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Rouge the Bat

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Lady shina the dragoness by peacegrrl-d489wht

Shina is tomboyish yet polite princess or queen of the Dragon Realm

Lady Shina the Dragoness is a very attractive and beautiful dragoness who is the Queen of Dragon Realm (Spyro the Dragon's Realm) who is single but fiercely independent, young women who is Best friends(mostly a love interest) to Sonic the Hedgehog but a secretly love interest to Shadow the Hedgehog. She is consontly flirted by guys like Jet the Hawk, Scourge the Hedgehog, and many males sonic characters . She looks like a European Dragon. She is own by PeaceGrrl (Creator) a.k.a Shina the Dragoness (user)

DO NOT' EDIT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shina is own by me!!!!!!!!SO PLEASE DO NOT EDIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel of Darkness lyrics03:32

Angel of Darkness lyrics

Shina's main theme music

Cryoshell - Creeping In My Soul - Single04:00

Cryoshell - Creeping In My Soul - Single

Shina's theme music

First appearance

Shadow the Hedgehog

Appears in (games)

Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Sonic the Hedgehog 06 (remixed or sequel)

Sonic Racing Sonic Rivals Sonic and the Secret Rings Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing

Sonic Riders Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Sonic and the Black Knight (Guinevere ) Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games

Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Free Riders Sonic Colors

Appears in (other media)

Sonic X, Archie Comics

Creator (real-world)

Sonic Team and Sierra team (TLOS)

Voice actor(s) (English)

Jennifer Connelly (2005-2010) Jennifer Hale(2010-Present)

Voice actor(s) (Japanese)

= = =Megumi Toyoguchi =

Also known as

Dragon Girl (by Dr. Eggman once), Dragon Woman (by Knuckles twice),

Hottie, sexy dragon (Use by Scourge)

Babe (Used by Jet and once by Shadow) Lady Shina, Highness (by Elena and Magma), Sir/Queen Guinevere(Sonic and the Black Knight).

Extreme Gear Champion or Extreme Gear Queen (Sonic free riders only)


Dragon( some human hybrid)




90 cm (2'11")


15 kg (33 lbs)


Dragon Realm, northern city and warfang city.


Ageless or Immortal ,500+ (from Earth's perspective) Approximately 14-16 or 14-18 physically

Fur/ Hair

Jet Black

Real Hair before: Jet black with purple highlights. Iris light hair.

Goddess hair: Jet Black and Blonde (Maria part color)


Golden-Orange tan body and underbelly with jet black arms, legs, tail, and wings. Have small purple marking on her fore head. Have sometimes black, red, or purple tattoo designs on her back, upper rear (above the tail), Thigh, and one near her chest (upper left breast). Have northern star on her stomach.

Real color:

Lilac purple with iris purple wings, arms, legs, and tail. Have purple markings, design, tattoo, or birth marks on fore head, thigh legs, arm, and ankle, wings, under eye, palms, and feet.


Purple lilac (Natural) Dark crystal Blue (Changed) Rare Crimson Red (once)


Y or V shaped chested,sleeveless, shorts-length to the thigh bodysuit

.thigh-high, medium heeled brown boots. Brown shoulder-length gloves. Green choker, a single jewel necklace, part armor. Thigh gun strap and arm band... Pocket -jeweled brown belt. Have silver wrap anklet on her left wing. Have silver iron strap on tail. Have three emerald earrings. Have some strand of cybernetics in hair.


First was Evil until Neutral but some what mostly Good.


