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Biographical Information
AgeAs old as time itself
The Elemental Gods
  • God of Freezing Ice
  • Konstantin the Polar Bear
Mobian Form only
Physical Description
  • Ice entity/deity
  • Mobian/Polar Bear
  • Tizheruk
True Form
  • Fur:
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Ice armor covering parts of body
Mobian Form
Mystical Form
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Unmatched Cryomancy skills
  • High level of physical strength
  • Flight (only in True Form)
  • Advanced combat
  • Immune to enemy ice attacks
  • Can turn into snow and/or ice
  • Shapeshift into Mystical form or Mobian form
  • Usage of the Advanced element Blizzard
  • Subzero transformation
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Paper Mario - Crystal King Theme
AppearancesRoleplay:The Fury Of The Elemental Gods
Original CreatorRyushusupercat

Kyanos (pronounced "Ky-YAHN-nos") is one of the major deities of the Ice element (and the most powerful one in this user's fanon), as well as the main deity of the Ice Clan.

Physical Appearance

Mobian Form

Mystical Form


Kyanos was one of the ten Elemental deities created by Ka, the Great Wheel of Being, just as time began to flow. Kyanos' purpose was to help keep the Elemental Plane of Ice in balance with the other nine Planes.

But at the same time, Ka loved these Elemental Gods like they were his own biological children (despite the fact he couldn't actually reproduce). As such, Ka raised them as if they were his own flesh and blood.


He, like the other Gods, is capable of shapeshifting into two different forms; a mystical form and a Mobian form.

Mystical form = Tizheruk
Mobian form = Polar bear

Like the others, he undertakes an alias while in Mobian form; his name is Konstantin.

Elemental Disguise

Kyanos can transform into the physical representation of his Element (in his case, ice/ice particles) as a disguise, or as a way to block or avoid attacks. It can only be done while in True form, however.

Elemental Augmentation

In the presence of other Ice-Wielders, Kyanos can influence and increase their abilities far beyond what they would be capable of alone.


Kyanos has the ability to possess others and help them while doing so. When possessing people, Kyanos gives them access to the element of Ice (or, if they can already wield this Element, a drastic increase in their ability to do so), and even allows them to use Frostbite Spear, his signature move.

Subzero Kyanos

This is Kyanos' super form. It really isn't so much a super form as it is an ascended power form, however. It is triggered through the absorption of a lot of Ice attacks.

The Omnimental

The Omnimental is a beast that is a fusion-form of all ten of the Elemental Gods. It somewhat resembles the true form of Ka, but on a much smaller scale (about fifty feet long).


He is resistant to Nature and Water attacks. He is fully immune to Ice attacks.


He is highly weak to Fire and Earth attacks.

Friends and Foes





True to his element, Kyanos is highly adept at keeping his 'cool' even in the most stressful situations. If his siblings are attacked, however, he will turn violent. He often states that "winter can be both calm and cruel."



Biggest Fears


"I'll freeze you solid faster than you can blink!" - Said while attacking

"Winter can be both calm and cruel. I am proof of that."


  • Kyanos is obviously based upon the Elemental Avatar Kyanos from DragonFable.

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