This game stars Knuckles the Echidna as he is taken to the world of Treasure Island where he must help Jim Hawkins and the crew outsmart the pirates lead by Long John Silver. Knuckles' treasure hunting gameplay from Sonic Adventure 1/DX and 2 returns in this game along with new gameplay methods like sword fights, pirate ship sailing gameplay, and cannon firing.


Pirates (anti-hero)

Pirates (evil)


Knuckles was lying at Angel Island, minding his own business while guarding the Master Emerald. But then, he sensed a disturbance, which came from inside the Master Emerald, much to his confusion. And then, he noticed a book in front of the Emerald. While it happened, he heard a voice, which came from the book. Curious, he picked up the book and opened it. But when he opened the book, he got sucked within the story world, much to his own surprise.