Lawnet is the romantic relationship between Sonnet Iriai and Lawrence the Sheep.


Iriai and Lawrence have been long-time friends. Sonnet always protects Lawrence when she sees him being bullied, but chastizes him for not standing up for himself. Sonnet is often quite domineering towards Lawrence, having him help her with chores, schoolwork, and any other type of labor. She will also go off on religious rants sometimes, which Lawrence humors by listening to them. Lawrence puts gladly puts up with this because he knows Iriai has a softer side to her. Whenever Iriai needs support, the first person she goes to is Lawrence. She absolutely loves the feeling of Lawrence's warm and soft wool, and will often hug and snuggle up to him for warmth, sometimes also doing so in order to cry. Because of this, Lawrence supports and comforts Iriai any time she needs it, no matter what. Lawrence admires Iriai, along with her strong and energetic personality, leading him to have had a long-time crush on her before they became an item.

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(Kagi: So, what do all of the unlucky guys have to say?)

Iriai: Lawrence, could you please help me carry these books? *struggles to carry her schoolbooks* The teachers gave so much homework today.

Lawrence: Hm? Oh uh, sure!

Iriai: Okay, thanks! Sorry that I have you help me all the time, I hope it isnt too much trouble.

(Kagi: Domineering would be making/convincing him to do it.)
(Sunny: I know, but still...I'm not too good at being domineering XD I'm not that used to RPing characters like that, either)

Lawrence: N-no problem... *struggling a bit with the books*

Iriai: *picks up four of her books up off the ground* These things are heavy as heck! >_<

Lu-Lu:*Pushes Lawernce on the ground, sarcastically* Oops, sorry. ^_^

Lawrence: Oof! *drops the books*

Iriai: *to Lawrence* Oh!! Are you okay?! *helps him to his feet, then turns to Lu-Lu* And for what reason do you have to push him?!

Lawrence: I'm okay Iriai, really.

Lu-Lu:He was in my way, what's it to you *The gang of girls around her snicker* Shut up! I didn't say laugh *they all say sorry, and grow silent*

Iriai: *to LJ* 'Doesnt matter, she still pushed you when she could've just payed attention to her own business. *to Lu-Lu* Look around you! There is plenty of room around here! He wasnt "in your way".

Lu-Lu:What ever path I'm walking, is my way, got it twerp?

Iriai: No, I dont think so. That isnt how things work.

Lu-Lu:Maybe in your little geek world, but in the real word,

Lily:*Sees Lu-Lu at the entrance of the school talking to Iriai* Oh what are you doing now Lu-Lu.

Iriai: *to Lily* I'm sorry, I dont want to offend, but your friend needs some serious help.

Lawrence: Iriai, please don't make a scene.

Iriai: It's that thing...*points to Lu-Lu*...who is making a scene.

Lu-Lu:What did you just say, mutt?! Why don't you go home and play with your dolls, scooby-doo!

(Iriai's shadow begins to ripple...)

Iriai: I said that you are the one causing a scene. And no, I dont have time for childish things such as dolls. *she sees her shadow moving* What the?!

???: I've dealt with this bonehead before. (to Lu-Lu) Remember me, Lu-Lu-Loser? You wouldn't be bullying anyone, now would you? (Kairu rises out of Iriai's shadow)

Lu-Lu:Listen ding-bat, this is between me and wish bone, so why don't you and your shadows go take a long walk off a short pier.

Kairu: Long walk off a short pier... I gotta remember that one! But anyway... tsk tsk tsk, a repeat offender, are we? (Lu-Lu's shadow rips away from the ground and wraps around her until only her face is showing)

Lily:*Claws off the shadow, and growls* Leave her alone, or you'll regret it.

Kairu: Yeah. no. Not until Lu-Loser here learns her lesson.

Lawrence: *To Iriai* C'mon, let's go before this gets too far.

Kairu: (looks at Lawrence, and at Lu-Lu, and at Lily, and drops his hand) ...(mumbles something) Next time. (walks away)

Iriai: *grabs her books off the ground, then grabs LJ's arm* good idea, let's go. *starts walking away, then calls over her shoulder to Kairu* Yo, thanks for holding her off for us.

Lu-Lu:That's right! Oh yeah!


Kairu: You just got seeeerrrrvvveeeedddd! (jumps into his shadow and jumps out of Lawrence's) Anytime! Had trouble with Lu-Loser before?

Iriai: I've heard of her before. Rumors about her spread all over Olara. Heh, she didnt seem too much of a threat, but you know how people exaggerate rumors and whatnot.

Lawrence: I'm just glad you didn't get into a fight for my sake this time.

Kairu: Heh. I'M just glad I didn't go Raging.

Iriai: *to LJ* Sorry, but it just happens. If I have to fight for a friend, then I will, but you really need to defend yourself. Like, get revenge. If she takes the same route as we do tomorrow, push'er down, see how she likes it.

Lawrence: Iriai! You know I wouldn't do anything like that. Still, if you'd go that far for a friend, I'd hate to see what you're willing to do for me. *looks down, blushing a bit*

Kairu: Touching. It really is. (pretends to gag) Moving on, how about a proper introduction? I be Kairu, I be. (sticks hand out)

Iriai: I know, but you should still try to defend yourself. *turns to Kairu, and shakes his hand* Nice to meet you. Kairu. I'm Sonnet Iriai, but most people call me Iriai.

Kairu: Hehe. I know already. I read minds. And no, tinfoil does not do anything.

Iriai: reading minds, eh? strange...

Lawrence: Reading minds!? Don't think about Iriai, don't think about Iriai, don't think about Iriai!

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