KnuxLois is the romantic relationship between Knuckles the Echidna and freedom fighter Chlois the Hedgehog.

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"Chloe: "In coming!"

(*crashes into Knuckles arms mid-fall*)

Knuckles: "Chloe, what the hell are you doing?! I told you to stay on the plane!"

Chloe: "I'm not going to let you go! We're chained to be forever Fighters, remembers?!""

—Chloe to Knuckles before they kiss mid-falling to their peril in her attempt to save him from falling into the deep water with a broken arm

After her three-year relationship was ended by Sonic the Hedgehog himself, poor Chlois ended up being emotionally depressed and heartbroken for the next few few weeks of June 2010 with her friends from SuroTropolis by her side. Then, by the end of June 2010 into early July 2010, things started to change when Chlois broke out of her depression and started hanging out with reality again, and after she have had a "Sorry for your loss" chat with Knuckles the Echidna, she claimed she started to feel weird, her face started warming up and blushing and her pupils started dilating and her heart started pounding...faster than ever before. After a long chat at a camp-out sleep-over, her friends Amy Rose, Blaze the Cat, Cream the Rabbit and Cosmo the Seedrian came to an conclusion, some familiar kind of emotional state that Chlois begged herself not to fall into because she feared it's what ruined her three-year relationship with Sonic the Hedgehog...She didn't want to believe it but she had fallen in love again,THIS time with Knuckles the Echidna.

Later in July, she had tried to fall out of love with him, but this time it was too great, it had already started and she wasn't sure if it was ever gonna end, then one day Chlois remembered that chat she had with Knuckles. Heck,it even bought back a long-lost memory where when she was a kid, her first crush wasn't Sonic the Hedgehog at all (Her mother thought she was in love with Sonic ever since but the crush/relationship didn't start until 2008 during the events of "Sonic Unleashed 2:Animals I've Become") her actual crush was Knuckles the Echidna! She didn't notice but when he ever had chats with his heroic friends or the Chaotix or heated arguments with Dr.Eggman, Rouge the Bat or Bokkun, she liked it when he talked to her or watching him talk or be tough in battle of protecting the Master Emerald, even in risk of sacrifice. When she encountered that long-lost memory, she realized that "maybe there is no problem, after all maybe it is okay falling in love again and THIS time it's non-obsessive because that how I was in my last relationship and after three years, he hated me." After all, Chlois didn't find love herself this time, it found her heart, her soul, her very being.

During fall 2010, she was happy about having a crush on Knuckles, but for the safety of herself and her personal life, she decided to keep her crush on Knuckles a secret from her Freedom Fighter comrades, friends, her closest family, everyone! even her ex-boyfriend, Sonic the Hedgehog. Why, you might ask? "Because I'd be back where I started in the events of my last relationship and I don't want to embarrass him, myself or anyone again."

As the fall turned into Winter 2010, Chlois started to worry about ruining peoples lives, but that eventually grew away and she had a great Christmas with her friends and family, especially around her crush...she just didn't want anyone to start getting ideas so she tried to avoid mean-girls as much as avoiding mistletoe...much to her friends disappointment because they were looking forward to newly-single Chlois being kissed by a handsome guy mostly her crush, heh, that was embarrassing!

Then after relaxing from fun holidays, from looking to the past (New years 2010) to looking to the future (Jan 2011) things started to bloom around January where she enjoyed his company when she joined him in missions, no matter how scary they were, to February 2010 when Valentine's Day came and everyone had that special holiday with their sweethearts and don't worry. Everyone, especially the Mean-Girls started to make fun of her because they thought she would be all alone and miserable on the holiday of romance...turns out they were all wrong. Because Knuckles was feeling sorry for her and watching how she stood up to her problems, he arrived in a nice tuxedo disguise (a la Tuxedo Mask) and accompanied her for Valentine's Day and told the other bullies to back off, leading to their embarrassment. The two had fun where they danced to the music and hung out with their friends before they went outside to look at the moonlight. It was a beautiful night with all those constellations in the sky and sparks in everyone's eyes, and in Chlois's case, even in her date's violet eyes for she just could not help but to be hypnotized by his strong sight. Poor Chlois started thinking about him and how brave he was, how wonderful the night was and "How I'm not afraid to be myself when I'm around you, Knux" Did i say that out loud?

