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Knuckles' Chaotix 2
Wii,PS2, Xbox 360, PC
ESRB:E 10+

Pegi 3


Single player,Mutiplayer, Story
Platforming, Speed, Throw-Back, Mystery
Release Date(s)
Jaguar European TBA

Jaguar american TBA

Jaguar flagen TBA

Jaguar Australian TBA

Knuckles Chaotix 2 is a sequel (term used lightly) to the rare 32X game, Knuckles Chaotix. Despite the title, the game has a similar plot structure with almost all the same levels re-imagined, from the first. The game is a platformer/puzzle game, in which your main goal is to uncover the truth of the plot.


Gameplay is very similar to the Gameplay in many of the Sonic Adventure games but then switches to 2D, similarly to the transitions one can see in Sonic Colors or Sonic Generations.Often the game relies on puzzles taking advantage of the "stuck together" gimmick. The characters can also can use firearms although they have limited ammo.

Story Overview

Playing as the Knuckles, The Chaotix and a handful of other unlockable characters, you must uncover the explanation for various mysterious events including the disappearance of Sonic the Hedgehog, an apocalyptic laser which supposedly hit the earth and the ascension of an island onto the surface of the ocean, over the course of a couple days. Depending on which locations you go to at what times during these days, different possible scenarios occur. The events including the death of several characters, the possible revival of one of Knuckles' ancestors, the expansion of the agency, a forming rivalry with Metal Sonic and the appearance of the Chaotix' missing member Mighty.


The Chaotix


( by Mike9711ofDeviantART)

A detective agency that found two mysterious objects known as power rings. After one of them accidentally sticks his gum between the two rings the team ends up using them as a way to stick together, gain momentum and overall go faster. Later the team ends up finding the Starlight amusement park which strangely ascended onto the top of the water after being submerged for many years. Could the rings and the island be linked in someway.

Knuckles the Echidna

Rivals knuckles running

Found by the chaotix after arriving at Carnival Island. Knuckles can be selected as a fate choice that will take you through the hero story mode. Knuckles can later become playable along with the chaotix.

Heavy & Bomb

Found by Charmy after the Chaotix' arrival at the island. Heavy and bomb were created as tour guides and are found to be very annoying to everyone but Charmy. These two are meant to handicap your team if you fail at picking a partner.

Heavy & Bomb

Pachacamac the Echidna

Pachacamac was a part of a family of chiefs that lead the Knuckles Clan. At some point in his life, Pachacamac had a daughter who was named Tikal. Despite his wise guidance he caused almost all of the clan to be wiped out due to his greed for power. He is a suspect for the cause of the island's mysterious ascension.

Dr. Robotnik

Dr. Eggman (2)

An evil man constantly after powerful gems known as chaos emeralds. A rumor has started that he is behind the disappearance of Sonic the Hedgehog, and possibly the island's mysterious ascension. His goal in life after all was to built an empire in his image, cynical amusement park and all.

Mighty the Armadillo

A member of the Chaotix who went missing years ago, on a solo mission. He's remembered by all who knew him as a hero. However the mystery still remains of what happened to him.

Doctor Dimitri Finitevus

An echidna who tried to absorb the powers of the chaos emeralds to become a god 3,500 years ago. According to legend he did succeed but was banished onto an island in the middle of the ocean by Chaos, the god of destruction. Suspiciously on their journey the Chaotix run into an echidna, in perfectly normal condition who claims to have that name.


KC2 screenshot collage

From top left to bottom right: Isolated Island early build, II texture test, Tutorial, Amazing arena texture test

While originally starting as just an idea around very early 2015 a test level was constructed along with the porting of a few characters. At the time of this section's creation (2/2/15) the game is not far through development (if it even does see the light of day.) but a few working levels have been constructed, the partner system has yet to be implemented and a few screenshots of the early development was taken and made into a collage of sorts.

KC2 collage2

Once again from top left to bottom right, Sonic + Knuckles in II, BB texture test along + Espio's wall climbing skill, Vector + Knuckles in SS with H.U.D + Mighty in a secret lvl with New H.U.D

As of 4/14/15 the game is slightly farther in development. First of all the lighting has been "HEAVILY" improved on. As one can see from the screenshots the shadows are present and somewhat accurate. The Chaotix, Mighty, Knuckles and Sonic had their models already existing in the engine so porting them wasn't too difficult. Currently the the two player mechanic has been "sort of" implemented, with the playable characters being linked gameplay wise but no physical indication (no band, but band physics.) As seen from the screenshots some more levels have had their basic textures and layout implemented (specifecly Botanic Base and Speed Slider.) In addition their is also a working, experimental H.U.D showing one's time left and rings, along with the symbol of the character in control, (Although only Knuckles, Espio and Sonic have their symbol in the system as of this paragraph and the latest of the screen shots in the collage.)


