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Angel Lavender
Lavender in her Current State
Lava Lamp (spiteful nickname from tormentors)
16 (deceased)
Lavender with long hair.
T-Shrt and Trousers with a Halo and Angel Wings
Un-named parents
Romantic Interest
Storm the Meerkat (Boyfriend)
Hot Dogs, Storm, Video Games, Vampires
Mustard, Snipers, Vampire Slayers
Martial Arts
Storm (Boyfriend) Collette Cat (Best Friend)
Anyone who tries to kill Storm
Angel (Current)


Vampire (Breifly)
Lavender was a 16 year old Meerkat and the Boyfriend of Storm the Meerkat. She was breifly turned into a vampire in the Adam and Friends episode Rise of the Vamphogs.In a later episode, Bring Me the Head of Storm the Meerkat, Lavender is shot dead by a Sniper who attempted to assassinate her boyfriend Storm. Her death had a great impact on her friends.


Not much is known about Lavender's origins except that she was trained at an early age in all sorts of Martial arts to defend herself.

Joining Adam's Gang and Meeting Storm

Lavender was picked on a lot until Adam, who was notorious for beating up bullies, stood up for her and invited her to join his group of friends. It was there were she met her boyfriend Storm and her best friend Collette.
Lavender the Meerkat

Lavender in her original form.

She proved to be a valuable ally to the group as she was highly skilled in all sorts of Martial Arts and could hack into electrical devices. In the Episode Rise of the Vamphogs she, along with most of Adam's gang, was turned into a vampire. After the curse was lifted she became obsessed with vampires.
Vampire Lavender

Lavender's vampire form


In the episode Bring me the head of Storm the Meerkat, a 5,000 ring bounty is put on Storm's head and he winds up the target of Fang the Weasel. Just when Storm and Lavender thought they were safe out of the corner of her eye Lavender saw Fang aiming his rifle at Storm's head. Just before the bullet hit, Lavender lept in front of Storm and took the bullet herself. Storm heard the gunshot and turned round just in time to see Lavender fall to the ground. He killed Fang with his pistol in revenge and attempted to save his girlfriend's life. The injuy, sadly, was fatal and Lavender died in her Boyfriend's arms.

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