Doing things herself, being free, her people and citizens, her kingdom, Seeing the guys being sweet and kind (Seen by when Sliver being kind to younger Elise.), a peaceful world, seeing happy people, Magma the Dragon, Elena the Dragoness, Black Wind (Deceased love interest), Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao, Sonic the Hedgehog (Love interest), Miles "Tails" Prower, Silver the Hedgehog (Once love interest), Blaze the Cat, Shadow the Hedgehog (secret love interest), Knuckles the Echidna, Amy the Hedgehog, E-123 Omega, Fiona Fox (at first), Sally Acorn, Team Chaotix, Elise of Soleanna, Babylon Rouges (Seen as Alley)


Destruction of her world and other worlds, Dr. Eggman, Guys who flirt with her, Guys who think she their property, Sirena the Dragoness (her evil self or anti self), Guys who take it easy for her, Malecore (Later on), being in control of evil, not having her freedom, Sonic's Death, Mephiles the Dark, Verona the Darkness, Shadow betraying her, Her people suffer, anything happen to the innocent, Scourge the hedgehog, Rouge the Bat (At first), seeing people brought down in any way, anyone who attacks her people, anyone who threatens her kingdom


Telekinesis, Magic,Top Spin, Axel, Axel Jump, Healing and Medicine, Immortality ,Mechanic (one time), Acrobatics, Hand to hand combat, Material Arts, Hacking, diplomatic experience, leadership skill, swimming,Spin Jump, Screw Kick, Flying, Gliding,Chaos Control , Axel Tornado, Jump Step ,Spinning Claw, Running at high speed, purple pyrokinesis, Super Shina (Her Super Form), Homing Attack, Stealth, copying move, Archery, Guns,intelligence, multilingual , produce plasma forces, Charms, Wit-ts, beauty, Tornado Kick, Shadow Strike, corrupt shadow, Siren screams, Siren sings (Seducing move), Ghost Balls, tail whip, original whip, sense wing/ ear, felt life auras, sonar signal, Future Sights, Moon Sense, purple fury tornedo, dark fury spin blast.

Ability type



Age: ageless but 16-18 physically

Hair color: Jet black but real hair color is iris purple

Eye color: Dark Cyrstal Blue, real eye color: Violet

Normal Skin Color: Tan and under belly with black arms, tail, wings, and legs, Iron silver wing thumb and tail blade, have a golden nothern star birthmark on stomach a purple marking (similar to Ranpha Franbroise from Galaxy angels)on forehead, black tattoos on her upper rear, on her left breast, left side of her back, and thigh

Rare (real and born) skin color: Lilac with iris purple under belly,legs, tail, wings,Iron silver wing thumb and tail blade, and arms,have dark purple tattoo and marking on her legs, tail, wings, ankle, feet, palm, shoulders, eyes,back of her neck, around her fore head (like a crown)

Height: 3'01 but in game her height is 2'09 weight:15 kg (33 lbs)

Attire: green v shape body shorts suit,thigh-high light brown medium heeled boot, have brown belt, black straps for black hood (look real closely), shoulder length light-brown gloves, mystery silver bracelets, green choker, crystal necklace (Kida's necklace), thigh-gun strap

Birthplace: Dragon Realms, Northern City( city north of Warfang)

Alignment: At first Evil but then Good/Neutral

Likes:her freedom, her people, her kingdom, guys whos sweet (like Silver being kind to younger Elise) Elena the Dragoness, Magma the Dragon, Igneous the Dragon (her cousin), Selena the Dragoness, Maria Robotnik, Black wind (deceased love interest), Sonic the Hedgehog(Possibly love interest),Sliver the Hedgehog, Cream the Rabbit, Cheese the Chao, Shadow the Hedgehog (Secret love interest), Amy Rose, Knuckles Echinda, Mile 'Tails' Prower, Manik, Sonia, Freedom Fighters, Fiona Fox(best friend until evil), Babylon Rouges, Cosmo the Seedrian, Blaze the Cat, Omega, Elise, Her kingdom, her people.

Dislikes: anyone who attacks her people, anyone who threatens her kingdom, guys who flirt with her, guys thinking she is his property, working for the dark side, lost to the darkness, her friends being hurt because of her, something bad happening to her friends mostly to either Sonic or Shadow, Dr. Eggman, Mephiles the Dark, Verona the Darkness, Scourge the Hedgehog, Sumpression Squad, Shayera the Dragonees (Her anti-version), Rouge the Bat(her Rival), Black Arms, Black Doom, Metal Sonic.

