Lily the Rabbit

  • ===Age: 11===
  • ===Species: Rabbit===
  • ===Gender: Female===
  • ===Height: 2' 6"===
  • ===Weight: 31 kg (49 lbs)===
  • ===IQ: 140===
  • ===Birth Place: Magic Water Zone===
  • ===Social Class: Not very social===
  • ===Alignment: Good===
  • ===Top Speed: 38 mph===

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Lily the Rabbit

Lily the Rabbit is usually serious but she smiles once in a while when happy. She is calm, caring but sometimes can get a little harsh when mad and then might start to yell. Sometimes people say she doesn't have enough fun but its because her mother is dead and her father is missing.


She is a purple rabbit with two green spikes on her forehead, and two eye lashes, she has a dark gray headband on her forehead, she has a black stripe around both eyes, she has orange pupils and a black tank top with black skirt, she has black shoes both with un x shape on them, the middle of the x is dark gray and all the other parts of the x are light gray along with the bottom of her shoes, and she has white socks and white gloves, and fur sticking up on the top of her head.


She doesn't have that many friends, she has a sister- Karen the Rabbit, shes her best friend and one of her only, she seems to never get mad at her, there always doing things together and shes always by her side, once Lily said, "Karen, your my best friend ever, i hope it always stays that way," one of the reasons why is cause after her Mom and Dad where gone she was the only family member she had left. Takumi the Hedgehog and her are great friends too, she enjoys spending time with, and she has a crush on him, (later falls in love) but Takumi doesn't even know that. Karen and Takumi are the best friends she has, and some of the only ones.


Karen was the first born child of her mother and father which were living in a hole underground and right when they were about to leave, Lily was born,which made them decide to stay in the hole for a while. Karen was born three years before Lily, when Lily was four years old they where planning to leave but they found out they had to stay hidden longer because Scratch was capturing animals. After two years Lily turned six and Scratch wasn't attacking for a while they were aloud to leave without being harmed.

When she was close to being seven (Karen was nine) Lily and Karen were playing outside and there Mom was gardening, then Lily said to her Mom, "Mom, look there's fire over there!" there Mom looked and yelled to run as fast as they can, they ran, with there Mom and when there were getting close to there home, there Mom was shot, but she told them to run as fast as they can and then she died.

When Lily turned seven, her personality changed, she wasn't as cheerful anymore and sometimes she'd go in her room and just cry. One day when she was crying in her room, her Dad told her and Karen to go and find some vegetables, half an hour later, they arrived home just to see there windows broke and door destroyed. Inside the broken house there was a note telling them to run away, back to the first place they were born in, Magic Water Zone and run as far north as they can til they get to the water, they ran for a year and the got there, when they got there it was a lot greener instead of a dull and dirty place like the south of Magic Water Zone which has been corrupted by Scratch the Hedgehog. When they were living there, Lily decided to one day go exploring thats were they found Takumi the Hedgehog, became friends with him, and shes known him ever since.


Lily's superform was only seen once when she found all the Magic Sapphires and used it to defeat Scratch the Hedgehog.


After she defeated Scratch the Hedgehog (A few months ago) Lily decided to leave for a few days, but its been a few months and her sister is still looking for her, but after that noone has seen her since.


Its unknown what Lilys future will hold.


  • They found the note when there father went missing, but nobody knows if he's dead or alive.
  • Lily has no known relitaves besides Karen and her parents.
  • Lily only has two eyelashes when shes 11 but most other girls would have four at 11

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