Liger Zero

Biographical Information
  • Biomech Liger Unit Prototype Model 000
  • Liger
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Political Alignment and Abilities


  • Strike Laser Claws
  • Laser Fangs


  • Two-barreled Shock Cannon
  • 10mm Caliber Beam Cannon
  • Additional Optional Armaments


  • Two-barreled Shock Cannon
  • 2 Vulcan Pods
  • 2 Flying Vulcan Pods


  • Two-barreled Shock Cannon
  • 10 Laser Blades
  • 5 Rushing Laser Blades


  • Triple-barreled Shock Cannon
  • 4 Two-shot Missile Pods
  • 4 Three-shot Grenade Launchers
  • 2 Two-shot Micro-Homing Missile Pods
  • 5 Six-Shot Micro-Homing Missile Pods
  • 2 Three-Shot Micro Homing Missile Pods
  • 2 Vulcan Pods
  • 2 Hybrid Cannons w/
    • 21mm Caliber Railgun
    • 10mm Beam Gun
  • 2 15mm Caliber Artillery Grounder Shells
Alternate Forms
  • Jager Unit
  • Panzer Unit
  • Schneider Unit
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu (Based off of pre-existing character)

Liger Zero, full production model name Biomech Liger Unit Prototype Model-000, often abbreviated simply Liger, is a biomechanical mech unit created by G.U.N.



The goal for the production of the Liger Unit was to create a living machine, with AI capable of remembering and learning from battles, allowing the unit to adapt and grow. In order for this to come to fruition, a prototype model was sent into construction using U.N.M.A.D.E. technology combined with bio-engineering technology. Unfortunately, the expenses for the technology, advanced programming, and biomechanical technology was exponential for even a single unit. In addition, there was no actual data to prove that such a mech would indeed live up to standards, going only by scientific speculation and hypotheses. As such, funding for the project was cut off almost directly after the first prototype was created. As such, the unit was dubbed "Liger Zero".


Liger Zero is a bipedal machine with an appearance similar to that of a Mobian. However, while largely biped in design, Liger Zero is capable of and often does walk and behave like a quadrupedal animal. Most of Liger Zero's unarmored body is black with a pair of red pegs on its joints for its shoulders, elbows, thighs, knees, and ankles. The forehead, lower jaw, and chest section are white however. Its feet have four gold-colored sharp metallic toes, while the hands have five similar claws that are capable of acting as opposeable digits. Its forehead is a sleek white plate that extends to an additional plate with four fin-like extensions. Its partially covered eyes have red irises on green sclera, with black outlines. Its "muzzle" is likewise largely black when unarmored, which is changed depending on the armor put in place. The lower jaw is white, and its mouth is rimmed with sharp gold-colored teeth. Extending from its rear end is a long tail much like an industrial wire, which is tipped with a beam cannon weapon. Liger Zero's default armament covers the forearms, lower legs, shoulders, thighs, and muzzle with white armor. The muzzle has a pair of additional plates much like the one on the forehead, one on each cheek. Within the chest of the armor is a hidden double-barrel laser cannon.


Liger Zero does not have much in way of personality, as it was left without anything beyond its basic programming. As such, the Liger Zero is virtually an animal that lives by basic instincts. What personality it does display is an aggressive, hair-triggered character that doesn't hesitate to unload on any source of provocation. The Liger Zero can also be very fickle in its behavior towards others, going from mild respect to hostility with one negative action. The greatest aspect of its personality comes from its programming, which causes it to seek out powerful opponents to fight, so that it may learn and grow stronger.


While a very small mech unit, the Liger Zero is every bit as powerful as it was intended to be, with a small but frightful arsenal of weaponry. Liger Zero's bestial basis makes it a ferocious fighter with incredible speed, power, and reflexes. The main armaments Liger Zero uses are its claws, which are capable of having energy channeled into them to greatly increase cutting power, and its fangs. These two weapons allow the unit to tear and slash through enemies and even heavily armored robots. In addition to its melee weapons, Liger Zero has a double-barreled shock cannon concealed in its chest, which the Liger Zero is capable of revealing and using to fire on enemies, in both biped and quadruped walking modes. On its tail is a beam cannon, which Liger Zero is capable of aiming at opponents with its tail and firing on targets. In its base armor, the Liger Zero is capable of having additional weapons equipped to its body.

