The Lavender Town Zone is the 8th Stage in Apallo the Hedgehog 5. It was created to serve as a Ghost Stage for the game. The Gimmiks to this stage are Usually what people would normaly see in a Ghost Stage, Illusions, Ghost, Monsters ect.

Stage Info

The First Act: Phantom Town, intoduces you to the illusions and ghost in the Area. The stage is made to look like the Ghost House Stages in Super Mario World, but with Act 1 Being In the Actuall Town. The Second Act: Castle Nightmire takes you inside the castle in the center of town. More Ghost and Illusions appear here. This is also where the most hardest Sub-Boss is located. The Phantom Princess....Dont let her name fool you She is the cause of all of the Illusions in the castle. (More info In the Boss Section) In the Finall Act: Fire in Lavender Town, after you defeat The Phantom Princess, she tells you that you have doomed your self. She also goes on to tel you that Kintobot lured you here to have your lifeforce drained by her mother: Queen of Ghost. And to make shure you would die, The Princess went into the center of town and blew her self up and Noted by (Insert Second Hero Here) in act one, There was the smell of oil near the Center of Town. Right. Kintobot gave the order to do this if the Princess would fail. So in Act 3 All there really that there is a Sea of Blue Flames Comming towards you.........So Ya....


The Phantom Princess

The Phantom Princess, the ghost of a young girl who made a deal with Dr. Kintobot and Eclipse to work with him in extange for infomation on a couple of souls that were strong enough for her to steal. When Apallo and friends Went to fight her she tried her best to defeat them but ended up having to destroy her self by blowing her self up in the center of town where there was oil on the ground. It caused a fire to spread all over the area, buring the town in the process.


Amount of Hits To Defeat: 8

Attack Info: She uses fire spells to try to torch you. She uses fire in forms of beams, homing fire balls, and Twisters. When she is down to her last hit she uses a fire blast that is very easy to doge. Go Over to the center of the screen and prepare to input the button commands to deflect the blast back at her..

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