Leong-Le the Panda is the deliquent cousin of Ming-Ming. Though not a toughened criminal, like he seems to think he is, Leong is ratehr elusive and posses a unique ability. This is, that he can create Euphoric Energy. With is he can put people into trances. This trance makes the person extremely happy and mellowed, but turns their brain to mush (temporarily of course) and puts them under the control of Leong-Le. This ratehr annoying character is very michiveous and rather annoying.


Leong-Le spent 6 months in a local G.U.N Jail, and now thinks he is a hardened criminal. He draws inspiration from Chico the Bandicoot ("The radest dude in history!"). Leong-Le was disowned by his family a long time ago, but Ming still helps him when he has problems, and stills shows compassion for him.


Leong-Le is the best at being a social butterfly, and ends up being a social wasp, saying one thing that turns people away. He is considered ratehr annoying, loud, stupid, idiotic, childish, hyberolistic, and overall a complete loser. He doesn't have a home or apartment, and will leech off of Ming whenever he has the chance. He also struggles to maintain any job he may get. He is a bit of a hippy as well, and enjoys reggae music. Leong-Le is rather corny especially when it comes to pick-up lines. He is extremely bad at hitting on females. Leong-Le also has a tendency to think things are more extreme then they really are. Like predenting he is being chased by police while driving when in reality they are only just driving behind him. Leong-Le likes to think of himself as a tough criminal, though he is far from it. he is scared of any male who is stronger than him. He is a bit of a chauvinist and a womanizer. Leong-Le dreams to make it big as a Crime Lord.

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