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Cquote1 Beating you in a race is only the beginning. Cquote2
Lightning the Hedgehog, Famous and signature quote

Lightning the Hedgehog is Sonic's brother and is a 13 year old hedgehog who's speed is closest to Sonic... 735 mph. The character is nicknamed by several friends "S.H," which stands for "Super Hedgehog." He is also part of the team, Team Rainbow, being the leader of the team. So far, Lightning is in the RFU (Rainbow Fanfic Universe) and is part of the comic series in Nero the Hedgehog comic series.

Lightning the Hedgehog
Lightning the Hedgehog SBX
First Appearance
Sonic and Lightning
"Lightning For Real," "Lightning Rainbow," "Lightning the Vampire"
Light, Girls, Speed
Evil, Darkness, Slow things
Appears In
Sonic Hunt, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Riders 3: Negative Power, Sonic and Lightning, Sonic and Lightning 2007, Lightning the Hedgehog
53 pounds
Theme Song
"Stayin' Alive"


Born in Station Square of 1997, this hedgehog's parents were the same as Sonic's. Although born in the real world, his parents were Mobians, so he too is mobian. The two hedgehogs were parted from each other after the huge "water" storm caused by Perfect Chaos. While Sonic turned out having much fame from practically saving the world, Lightning chilled out more and tried to keep himself from getting too rich and famous. Because Lightning was parted from Sonic as a baby, Lightning never remembered or knew that Sonic was his brother until a almost a decade later. Sonic couldn't ever take the time to explain to Lightning that he was his brother because Eggman had another plan to take over the world over and over again. But when Sonic finally had a moment to talk to Lightning, Lightning suddenly knew where his gifted speed came from.

A couple of years later, Lightning met Dawn the Hedgehog. Dawn was a girl hedgehog who was very fashionable. She was crazy about what clothes to wear; Lightning sometimes got a little embarrassed by her "very fashionable" actions. Dawn turned out being a friend of Amy Rose, which explained a few things to Lightning.

Not too long later, Lightning met a girl named Shelly the Hedgehog. Lightning turned out having a crush on Shelly, which caused a closer relationship between the two. Lightning could feel the relationship wouldn't last for long, though, because he recognized her feelings for Skyler. Lightning wasn't angry, though, because the relationship wasn't close enough to make him angry. He remained friends with her and still does. He met a couple other girls too. See "Love Interests" and "Friends" to see them all.

Only a couple of years ago, Lightning and his team moved to Grand Metropolis and enjoyed it there, but moved back to Station Square and said they won't be moving anywhere else any time soon.

In Games

Lightning appears in games such as Sonic Hunt, and cameo appearance in Sonic Adventure 2, which was when he was first seen. (other games he's appeared in are in the info-box up above)

In Books

Lightning does not appear in the Archie comics but in a chapter book series called The Adventures of Lightning the Hedgehog that are done by the studio, Gar-Art Studios.

In Sonic X

Lightning may appear in Sonic X: Season 4.

In the Comics

Lightning will appear in the Nero the Hedgehog comic series.

In the RPs

Lightning appears in Roleplaying for dummies and A Character Meeting.


  • Speed: ★★★★1/2
  • Strength: ★★1/2
  • Stability ★★★

Personality Status

  • Favorite Color: Gold
  • Favorite Food: Hot Dogs
  • Personality: Funny, kind, humble (but loves to get all the girls)
  • Hates: Perfect Chaos, Gasoline, Talking too loud (everyone has to calm him down)
  • Weakness: Gasoline fire, Water (unlike Sonic, he doesn't sink in it, but he weakens, because his body is 80% lightning)
  • Appearances:
    • Sonic and Lightning: Lightning made his first appearance in this game, released back in 1995. Note: Although in the stories he was born in '97, he appears in the games earlier.
    • Lightning the Hedgehog: Lightning is the main character in this one, and other than Shadow and Sonic, the only character who has his own game, released back in '96.
    • Sonic Adventure 2 In this game Lightning only makes a cameo appearance.
    • Sonic Hunt In this game Lightning is a playable character.
    • Sonic and Lightning 2007 In this game Lightning is one of the two main characters. This is a 3D version of the original.
    • Sonic Riders 3: Negative Power Lightning is an unlockable character in this game.
    • Sonic Unleashed 3 Lightning turns into a vampire in this game, at daytime. Because of this transformation being at daytime, Lightning is known as a "Solar" Vampire in this game.
    • Sonic and Lightning Racers Lightning is one of the two main characters in this game. The game is a racing, being based on Sonic and Lightning.
  • Famous Quote: "Beating you in a race is only the beginning."
  • Theme Song: "Stayin' Alive"
Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees (lyrics)04:44

Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees (lyrics)

Theme song to Lightning the Hedgehog.

Love Interests

Shelly the Hedgehog was only a love interest for a short amount of time. The two remain friends.

Dawn the Hedgehog and Lightning never began a romantic scene, but for some time, Lightning sort of liked her. Lightning got over this very little crush, and the two still remain friends.

Mina Mongoose and Lightning began girl-friend, boyfriend with each other. But after a while, Lightning and Mina knew that they're age difference sort of wouldn't work out very well, so they broke up. The two haven't seen each other for a while now.

Aidan the Echidna who is part of the tribe around Angel Island and is also the great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter of Tikal is was Lightning's girlfriend for a while but is not anymore. In the Adventures of Lightning the Hedgehog series, though, she actually marries him.



Team Rainbow

Family (not including parents)

Sonic the Hedgehog


Emmy Rose

Emmy Rose Hedgehog for a long time did not know Lightning was her brother since the three were parted after the Perfect Chaos problem in 1998. She was a newborn when the Perfect Chaos issue happened. The problem was that she had a crush on Lightning. After she figured out that Lightning was her brother, she got over her crush.


Lightning For Real is Lightning with all the seven Super Emeralds. Lightning goes at the speed of light but uses up the super-power easily. The power will not take rings to help it last longer, so the transformation is more like the one of the fastest attacks there is in the world (although Sonic could probably beat him). The super-power has a time limit, and it varies every time.

Lightning Rainbow is Lightning with all the Chaos Emeralds. He becomes the most colorful and brightest character of all when he is Lightning Rainbow. The brightness blinds Lightning's opponent and Lightning attacks. This attack is no better than his normal attack.

Special Attacks

Super Spin Dash is just like the original just with more power. The spin dash can not protect Sonic from getting hurt by spikes. The super spin dash can. The super spin dash is also a lot faster. The only issue is that Lightning can only use this type of spin dash twice in every level he's playable in.

Lightning Attack is an attack that is used with Lightning's hands. He can electrocute anyone with this attack. The attack exhausts Lightning, though, so it can't be used too much.

"You can't run" Homing Attack is just like the normal homing attack except it will track the enemy down and can be used 1/2 a mile from the enemy! This is an unlimited attack.

Attacks That Can Be Used By Other Characters

  • Lightning Slash
  • Spin Dash
  • Homing Attack
  • Lightning Punch
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Chaos Control (can only use it when holding 2 Chaos Emeralds in both hands)

Voice Actor

English*: Garrett Williamson

*Lightning does not appear in any Japanese Sonic games.


"Heh! Beating you in a race is only the beginning!" (S rank)

"I'm Lightning! Yeah!" (A rank)

"This is wicked." (B rank)

"Well, just made it." (C rank)

"Hmph. This is discouraging." (D rank)

"What? I did all this for what????" (E rank)


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