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This is an article about Light The Hedgehog, a character created by SaalihW1234 on 01/9/2014.
This character is a recolor. Please consider drawing some of your own art, or removing the recolored images.


Light is a Light-Hearted kid was usally angry when he went through pubery.
Light The Hedgehog

Light The Hedgehog's Battle Stance


Light is an abondon hedgehog baby that was found by Emerald Town's apotion agency. Amy wanted another child to go in her familly, as Sonic the Hedgehog refused. He said " Two Is Enough." Amy got angry and did anything to try to get another child. But one day when Sonic came home from Amy he heard saying " Now Kids, Be Nice". Sonic wondered what was going on.When he steped in the house he saw a child that looked just like silver except for a little bit of red hair. He asked Amy who is this and why is he here. Amy told him and Sonic got very angry, but he decided to keep the child anyways. A week later Sonic found the "Light" of having another child and named him "Light". As Light grew up he seemed like he wad going through puberty forever. He kept having so many problems, He yelled at his parents, He hurt his siblings several times and so much more. Amy & Sonic thought he was going through a phase. Soon they found out what was his powers when he got very angry. after 5 Years, he lost the bad attitude and was seen as "A New Child". Still to this day Light know's how his real parents look. He also gave clues to Sonic & Amy that might clear up where his real parents were. Later on, they found out that Eggman killed them, as when he saw Light he said "What! I Thought I Killed you! To this day Light hates Eggman and was almost tempted to actually kill him. Later on when Light was in High School he found out where his parents graves were and he went to visit them.


Light has an array of powers. But he seems to have the powers of ALL the Sonic characters. It still remains a Mystery if he can copy fighting techniques like Emerl. He has Super Speed, He is as strong as knuckles and more. He can Minipulate Gravity and Minipulate the power of the chaos emeralds.

Special Abilities

He seems to be able to heal people without the Chaos Emeralds.


Other Than Fighting Skills, Light is a mathmatician, he is also perfect at every school subject. When Amy got him to take a test to see what grade he belongs in he belonged in 6th grade and he was 4 years old.


Being Reminded of his parents usually would get him upset and probally lose all his powers (Temporarily)


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