Station Square, Chaotix Base; 3:45 pm, Day -1

Espio:...Hey Vector,You still have those large rings we found in the trash.

Vector: Yeah, they look powerful. Just holding onto them, makin' sure there in good hands.

Espio: Yeah right, looks like they haven't been used in years. Probably just something useless.

Vector: Probably...Hey we could use them to scare away the landlord so we have more time to pay the rent.

Espio: ...Hey Vector, can you believe Sonic's gone missing

Vector: Impossible. How could any one catch Sonic?

Espio: Beats me? Even more confusing, I also got word that Eggman shot a powerful laser at the earth 24 hours ago

Vector: That's ridiculous we would all be dead

Espio: Yeah, and that's when Sonic went missing too

Vector: Could he be dead?

Espio: I'd have expected them to have found his body by now. All of it is off, I didn't even feel an impact 24 hours ago.

Vector: Yeah, that would've caused an annoying ruckus.

Espio: Speaking of which shouldn't we go get charmy

Vector: fine (puts his gum between two power rings) let's go.

Prologue (Stage I: All |Day 0)

Vector: Activate Flight mode!

Espio: Will do (pulls lever turning the base into a sort of helicopter. In the sky Vector tries to locate charmy)

Vector: Charmy you up here!!!

Charmy: Vector, fly with me come on wee! (Flies obnoxiously around the base)

Espio: Deploying Gripping Claw

[In a tutorial for the claw minigame later on you must catch Charmy three different times]

(the sky gets dark and a tornado appears)

Vector: Ah no! Espio!

Espio: Ahead of you! (starts driving the base away)

Vector: Espio, Get me a clear shot! I think there's something in the tornado causing it.

Espio: Be careful Vector, ammo doesn't grow on trees

Vector: yeah, yeah [Vector get's a clear shot at the tornado and uses a shotgun to try and stop the cause of the tornado, shooting all the obstacles flying at them as well.]

Vector: Almost got it! (goes to reload the gun terminator style but ends up knocking out Espio instead

.) Uh oh! Charmy?

Charmy: Yeah?

Vector: You, know how to fly this thing?

Charmy: No, sir!

Vector: Then you may want to hold onto something.

(The screen goes white)

Tutorial (Stage I.5 All|Day 0)

Isolated Island, ???; 9:30 am, Day 0

Vector: ugh...where are we?

Espio: I don't know... Some island I think...augh, my head! Vector what happened yesterday

Vector: ugh, beats me

Charmy: Or Espio more accurately!

Espio: what!?

Vector: Got no idea what that means?

Espio: looks like we should start looking around for ways off this island.

Charmy: Why don't we use those piece of trash rings Vector found the other day!

Vector: Charmy that might be a little hard. They're stuck together.

Espio: Perfect then, we can use them to stay together. Until I trust Vector again

Vector: Very funny, Now can we get moving

[A brief tutorial starts and then Stage I starts]

Isolated Island (Stage I: All|Day 0)

[Soon the ground begins to rumble as an Island mysteriously ascends onto the top of the ocean]

Espio: Woah, what was that!?

Vector: How is that even possible!?

Charmy: It's Neon!

???: Yeah I see it,the plan's begining to work. How is the hostage? What! He's escaping I'll get there now

Espio: You two hear that?

Charmy: Yeah, looks like we better get to that island.

[After Level]

Plaza, Carnival Island, 9:00 am, Day 1

(The Chaotix bust into the main plaza, Espio invisible,Vector in a fighting stance and Charmy holding a gun. After seeing the plaza is baron they lower their guards. )

Espio: What is this place?

Vector: An amusement park?

Espio: What kind of sick bastard holds people hostage in an amusement park?

Vector: How about one that just ascended onto land?

Charmy: This place looks amazing!

Espio: Let’s not let our guard down Charmy, we know this place isn’t safe

Vector:  You’re tellin’ me! (Espio ducks as Vector punches a robot that is directly behind Espio. He then grabs the robot.)  Think you could sneak up on me did ya! (Slams Robot into the ground and grabs him again.) Who are you working for!

Charmy: Vector stop, he’s just a tour guide!!!

Vector: What!?

