Life With Sonic is a television show centered around Sonic and his daily adventures.

Episode List

Season 1 (2009-TBA)

  • Enter his World...(Prod. Code - SN01EP01)
  • The show begins with a kick, as Dr. Eggman has come to destroy Sonic once and for all! Will Sonic stop him, or will Eggman succeed?
  • Webtail Blues (Prod. Code - SN01EP02PT1)
  • Sissy, when starting an episode of her webshow, accidentally gets her technical producer Cathy into a big predicament! Will she trust Sissy ever again?
  • Change of Management (Prod. Code - SN01EP02PT2)
  • When Sonic gets half of Tails' stock, Tails gets himself in a whole lot of trouble! Will he let Sonic takeover, or just kick him out?
  • Knuckles' Island (Prod. Code - SN01EP03)
  • Knuckles is shocked when a producer films a survival game show on his island! What will Knuckles do?
  • Locally Heavy (Prod. Code - SN01EP04PT1)
  • One of Sonic's excursions lands him in a town where it rains EVERY day! Will he get out, or will he be all washed up?
  • Amy's Fan Club (Prod. Code - SN01EP04PT2)
  • Knuckles lands himself into Amy's fan club by accident! How will Knuckles be if he gets out?
  • Loka Toka Blues (Prod. Code - SN01EP05)
  • Scooter decides to visit his vacation island, Loka Toka. When Eggman comes, however, has he bitten off more than he can chew?
  • Attack of the Gizoids (Prod. Code - SN01SPECIAL01)
  • Although Emerl is gone, a meteor crashes in an unknown lot east of Mobibu. Out comes a herd/army of Gizoids. Where did they come from and what are their motives?
  • Sissy's Special Secret Show (Prod. Code - SN01EP06PT1)
  • Sissy, in addition to her webshow, has a secret show. Who will find out, and will Sissy let them get away with it?


Recurring Characters

Other Characters


Sonic's life is not JUST about defeating Eggman's schemes. We take a peek into his world, his friends, and what he goes through everyday.

Original fanfic by Schoolbus13.

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