Knuxamy is the relationship/pairing between Knuckles the Echidna and Amy Rose.

Knuckles protecting Amy


On absolute anime's page about Knuckles the Echidna on Sonic X, it states that he might have had a secret crush on Amy, which was an error.

In the videogames, Amy Rose has been seen interacting with Knuckles on rare occassions.

In Sonic Adventure 2:Battle, Knuckles managed to some in Wild CanyonPumpkin Hill and Aquatic Mine. After finding the Emerald Shards in the Aquatic Mine, Knuckles got lost in the tunnels inside the mines, and ended up the sewers of Central City. Emerging from a manhole in the streets, Knuckles came across Tails andAmy. No sooner, Knuckles found himself dragged into Sonic's latest adventure by Amy, where Sonic, Tails and Amy were trying to stop Dr. Eggman from using the Eclipse Cannon to hold the Earth hostage and take over the world.

In Sonic Heroes when playing as Team Sonic; at the beginning of the fight against Team Rose, Knuckles will side with Amy and say "Sonic, have you been messing with that young girl's heart again?"

In Sonic Rush,when interacting with Blaze the Cat for the second time Knuckles rushes in, and says, "Okay catwoman, it's payback time!",Amy then says, "Uh-Oh! What did you do to him!?". Cream the Rabbit tells Amy that it's a misunderstanding, with which Amy replies with "pretty typical of Knuckles". To get Knuckles to leave Blaze alone, Amy calls Knuckles a dimwit, leading to a brief argument. Knuckles replies, "I don't have time for you! I have business with that cat woman!". Amy then taunts Knuckles and says, "I know! That's why i called you a d-", daring herself that she'll call him a dimwit again, Knuckles then gets outraged and goes hot on Amy, leaving Blaze alone.

In Sonic Riders:Zero Gravity, Amy budges in Knuckles sentence in the end, which caused Knuckles to be annoyed.

In Sonic Generations, Amy accidently hurts Knuckles with a great force (which caused him to crash into a tree) after saying that Sonic "wasn't half-bad" whereas she thought he was "all great". However, Amy does not notice how hard she hit Knuckles because she was busy swooning at Sonic.

Sonic X (Season One)

In "Missile Wrist Rampage", Amy reaches the roof as well and charges at the robot with her hammer and whacks Missile Wrist's leg with it despite Knuckles' warning. It has zero effect however. The robot then turns and grabs Amy. Knuckles runs in attempting to save her but Eggman gets in his way saying that if he tries then Amy's a goner. Missile Wrist emphasizes this by squeezing Amy's body tightly, making Knuckles flinch with anger.

Tails and Chris observe this knowing there's nothing they can do from where they are. However, they oversee Sonic heading toward their location and fly below to catch him. Chris tosses Sonic a ring and he heads off toward the building. Eggman tells Missile Wrist to set its target sights on Sonic. Missile Wrist acknowledges this and throws Amy behind him, where Knuckles catches her. Sonic shoots up the building while Missile Wrist fires several missiles on him. It fails and Sonic proceeds high into the sky. Eggman tells it to fire its missile wrists at Sonic but that fails as well. Sonic isn't at all fazed by the attacks and even goes so far as to breakdance on the missile wrists. Eggman is only getting angrier however. Knuckles asks Sonic to try the "old slap on the wrist" Sonic gets pulled in on its wrist and tricks it into slamming into its own arm and destroying it. Sonic quickly jumped into the air before the attack landed. Eggman took his chance and had more missiles from Missile Wrists' cockpit fired on to the hedgehog while he was suspended. That, however, failed as well even though they seemed to connect. Sonic spins below and bursts through Missile Wrist, effectively destroying it. Eggman grumbles and flies off, covered in soot while claiming revenge.

Amy hugs Sonic and congratulates him on the victory. However, they're all interrupted when G.U.N. soldiers reach the roof and point their guns at Sonic, Amy and Knuckles. Tails flies by them and puts out a ladder telling them to get on. Sonic and Amy quickly grab on but Knuckles intends to stand in fight. After more convincing, Knuckles runs and escapes with them. Chris says that they'll all stay at his house untill they can get back to their planet. Knuckles declines and lets go of the ladder saying he'll see them around. He then glides to an unknown area in the park below. Amy asks Sonic why he won't join them and Sonic simply says it's because Knuckles does things his way. The episode ends with them flying off into the sunset. 

In "Cracking Knuckles", Knuckles shows a hint of jealousy when Amy hugs Sonic, as he goes "Hmph" and leaves, much to Tails, Chris, Sonic and Amy's surprise.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog videogames and most of the Sonic X episodes, there's some hints about this pairing:

(1) Where Amy is extroverted, Knuckles is a bit more shy. (2) Amy is a tough, yet kind girl and wouldn't take any invalid word from Knuckles, but treat him lovingly and take the time to understand his issues. (3) Knuckles is shy around girls, though somewhat shy around Amy, he's always polite and never tries to harm her. In fact, he's prevented her from getting in harm's way several times. (4) Knuckles has actually protected or defended Amy from emotional and physical plenty of times. (5) Everytime Amy goes out looking for Sonic, who's usually the first person she runs into, conicidentally or accidentally: Knuckles. (6) They always end up sitting or standing next to one another or walking side-by-side on some occasions.

Fanfics For

  • Sonic X: Twisted Remake - Done mostly to annoy the fans. The writer(s) thought of putting the reason as Sonic being assumed dead, or the ending would involve the couple being horribly killed by Sonic.
  • The Mobius Redrawn version of Sonic & Knuckles - Knuckles kidnaps Amy (possibly since he can't stand having a girlfriend as is assumed), and Amy falls in love with him. However, this is one-sided as Knuckles abuses Amy.

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