Robot: …Brochure?

Vector: (let's robot go, takes brochure and gives it to Charmy.)

Robot: I am Heavy, my associate Bomb and I are tour guides here at the wonderful Carnival Island!

Espio: Wait a second, if you work here, then you were created here, right?

Heavy: Yes.

Vector:  That means somebody built you… Who is your creator!?

Heavy: Error, Hostile environment detected, information locked!

Vector: Pardon?

Espio: It looks like he thinks we’re threats. I don’t think he’ll tell us until, we become friendly.

Bomb: Is everything okay here Heavy? I got a call for backup.

Vector: Whopps.

Espio: Gentlemen, I believe we got off on the wrong foot. We’re private detectives. We were stranded here and we’re trying to figure out what’s going on with this island.

Bomb: …Error, cannot permit. Authority questionable!

Heavy: Wait Bomb I have an idea. (turns to Chaotix) We will permit your presence as long it’s under supervision!

Charmy: What!?

Vector: Come again!?

Espio: Vector, let’s humor them they could have important information

Vector: Fine... Heavy, Bomb, welcome to the Chaotix detective agency. Just lay low for now okay?

Heavy + Bomb: Understood.

[Much like the original Knuckles’ Chaotix you pick your designated character, pick your partner through the claw game, and select a stage randomly (Not as randomly if you grab a item from the level earlier slowing down time. Here depending on the stage things change.) Depending on which stages are picked determines the story's events and what clues you get leading to the final confrontation.

Best Story/Ending -

(Botanic Base) Any Stage: (Stage II: Any | Day I)

(Botanic Base), Carnival Island, 10:00 am, Day 1

Vector :(Hiding Behind a corner hearing fighting sounds.) Alright Espio you go ahead, Charmy and I will stay back.

Charmy: If you need any help just call for back up

Espio: Understood (Sneaks around cloaked to find a bunch of robotic parts and Knuckles. He uncloaks himself) Huh, Knuckles?

Knuckles: Espio? You son of a Bat! Ah, man great to see you! (Goes over to him and hugs him.)

Espio: Hey,take it easy man.

Knuckles: Yeah sorry. So how did you get here!?

Espio: Well the rest of the Chaotix and I crashed onto this place and are trying to figure out what’s going on. How did you get here?

Knuckles: I wish I knew. I just blacked out for a while and woke up in a crate. Got out of the crate and all these robots came after me.

Espio: I was afraid you were going to say that.

Vector: (comes around the corner with Charmy) everything we keep finding isn’t leading us anywhere

Charmy: Vector, are you dumb! The brochure led us here!

Knuckles: Awesome! All of you are here! Aw, man I haven’t seen you guys in years! Hey if, you don’t mind me asking what ever happened to Mighty?

Espio: Well it’s kind of complicated really.

Vector:  You see during an investigation, he suddenly disappeared.

Espio: Mighty’s been missing for years.

Knuckles: I see.

Espio: Are you up for some investigation?

Knuckles: Sure, I don’t have anything else to do, no way off the island either.

 !Warning: The area below is under heavy construction!

Level 2 (Botnic base)

(Vector and espio slowly rise out of the water) Vector: Knuckles what are you doing here Knuckles:I came to this old amusment park becuse Eggman took it over and to look for Sonic Vector how do you now Eggman took it over Eggman loud speaker: have a great day at the star light amusment park Knuckles:hm Charmy:ow button Vector: charmy noo!(the sand Sucks Knuckles and the chaotix in

They show you the hub

pick a character to find your fate 1# Knuckles 2#Espio 3#Heavy

(Vector pulls a lever and it land on a place)

Vector :what a joke (looks at a lazer oh no


Vector: oh what happend am I even at the amusment park stil Knuckles:yes now come on Vector Eggman must be here Vector :wait up Knuckles come on


Vector: oh what happend am I still at the amusment park Eggman loudspeaker:if you can see every thing perfectly please get your eyes checked it's soppost to be wery Vetor: well that answered my queston Espio:Vector I think I know where Eggman is let's go


Vector: oh what happend Ah who are you Heavy:my name is Heavy and Eggman cappterd my friend Bomb please help me Vector:Fine but I'm geting payed for this

Knuckles Chaotix Music - Midnight Greenhouse00:00

Knuckles Chaotix Music - Midnight Greenhouse

level 2

Eggman: I'm suprised Vector your messing with my robot army Vector :ok weres (Sonic,Bomb or Mighty)

