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Linebeck the Ferret

Linebeck the Ferret is a Sonic Fan Character created by Ryu. He is obviously based upon the character Linebeck from Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Physical Description

Linebeck has a slim physical build, and an unusually flexible spine (a notable trait of most Mobian ferrets), which is most likely a contributing factor to his incredible reflexes and dodging abilities.



Making some friends

When he was twelve years old, he came across a young female cat with purple fur, blonde hair, and glasses much too big for her face; she was one year younger than him. For some reason, they instantly bonded. The cat's name was Megan, but she insisted that she be called Ryushu or Ryu. The two have been friends ever since.

Joining T.S.E.P

Linebeck had his first run-in with T.S.E.P when he was sixteen. A protest was under way concerning a massive logging industry called Mobian Lumber Inc., who had plans to cut down Curatrix (which means "guardian" in Latin"), a massive and ancient redwood tree. The giant tree was revered by many old tribes and clans, including the Nature Clan of Mokuhana, who saw Curatrix as "the first spawn of Sucellos, Guardian of The Forest".

Linebeck always had a soft-spot for nature, and became interested in the protest.

The Ferret and the Fox


Base Stats
Spcl. AtkN/A
Spcl. DefAverage
Other Stats

Although he lacks super strength, Linebeck knows how to defend himself in a fight, and can defend himself quite well. Being a ferret, he also has the incredible agility and reflexes of his species. He has small but sharp claws which he can use to scratch his opponent.

He does have some knowledge in computer hacking, but only basic knowledge. He is very skilled at driving a boat, however, and is also a great swimmer.

In short, his greatest areas of physical expertise are obviously his speed, reflexes and stealth.

Multi-Purpose Swiss Army Knife

Linebeck always carries a multi-purpose Swiss army knife with him. Its functions include;

  • Knife (of course)
  • Lockpick
  • Blowtorch
  • Flashlight
  • Fog machine (creates a smokescreen; great for parties)
  • Tazer

Boat and Grappling Hook

Linebeck owns a small but very fast motorboat, which he calls "SurfSlicer". The boat definitely is small; it can only carry a few people. It has a tiny cabin that only fits one person. Apparently, the boat was designed for speed and stealth, not show.

The boat is incredibly eco-friendly; it runs on water, actually using the water he's on as fuel. However, the engine chamber will collect any sludge or debris from the water, which must be cleaned out at least once a week.

He also owns a grappling hook which he pulls out of hammer-space whenever needed.


He shares the weaknesses of all average Mobians, namely the lack of a healing factor, lack of any Elemental resistances, no resistance to diseases, etc. His hearing is very good, but this leaves him vulnerable to loud, piercing sounds.

Rosa the Rattata

In the Overlander Roleplay, Linebeck finds a pink-furred Rattata in a cage in the U.A.C.S.A HQ. He rescues her, and the two quickly bond. When Linebeck finally manages to find the exit to the building, Allibe (in his mecha, BELIAL) attacks. He manages to throw an electric net on Linebeck, but the ferret manages to get Rattata to run for safety. She ends up finding Alyssa and Johnny.

After this incident, the Rattata accompanies Linebeck wherever he goes, and he gives her the nickname "Rosa", for her pink fur.


Being a Project S.P.A Pokemon, this Rattata is a fair bit stronger than others of her species, as she is able to use Hyper Beam. However, the recoil hits her harder than it does for other Pokemon who can normally learn this move (I.E fully-evolved Pokemon).


Forms and Fusions

Club Linebeck

A form that appears only in House of Cards.

Friends and Foes




  • Rouge the Bat - Linebeck and Rouge used to be bitter rivals, until they saw past their differences thanks to Statyx.
  • Cameron Froster - Cameron frequently calls Linebeck a Furret, which usually instigates annoyance or anger in the ferret. This often leads to a fight between the two, and the only way to stop it is for either Ryushu or someone else (most likely Albus for some reason) to split the two up.




An explorer and treasure-hunter by trade, Linebeck's always ready for an adventure; in fact, the more dangerous, the better. Although he's rather cocky and reckless, he's loyal to his friends and will fight to the death to protect them. Linebeck has an absurdly stubborn will; he won't give up until he breathes his last. He is noted to be incredibly rude to his enemies, and enjoys mocking them.

Linebeck also has acrophobia (a fear of heights). Although he doesn't seem to be very fond or trusting of Overlanders, the only ones he truly despises are those who hurt other Mobians (or the environment, which is why he still hates G.U.N).

Sneaking up on Linebeck is never a good idea; apparently he's rather high-strung, and will swiftly attack anything that sneaks up on him, if he knows that they are right behind him. If not, he will just yell at them.

Linebeck loves Pokemon, even though he isn't a trainer. Because of all the time he spends out on the water, he's most familiar with Water-types, and they seem to be his favorites. Whenever Ryushu is training her Pokemon, he never fails to watch. He also loves to fish, and apparently, he once caught a Gyarados. He dearly loves Rosa, the pink Rattata he rescued from the U.A.C.S.A base, and habitually spoils her. Anyone who threatens to harm Rosa will find themselves on the receiving end of Linebeck's Swiss Army knife. He's often been referred to as the "Tree-hugging pirate" since he's a bit of an eco-nut.

Linebeck loves to be out on the water; it's where he feels the most at home. He often jokes that he should have been born an otter instead of a ferret. He also likes to play practical jokes every now and then, but nothing that'll get his "victims" hurt. Unless they're enemies, that is.


  • Exploring
  • Treasure-hunting
  • Pokemon (especially Water-types)
  • Fishing
  • Adventuring
  • Pranks and practical jokes
  • Being out on the water


Biggest Fears


"Who're you callin' a 'boat-drivin' yutz'?!" - Whenever Rouge calls him "that boat-drivin' yutz".

"That's CAPTAIN Linebeck to ya!"

"Now, I don't smoke, but you never know when a little fire'll come in handy, hehe..." - Describing the "blowtorch" function of his Swiss army knife.

"Fog in your face!" - Whenever using the "fog machine" function of his Swiss army knife.

"Too slow, Cock-A-Doodle-Dumb***!" - While fighting Scratch in RP: Mobian Mechahazard.

"Afraid of heights? Me? Nah, I'm not afraid of heights, hehe...I'm TERRIFIED of heights!!"

"Did I ever tell ya the time I caught a Gyarados? Hahaha, I don't think I've ever driven that fast away from something before!"

"Auuugh!! I don't wanna be a ferret-skin rug!!"

"Get your filthy paws off Rosa before I slit yer throat!"

"Gee, I tell ya, I should've been born an otter instead of a ferret."


  • Two other possible species choices for this character were a raccoon and a lemur.
  • Being a ferret, he will sometimes "dook" (a chuckling sort of noise that ferrets make when they are happy). He's somewhat embarrassed by this, however.
    • He sometimes dooks quietly while sleeping, somewhat akin to snoring.
  • He is voiced by Fran Kranz.



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