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Learn the secrets is the 5th episode of Sonic Underground 2.





Continuing from the last episode the Underground arrives in Shadakor, Tails' grandfather Nagus Prower, who's unhappy Tails left and he brought outsiders! Nagus demands the Underground leaves at once, but Sonic, who will not leave pulls out his guitar but then Chaos Energy begins to flow into the guitar, so Sonic puts it away to see there are 7 Cyan Chaos Emeralds. Sonic notices a girl close to Sonia's height approach the group, Sonia reveals that the kid is one of their cousins, named Airu. Airu tells the Underground about an island to the south, and they should go to it, so the Underground gets into a bi-plane Tails lends the group and with some wished luck from Tails' mom Mellisa Prower, the Sonic Underground departs.


  • The bi-plane Tails gives the Underground isn't the Tornado, it's a plane called the "Victory".
  • The Goggles, Sonia gives Tails play a role showing how Sonia feels about Tails and she tells him "Courage will give you wings to fly" showing how much faith she has in Tails.


For a full transcript of Learn the secrets click here.

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