"This is Legion, and it is many!"
Dragonfly the Rabbit quoting the bible in reference to her board.[Author]

Legion [1] was an Extreme Gear belonging to Dragonfly the Rabbit. It was built by both its owner and Jonathan the Rabbit, Dragon's uncle, and improved every year, as it was used by her for the International Extreme Gear Competitions.



Legion was built by Dragonfly the Rabbit and her uncle, Jonathan Havensson[2] for the International Extreme Gear Competition. As a Power Type board, it was able to transform into a bike when activated, though the transformation was limited. It was painted black with red highlights and details, and had Dragonfly's name written on the side.


Dragonfly used Legion to practice her Extreme Gear skills at Sea Gate, Seaside Hill, aswell as for races aside from the I.E.G.C[3]. For example, she would sometimes challenge her neighbours to races, which she would usually win, and especially enjoyed racing with Ray the Fox[4]. Once, she came seventh place in the I.E.G.C, and was awarded an improvement to her board, which made it faster.


  1. Legion may have been named after the demon in Christian mythology.
  2. Male rabbits would sometimes be surnamed by the name of one of their parents plus "son" on the end.
  3. Short for the International Extreme Gear Competition.
  4. A neighbour and family friend.

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