Vector:whats with the amusment park Eggman:It's not mine yet

Eggman:I have no idea Vector:nice try Eggman: really I'm serious (Heavy,knuckles,Espio):gve him back

File:Knuckles' Chaotix :

Level 3 (Speed Slider)


Vector: Wow what was that Espio:I'm going to find out soon after I find the missing data Knuckles: Vector Eggmans escaping Vector see ya


Vector: Wow what was that Espio:I'm going to find out soon after I find the missing data Vector: Your trying to hack into Eggmans computer again? Espio:yes Vector: has Charmy tracked down Eggman Knuckles: yes he's making a run for it get him


Vector:wow ah Heavy I really hate you Heavy:hm thats not a way to treat a paying costimer Vector: ah I mean lets go get Bomb Espio: hard to do when Eggman is trying to escape Vector:lets get him boys

File:Knuckles' Chaotix Music: Speed Of Sound

Knuckles:Vector Eggmans up there Vector: charmy carry me up there Charmy:ok (Heavy,Espio,Knuckles):end of the line Eggman Eggman:I"m telling you I really this isn't an evil plot Vector:then why are you in a rocket Charmy:maybe hes on a bisness trip Eggman:oh thats right Knuckles: you can't foll us Eggman fine then I'll crush you

Knuckles' Chaotix boss 200:59

Knuckles' Chaotix boss 2

Boss 2

Level 4 (Amazing Arena)

Pick a character to determen your fate (Hero=knuckles Chotix=Charmy Dark=Heavy)


Knuckles: from the looks of it Sonic must be close Espio:how do you now that Knuckles:Trust me he must be here Vector: this place is so dark I can't see ware I'm going Charmy:Ah (lights turn on) Vector:CHARMY YOU SET A BOMB OFF A BOMB Knuckles:relakse we have 20 seconds to RUN


Espio:I detect mighty hes close Vector: good work Espio Knuckles: you shore were not lost Espio I can't see any thing Charmy:Ah (lights turn on) Vector:CHARMY YOU SET OFF A BOMB EVERY ONE RUN!


Heavy:Following this broshore we should be neare Bomb Vector:how can you even see a broshore Knuckles:good ponit Heavy:oh forget it were lost Espio: not any more (lights turn on) Vector:AH A BOMB Espio:vector it's not a bomb Vector: Oh Heavy:I found whare to go come one

File:Knuckles' Chaotix Music: Labyrinth

File:Knuckles' Chaotix Music: New Moon

(Knuckles,Espio,Heavy) guys I fould out were (Sonic,Mighty,Bomb) are at Vector: where is that Knuckles,Espio,Heavy) Eggmans warehouse Charmy:Ah a bomb Knuckles: this won"t take long

(I can't find this sonuld track)

Knuckles Chaotix Music - Amazing Arena Robotnik00:50

Knuckles Chaotix Music - Amazing Arena Robotnik

Boss 3

Level 5 (Techno tower)

(pick a character to determine your fate Sonic=hero Mighty=chaotix bomb=dark)


Espio: we should be near Eggmans whare house Vector:boys look out for any thing supicous Knuckles: vector what about the tower right in front of us that says Eggmans whare house top floor Vector:to obius Knuckles: forget it


Espio: we should be near Eggmans whare house Vector: charmy do you see any thing up there Charmy: ya I saw Mighty and a cute little flower Vector:was Eggman there Charmy:I don't now I was to busy looking at the prity little flower Vector: charmy Charmy:yes Vector: YOUR AN IDIOT


Espio: Eggmans whare house should be close Hevy Heavy:then I'll be with bomb agian Vector: dont get a hold of your self we still have to get up this tower Heavy:then let's go Knuckles:wait

Knuckles' Chaotix Music - Electoria05:06

Knuckles' Chaotix Music - Electoria

level 5

Vector:ah it's (Mighty,A clue,bomb) (Heavy,Charmy,Knuckles):really Eggman yes and if your going to get there you have to go throw me (Knuckles,Heavy,Espio): this is it vector Eggman:ho ho ho

File:Knuckles' Chaotix Music: Crystal Nightmare

Level 6 (Marina Madness)


(still at the ware house)

Knuckles:there sonic is in this miror Vector:you don't have to do this knuckles Knuckles:what do you mean Vector:you don't have to let him go we could do all the saving just look at the adventure we just had Knuckles:... Vector think about Tails or Amy what would they be without Sonic besides we don't have a choice hes all ready making it home