Sadly yes, but he was alright with it, he was not unfazed by what she said. Chlois, hoping to avoid any "word vomit", thanked him for taking her out for Valentine's Day before they went back inside to join the rest of the party. Chlois,on the other hand ,when they walked together inside the Valentine's Day Prom Room and thinking about how she said something surprising that didn't end with bad results and out of how brave she was when he talked to her about how her likes her for "being herself", she blushed for 10 minutes and after that, she smiled, showing all the signs that her love for him is growing stronger...without a care in the world.

Then came March 2011, where Chlois was starting to think a new romance was starting to blossom in her best friend. Of course, She kept to herself when she's near him (as usual) but went to great lengths to impress him so far as to saving the Master Emerald when Nack the Weasel, Rouge the Bat or any thieves tried to steal it, or saving one of his buddies from a train station that was about to collapse (Thanks to Dr.Eggman!), or when she put her ghost/spider/snakes/worms/drowning phobias aside to help her friends from King Boom Boo and his evil ghost army from the haunted isle. Then came St.Patrick's Day where she had to spent the entire her Aunt Mindy's house which was no fun at all! What happened was that Mindy, in order to prove her point that she can be "famous", she had the nerve to sneak past SegaLand security, get into the sighed deals room, white-out Mariah's name on the "Citizen's In Care" in the deal and put her name there instead so that she would look after her niece for whole months or even a year!

Things were not good at all, especially when her Uncle Joe had just got a free liposuction from wining a bet and he had to stay in bed until he...stopped leaking fat (eeww!!) Her Aunt Mindy ,happy in success,decided to celebrate St.Patrick's Day by throwing a party started looking for her make-up. Her Cousins Ashley and Jade, who were fixing the food for their St.Patrick's Day party, started worrying about the refreshments and her Cousin Michael wondered if anyone took his skateboard. The whole thing started into a huge debate filled with gibber-gabber and confusion and cursing that Chlois just couldn't take it anymore. She was starting to leave for the front door when her Aunt Mindy asked her if she had a boyfriend yet. That made her face turn red from the question and she yelled at her, denying that she had a boyfriend and told her to go put on her drug-store brand make-up.

Then she when out the front door, to the their front porch and was shocked to find out that they've had Christmas decorations up for the party. She just just sat on the front porch, wishing she was back in SegaLand with her friends and her dad for the next few months and wondered what could be better? The weird thing that happened was that someone with red hair, spiked gloves and a white crescent birth-mark on his chest, arrived in a mysterious black car wearing a tuxedo. He walked toward her, with one good throw, tossed red roses into the air making the Christmas decorations light up the walk-way making it so magical. What she didn't know is...she's being saved by her date. His name was Tuxedo Knux (really, it was Knuckles in disguise) and he rescued her from the relatives she hated and took her to SegaLand on that date. They had a really great time at Twinkle Park (hence the term,"Cute Couples get in for free!") enjoying the rides, watching the sky at Never Lake, making sure those pesky robots weren't anywhere in sight. After their date, he was courteous of driving her home, walking her to the front door and...having their first kiss! After that they waved goodbye, poor Chlois's face couldn't stop turning red, she was wonder-struck by her best friend...whispering "I know who you are...Knuckles." When she went inside the home she and her friends stayed at SegaLand (kinda like Chris Thorndyke's house but more like a penthouse), she didn't expect her dad to be there and as usual, he was clumsy trying to fix everything! Trying to correct the "man of the house", Chlois sauntered over to her dad saying "that cold stuff in there is called Ice", but for some reason here dad was real rude to her, asking what else her date has "been taking care of". At first she responded "Excuse me?" but confided in saying "Can you blame him" leaving her dad speechless that his little girl when out on a date with a "complete stranger", that his assumption was right, it was a date. She then asked if he didn't like the guy then why does he care, it's because he know her break-up with Sonic (they broke-up in June 2010) really hurt her and he's really uncomfortable seeing her with someone else, because he liked that she was with Sonic. After his confession,he apologized and went home but not before saying "I think i really screwed up your ice maker" leaving Chlois giggling, Things were starting to turn around for the best.

