Liger Zero/Jet Falcon

Biographical Information
Age N/A
  • Biomech Liger Zero Armor Fusion Unit: Jet Falcon
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Robot/Falcon
Gender N/A
Attire None
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations G.U.N.
  • 2 Zan Smasher Claws
  • 2 Buster Claws
  • 4 Shock Cannons
  • Mach 3 flightspeed
  • Armor Fusion Compatibility w/ Liger Zero
Super FormsNone
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu (Based off of pre-existing character)

The Jet Falcon, production name Biomech Liger Zero Armor Fusion Unit: Jet Falcon, is a biomechanical mech unit created by G.U.N., designed to fuse with and increase the power of the Liger Zero.



The Jet Falcon came into being after the creation of the Fire Phoenix. While the Fire Phoenix is highly successful in empowering the Liger Zero, some high-ranking commanders felt that the Fire Phoenix did not do enough to increase the Liger Zero's offensive capability and variety. As such, it was ordered to improve upon the Fire Phoenix concept, with a new emphasis on melee and general offensive prowess. With this in mind, the Jet Falcon was created.


Jet Falcon is a biomechanical unit, designed in the shape and appearance of a falcon. Unlike the Liger Zero and like the Fire Phoenix, it does not feature a Mobian design. The Jet Falcon's chest and body are dark blue, while the wings and tail are grey/silver. Both the wings and the tail-feathers feature gold accents, and the outer half of the wings are gold extensions. The Jet Falcon's head is grey/silver, with red eyes and a translucent sky-blue visor covering its eyes and beak. The most striking feature of the Jet Falcon are a large pair of attachments to its body and resting under the wings, which feature three long red blades positioned in a triangular formation. These are the Jet Falcon's "Buster Claws", the Jet Falcon's primary means of attacking.


Due to the fact that the Jet Falcon was not programmed with the same degree of AI as the Liger Zero, the Jet Falcon does not have a distinguishable personality beyond the behavior of a normal animal. However, the Jet Falcon shows an attachment to the Liger Zero (most likely due to the Jet Falcon's programming), and can rarely be found far away from Liger Zero's location. Unlike Liger Zero however, the Jet Falcon is relatively tame, rarely acting aggressively against non-enemies.


The Jet Falcon is incredibly fast, capable of flying at a speed of Mach 3 with incredible easy and maneuverability. In addition, the Jet Falcon's primary weapons- the Buster Claws- are capable of a variety of functions. The Buster Claws are not only capable of slashing and tearing at opponents, but are also able to rotate at high speeds and act as drills. This makes the Jet Falcon very flexible in terms of combat. On top of its Buster Claws, the Jet Falcon has a total of four Shock Cannons installed, paving the way for long-range fighting. In addition to its combat abilities, the Jet Falcon is capable of separating its body into various segments so that it may combine with the Liger Zero, acting as armor and increasing the Liger Zero's capabilities.