Vector:you were there this hole time Mighty:yes I allways tryed to escape but I couldn't a way no matter how hard I tryed Vector:well It'll be nice to have back on the team Mighty:After all this time I'll finaly be free


Heavy: here Vector you desurved this Bomb:you really did after saving me Vector:well don't Keep me in sespense what is it Heavy:A check Vector: ya. Wait this expires in three minutes Heavy:beter hurry Vector:AAAAAHHHH


Vector:good by every one Knuckles:man I'ts feels so good that were coming home (with or too)(Mighty,Heavy,Sonic saving the day) (Floating Island comes out of no were) Espio:looks like it's not over yet

Knuckles Chaotix Music - Seascape00:00

Knuckles Chaotix Music - Seascape

level 6

Eggman:I can't stand this any more Vector:nice try Eggman:Hm hm hm you didn't really think amusment park was mine did you? Vector:what Eggman:after this I'll use This world with the 4 power rings of Strength Espio:If you win that is Knuckles: enough lets fight

File:Knuckles' Chaotix Music: Soda Pop


Vector:We have to find a way out of here Mighty:me and Bomb know how to leave Knuckles:a well how Bomb:you must yet to the top of the Newtrogic tower and the portal will open Knuckles let's go I now were the Newtrogic tower is

Level 7 (Newtrogic high zone)

Sonic Free Riders Music - Final Factory00:00

Sonic Free Riders Music - Final Factory

Newtrogic high zone

Vector:Finally come on Mighty Bomb:wait The only bad thing about this is only 4 people can go throw the portal Mighty:Take knuckles Vector:but Mighty Mighty:just do it.Its more importent that he goes then me Espio:Heavy,Bomb,Mighty you there you'll be ok Mighty:wait weres charmy Vector:all ready in the portal bie

Level 8 (Storm island)

Part 1

(in the sky)

(Egg Colldrin comes out) Knuckles:looks like Eggmans not finished yet Vector:Charmy come on we have work to do (play as charmy spining vector ina circle use him to shoot enemies)

Sonic Unleashed "Tornado Defense 2nd Battle" Music01:54

Sonic Unleashed "Tornado Defense 2nd Battle" Music

Part 2

Orbot:sir we don't have enough power to destroy the sky Eggman: WHAT! Hm no matter I'll just destroy The chaotix insted (Charmy flys back onto the house with Vector:Come on lets go now Espio Knuckles:what are you so afaid about Vector:that I'm not driving '(player one:you shoot the Egg colldrin using the biult in wepon shoting range playing Kuckles Pla'yer 2:flys the house)

Part 3

(both the chaotix house and the Egg Colldrin start falling) Orbot:sir all we can do now is shoot then shoot (vector and Knuckles are falling out of the bass) Vector: Charmy grab on quick Charmy: what who turned off the lights (he put a blinfold on) Vector: ah (they fall out)

(Play as vector and knuckles dodging the Egg Colldrin's shots

Final Boss

(Egg Colldrin falls to the ground) vector:we did it Eggman:or did you I still have the power ring (new biuldings start falling on the city) Espio:No he merging the worlds together Mighty:Vector you have to stop him Bomb: It's impoable we would need the 3 other power rings (charmy taks one out,Heavy takes one out,Knuckles takes one out) Vector:lets do it Knuckles Mighty:we'll try to over power the master ring with these 3 (the rings start circling each other and create a lazer and it starts shooting at the master ring)

Knuckles Chaotix Music - Final Boss01:09

Knuckles Chaotix Music - Final Boss

final boss

Eggman:No I was so close Vector:Its over Eggman(throws the magic rings) (then every thing turns back to normal Mighty,Bomb and Heavy aren't there any more The city looks the same.People start claping)

Vector:We did it boys Knuckles:Thanks Vector for the adventure but I think Sonic needs me now that he's back Espio:See ya Charmy: Bie Knuckles

(And now the 2 rings are now gone in the other world.Or are they?)

Other ulockable characters

Skate - beat Dark and Chaotix story mode

LT-Beat Hero and Chaotix story mode

Ray-beat all bosses with Charmy

Saffron-beat all bosses with Ray

Tails- beat all bosses with every one(unlocked so far)

Metal Sonic-beat the game

Eggman-beat all bosses with Metal sonic

Silver-get all girls

Amy-beat all bosses with silver

Blaze-unlock all boys

Knuckles Chaotix02:32

Knuckles Chaotix

main theme

Knuckles Chaotix Music - Just Another Day00:00

Knuckles Chaotix Music - Just Another Day

ending theme

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