Lewis is a 12 year old fox, and Bladez the Hedgehog's best friend.

Lewis the Fox

Lewis the Fox
Biographical Information
  • 12
  • Shyan the Fox (cousin)
  • Unamed aunt and uncle
  • Twerp (used by Leo)
  • Smartest guy in the world (used by Marcy)
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Fennec Fox
Gender Male
  • Fur: Beige/light brown
  • Skin: White fur
  • Eyes: Orange
  • Blue/gray anti-gravitational gloves and boots with green crystals on them
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Team Blade
  • Sky Scrape Freedom Fighters
  • His tail
  • Roll
  • Flight
  • Spin-ball jump
  • Basic combat
  • Tail spin
  • Gravity slash
  • Zero gravity
  • Homing attack
  • Trained pilot
  • Mechanic
Super Forms
Other Information
  • Fox Trot (Exxtreme Gear)
  • The Gray Fox (plane)
  • "Uh, guys? I don't think that's a very good idea!"
Theme Song(s)
  • Major Tom (Coming Home)
  • Inventing things
  • Upgrading his friends air boards
  • When Leo/Marcy arn't around
  • Leo bugging him
  • Marcy asking him stuff
  • Being proven wrong

He and his friends are currently trying to defeat the evil Professor Manticore.


Lewis has one of the highest IQ's in the world, rivaled only

by Miles "Tails" Prower, Dr. Eggman, and Professor Manticore.

Because of this, he's kind of jealous of Tails and his inventions.

Lewis also loves to invent things, things that range from airplanes,

to Extreme Gear. Something to note is that Lewis scares rather eaisily,

although he doesn't like to admit it.

Lewis also thinks that he knows everything, which can get him into trouble sometimes.


Lewis' attire is made up of things he's built.

He wears anti-gravitational pulse emitting gloves and boots, which

he considers his most prized inventions. His current pair are the second ones

he made, because the first ones were activated by touch, it would slam

him into all sorts of things (which made Leo laugh), so his "Zero-Gravity Gloves/Boots 2.0" are able to detect his brain waves and thoughts, giving him complete comtrol over them

Recent Events

Lately Lewis has been building air boards, upgrading the ones

he's already made, perfecting his plane "The Gray Fox", and

doing other things that he likes.


Base Stats
Stamina 5
Attack 6
Spcl. Atk 4
Defense 8
Spcl. Def 9
Speed 7
Reflexes 5
Magic none
Psyche none
Intellect 10
Total 54/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Normal
Hearing High
Olfactory Noarmal

Attacks and Abilities

  • Roll -- Standard move, Lewis can roll into a ball.
  • Spin-Ball Jump -- Lewis can roll into a ball, and jump at his enemy.
  • Flight -- Lewis can fly for a short amount of time using his anti-gravity gloves and boots.
  • Basic Combat -- Lewis has basic fighting skills.
  • Tail Spin -- Lewis can spin in a circle, and slash his enemy with his tail.
  • Gravity Slash -- Lewis can shoot waves of damaging gravity at his enemy.
  • Zero Gravity -- Once he's charged up the power in his gloves, Lewis can manipulate the gravity surronding others, meaning he can lift them up, or throw them around.
  • Homing Attack -- Lewis can lock-on to his enemies, and attack them while rolled into a ball.
  • Trained Pilot -- Lewis is a trained pilot.
  • Mechanic -- Lewis is an expert mechanic.

Friends and Allies

  • Bladez the Hedgehog
  • Leo the Cat
  • Milly the Hedgehog
  • Marcy the Echidna and Emmy the Chao
  • Crystal the Mongoose
  • Chimera the Hybrid
  • Chimmy the Hybrid
  • Delilah the Meerkat
  • Nina the Monkey
  • Molly the Hummingbird
  • Shyan the Fox
  • Trish the Tigeress
  • Grimoire "Grim" the Wyvern
  • Halley the HaeTae
  • Eli the Gizoid
  • Infinity the Ring Spirit
  • Ali the Cat

Enemies and Rivals

  • Professor Manticore
  • Booster the Gizoid
  • Eris the Fox
  • Mimi the Rabbit
  • Skeeter the Wasp
  • Dagger the Hedgehog
  • Boris the Beechidna


Fun Facts

  • While Lewis is in flight, he uses is tail to steer.
  • Lewis sometimes invents things to make Tails jealous, but Tails never even hears about it.
  • Lewis' voice actor is Zachary Gordon


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