The foremost ability of Liger Zero does not lie in its weaponry however. Rather, it lies in the Liger's capability to learn from its battles. The A.I. is so advanced that even without prior programming, Liger Zero is able to adapt its strategies and fighting style to gain the advantage of the opponent. This programming allows Liger to quickly learn, grow, and formulate counter attacks. Even if any amount of time has passes and additional opponents have been fought, the Liger Zero does not forget past opponents, and is capable of remembering both abilities and the proper counter-strategies.


Part of Liger Zero's adaption capabilities are a series of several additional specialized armors used for certain combat situations. These armors are changed into through the C.A.S., which is the acronym for "Changing Armor System".

Jager Unit

The Jager unit is a deep blue C.A.S. armor which is focused on high speed and reconnaissance. The most striking feature of this unit is the pair of large ion boosters on its back. These boosters give Liger an immense boost in speed, acceleration, and agility, making this unit by far the fastest of any armor variants. The acceleration and maneuverability are so high that the top speed is said to rival the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog. In addition to the incredible speed, the Jager Unit is installed with incredibly advanced radar systems, allowing Liger to find and notice faraway or hidden targets, even outside of the range of many other advanced sensory systems. This makes the Jager unit ideal for high-speed hit-and-run or ambush tactics.

The Jager unit however, suffers from drawbacks in terms of both defense and offensive punch. The Jager unit has very light armor to maximize agility and maneuverability, while in terms of armaments the Jager unit only has its Shock Cannon, a pair of vulcan cannons, and a small vulcan missile pod. While the armor is not seen as a drawback due to the Jager Units incredible speed and agility, the light armaments reduce its combat capabilities, making the Jager Unit less than ideal for extended fire-fights, but rather high-speed rush tactics.

Schneider Unit

The Schneider unit is an orange C.A.S. unit, which focuses on close-range combat. The Schneider unit is installed with numerous hi-tech blades on its body, which are capable of channeling energy to increase cutting power. A pair of laser blades are installed on each arms, with another pair on each foot. The most noticeable pair are primary ones on Liger's back, which are the size of actual swords. These laser blades are on motorized swivels, giving the swords a much greater strike range, and even making it possible for the blades to be "swung" by the swivel. Finally, there are a total of five blades installed in the mane, which when activated face forward: these blades are used for powerful frontal thrusting attacks. On top of the large arsenal of laser blades, the Schneider unit has a powerful energy shield installed, which is not only capable of blocking incredibly powerful attacks, but can be used for very effective ramming attacks, which in turn can be improved by channeling the energy from the laser blades. In addition, the Schneider unit has improved speed and acceleration, granted by high-output thrusters and boosters placed on the shoulders and back.

The Schneider unit is incredibly powerful in close-range combat, but it suffers from the severe drawback of almost zero ranged weapons, having only the Two-Barreled Shock Cannon for long-range attack. This is a particularly severe flaw against targets with powerful long-range capabilities, potentially allowing said targets to take down Liger before it can even close the distance and strike. Opponent's capable of outmaneuvering or defending against the Schneider unit's attacks are also particularly dangerous foes.

Panzer Unit

The Panzer unit is an army-green C.A.S. unit, which focuses on heavy-duty firepower. The Panzer unit is covered in both incredibly thick armor and a large arsenal of high-powered weapons. Missile pods and grenade launchers almost literally cover Liger's body, which are capable of raining down hordes of powerful explosive rounds on large numbers of enemies. The most striking weapons however, are the pair of large two-barreled blasters on the Panzer unit's back, both of which are a combination of railguns and beam guns. These weapons carry an incredible amount of punch just on their own, able to tear through powerful defenses and causes incredible damage. In addition to these are a pair of large-caliber guns, one on each forearm. These guns are unique in that they are high-powered artillery rounds, which are fired with so much spin on them that they are capable of burrowing through the ground before releasing an explosion from below. In addition to the incredible amount of firepower the Panzer unit carries, it is covered in a hide of incredibly thick armor that can take a large amount of punishment with pretty much minimal damage.

The Panzer unit however, carries its own set of nasty drawbacks. The first and most prevalent weakness is that the sheer number of powerful weapons added onto thick armor drastically reduces Liger Zero's mobility, requiring a booster in order to just reach its normal default speed. This more or less makes Liger Zero an easy target for most opponents, as it is hardly capable of evasive maneuvers. This weakness is however somewhat cut by the fact that the armor provided by the Panzer unit greatly reduces damage taken. The second weakness for the Panzer unit also comes from its own weapons. Because it carries such a large number of weapons, firing from all of them at too high a rate can cause massive over-heating, requiring the Panzer unit to be ejected for the safety of Liger Zero.