Then came May 2011 (where things get suspicious),where some unknown villain nicknamed Control Freak kidnapped Sonic and friends threatening them with questions to speak the truth or die in front of their loved ones!

It was a real twisted game of "Truth or Dare", only the truth would save your life and the dare being that if you dared to lie, then you would be shocked to death by Control Freak because everyone had to be tried down in Electric Chairs! Control Freak got Rouge to admit to Shadow that she's a Government Spy from G.U.N, working for the Hero side,More coming Soon!


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(Moved to neutral) Honestly, I'm not even sure how couples that include a canon character can even support themselves. It's as if the character becomes a pimp with all these relationships. ~ WHAT YOU'VE DONE IS UNFORGIVABLE, SIGMA. 19:37, January 15, 2012 (UTC)


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  • I have Lots of couples For Knuckles.Deppression hurts,Sonic can help! 20:26, April 29, 2011 (UTC)
  • (I'm a fan of Knuxara and I'm partial to Knuxouge. I even have my own Knuckles's pairing.)--FluttershyFluttershyYay! 13:19, July 18, 2011 (UTC)
  • No one cares about stupid OCs, I'm against this paring because of the OC.

Theme songs

  • "Rocketeer" by Far East Movement (Knuckles encouraging Chlois to let go of her fears and fly into love and that everything will be okay because he's by her side all through the journey) (July 2011)
  • "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars (How Knuckles describes Chlois beauty and how he loves her because she's never gonna change herself into something she's not and that they way she is:Being herself) (December 2010)
  • Bruno Mars featuring B.O.B "Nothing on you" (How Knuckles doesn't care about what the mean girls say about how his girlfriend ain't like them and how much he appreciates her) (September 2011)
  • "Airplanes" B.O.B featuring Hayley Williams
  • "Happiness" by Alexis Jordan (In hopes of falling in love with Knuckles,she must overcome heartbreak and find love in herself first) (August–September 2010)
  • "Only Girl In (In The World)" by Rihanna (Knuckles "Tuxedo Mask" & Chlois's "Sailor Moon" love theme)
  • "The Time (Dirty Bit)" by The Black Eyed Peas (How Chlois,Knuckles and the other Sonic Couples feel about each other while saving the world and timelines from the Dream Eater in Sonic Generation in honor of the 20th Sonic Anniversary)
  • "Just A Dream" by Nelly (Knuckles & Chlois worrying about each other while struggling with their own fears with the evil they encounter in their lives) (February 2011)
  • "E.T." by Katy Perry featuring Kanye West (Knuckles & Chlois's extra-terrestrial love for each other and their courage to sacrifice themselves for one another) (Chlois's theme in the form of from becoming human to hedgehog to being"alien-like" falling in with someone who's a mobian and a hero) (Knuckles's version in the form of rapping in the song) (NOTE:contains some cursing and sexual references:though the cursing is censored) (July 2011)
  • "Forever" by Chris Brown (How their love with keep on dancing forever)
  • "I'm There (For You)" by The Calling.
  • "Hate That I Love You" by Ne-Yo featuring Rihanna.
  • "Leave Out All The Rest" by Linkin Park
  • "You And I" by Lady Gaga
  • "Tilt Your Head Back" by Nelly featuring Christina Aguilera.


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