Laveraeras is a Alien Parasite that crash landed on the planet in the year 76,000,000 B.C.


As Lavaeras

Lavaeras crash landed on the planet Mobius in the year 76,000,000 B.C. It was named "Lavaeras" or "Big Fire" by Avasi. Lavaeras true name is unknown, or if it even had one. It was said that Lavaeras directly influence Technology and caused the people of Mobius to evolve. Lavaeras remained asleep, for millions of years, growing in power. until 2999 A.D, when it awoke, and placed the world within an apocalyptic state. It is also revealed that the Crystalized Star is actually part of Lavaeras shell, and it was what caused the Mobian and Overlander Race to evolve. The Goal of Lavaeras was to grow enough until the day it awoke, it would then create generic spawn, which would repeat the cycle for other planets.

As the Dream Decimator/Time Decimator

After being defeated, it is show that Lavaeras was not entirely defeated, was merged with the being known, as the Chrono Overlord, the two became an undefeatable creature who remained at a time era known, as The End of Time. The Dream Decimator eventually grew into the Time Decimator, a being that would destroy all time, at the End of Time. It was destroyed however, by the Dragon God.

Physical Appeareance

Lavaeras resembles a giant armored insect, it has only one opening, an eye that closes with three lids. This eye is its weak spot util the outer shell is destroyed and the core is revealed. Lavaeras has six (very small) legs, Lavaeras has a pair of arms hidden in the shell.

The Dream Decimator/Time Decimator resembles Lavos, however it does not have an eye. Its legs are far longer than Lavaeras. On top of the Lavos body, is the Chrono Overlord, frozen within a large Crystal attached to the body.


  • Lavaeras can be counted as the Sonic Universe version of Lavos.


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