Lilya the Echidna is a 12 year old echidna, and is a sage of earth in the books of syrisi.


Lilya is the younger sister of her older brother, Kronos. She is devoted to her parents greenhouse and will spend hours taking care of there plants. She is smart and has a IQ of 127, tying with Mythika the Panther.

She first was ok about the idea being a sage and was impressed when they got to Niisa, and saw how many different types of flowers there were.

After the battle, she went to Echidnaoplis and met another flower loving echidna named Orion. They fell in love and she visited him very often.

25 years Later

Lilya and Orion married sometime in the 25 years later saga and had a daughter; Calleminae. However, Orion died when he got dianogsed with heart diease and died in his sleep. Lilya won't marry as she wrote a vow that if he dies, she will never marry again.


Lilya has orange fur with a stripe of red down her head and dreadlocks. She wears a red and white long sleeved top with jean shorts and beige -brown high heels. She also wears a pair of glasses and has a fringe of red.


Cyrus the Echidna (Father)

Belle the Echidna (Mother)

Kronos the Echidna (Older Bro)

Orion the Echidna (Future Husband)

Calleminae the Echidna (Future Daughter)


Lilya is able to send geokentic forces through the earth and even through the core. She is also able to use the trees and ground to attack in forces. She uses the ground like a sheild against fire but is weak to water as it can melt and break through her barrier.


Lilya is latin for Lily flower


Geo Spear


Frenzy plant

Petal dance

Earth Barrier - Genetic Skill

(Signature move- Tree Swipe)

Rock Throw


Wood Hammer

Razor leaf

Seed Storm

Focus Punch

Drop Kick


(Note- Some moves aren't the same as her Daughter, Calleminae. The ones that stay the same are- Geo Spear,Focus Punch,leer,Petal dance and Frenzy Plant)

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