Personility: Cool and collect because of being Royality, serious and responsible but caring and kind to children and her friends, but very protect, can be tempered and cold in defense. cared for her friend very much. Strong-willed and sarcastic. Fiercely independent.

Skills: Martial arts, hand to hand combat, guns,psychokinesis, dragon sense and sensery( a strong sense to sense and see things far away, also known as telepath), Telepathy (to call for friend), super sonic siren scream, siren song (a seducing song), shadow corrupt, shadow strike, run at high speed, swimming, acrobatics, chaos control, intelligence, witts, charms, beauty, Super Shina (purple dragon or actual form), singing,brain blast, purple fury blast and twister, dark fury, healing, medical, regenerate, ageless, some what immortality, shadow claw, flying, gliding, mechanic, magic or plasma force, whip, tail whip, archery, aerial combat, melee combat, homing attack, jump at high, pyrokinic, hearing, aura seeking, radar.

Romantic Interests

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Shina mostly have a best friend relationship yet a times, they get closer much enough to be consider boyfriend and girlfriend. In the Sonic X (PeaceGrrl's Universe Version), she show much compassion to him even after meeting Shadow. She and Sonic met when Shadow was on a mission for Black Doom in Shadow the Hedgehog video game. She was a elite warrior/agent of Black Doom and when she was on Space Colony ARK, when she met Sonic. Shina was order to destroy Sonic from Black Doom but,however, fight and battle him instead. Sonic fell in love at first sight with her because of her being pretty, which is unsual for him for he does not fell in love with pretty girls first time he seen them, and grow more in love with her when she show in battle, being skilled and trained and even like her more when he finds that she is fast for his speed. Later after the battle, Shina and Sonic discover the truth of Shina's realm, She hug him for helping and later left. Later in the series, She quickly grow a liking for him, for in the rest of the series, she stay by his side in all time and never once left him. She was then known to be Sonic's 2nd Top Partner right after Tails.She cared for him and even love him without him noticeing. Making their friendship blossom in the rest of the series.

(More coming SOON...)

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow show to be more interest to her more than any other female in the series. She is the only person he cares and shows it in the rest of the series. In Sonic X and Sonic Comics (PeaceGrrl's Universe Version), He was very corcern with her if she is in any trouble and was the first to be there for her.

(More Coming SOON...)

Sonicman667's universe

Wen the Hedgehog

(Coming SOON...)

Voice Actresses

She is voice by 3 actresses in the game series but is voice by 2 more actresses for Spanish and French for the Sonic X series only. Here are her voice actresses:

Jennifer Connelly Shina's English voice for 2005-2010 and Sonic X Series(English Version). She is pick for voicing 7 in 9 , whom 7 and Shina are alike in many ways (Free-Spirited, Saracatic, and a Warroir like, etc.). She has a adult like voice but more wise and could be aggressive.

Jennifer Connelly talks about her character from 900:56

Jennifer Connelly talks about her character from 9

Shina's English Voice and Actress

Jennifer Hale (Shina's English Voice for 2010-Present) she is pick for voicing characters like bryony from legend of the guardians video game and many female star wars character.

Megumi Toyoguchi Shina's Japanese Voice for 2005-Present and Sonic X Series (Japanese Version). Have same reason of why pick fo Willa Holland. Is Aqua's Japanese Voice.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Aqua's Ending (English Subtitles)02:51

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - Aqua's Ending (English Subtitles)

Shina's Japanese voice (is Aqua's voice)

Tara Strong Shina's voice in Sonic X series. she is picked for voicing many female character such as Huntress from Batman The Brave And Then Bold.

Laetitia Casta Shina's french voice only in Sonic X (French Version). She is picked for voiced Charlotte in Charlotte's Web(2004) in french version and Jewels in Rio in french version.

Penelope Cruz is Shina's Spanish voice only in Sonic X(Spanish Version).

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