a hot-pink, 18-year-old, anthropomorphic cabbit. She has the ears of a rabbit and a tail (or two tails) of a cat.


Early Life

Kirsten was the daughter of the rabbit father and cat mother.

Physical Description

Kirsten has hot-pink fur and her long red hair matches the color of her eyes. She wears a dark green, sleeveless shirt, a pair of black fingerless gloves, black denim skirt, and a pair of black shoes. Her build is both voluptuous and athletic.


Kirsten is a confident, strong-willed, determined, adventurous, independent young lady. She develops her unique sense of style as she wants to improve her appearance, such as making herself more attractive. Even though she doesn't want to get her hands dirty, she often shows a display of her tomboyish streak. When she is hanging around her friends and Sonic's, Kirsten acts like the "big-sister" type. She can also be caring, friendly, and understanding when she tends to look out for people whom she cares deeply about, including her family. Possessing her remarkable intelligence, she is willing to do whatever it takes to help them.


For a unique crossbreed, Kirsten can either fly using her ears or tails, or sometimes both. She is a proficient black belt at martial arts. She possesses super speed and can run as fast as Sonic.

Roleplay/Game Appearances

Joyful Carols (debut)



  • Unnamed rabbit father
  • Unnamed cat mother




Dr. Eggman


"I'm Kirsten. Kirsten the Cabbit. Pleased to meet ya!" -Kirsten's introduction.

"You could say that I'm both a girly-girl and a tomboy."


  • Kirsten is the first female cabbit created by Delightball.
  • Her two tails can merge together.