After accidently buying the Pro Upgrade for the Game maker 7 in an event involving a cat walking on the key board, LordSHIFT has began work on his most daring (and only) project yet. The name is known only to a select few, but shall be revealed soon enough.

This project is under heavy development. LordSHIFT has an engine, that he has modified, but still has several bugs to iron out (particularly the breakable walls). But all of this can be fixed...

Development hell is the only way to describe what's going on. This was such a bad idea...

...The game has just plain refused to open. The computer won't tell me why, it just won't load. I have lost all of my sprites, save the few I uploaded on here, all of my data and my paitience D:< If there is a god, why does he see fit to use me as his mental punching bag?! This is just another in the list of unexplained failures of equipment or of people that have crushed my hopes of creating somthing awsome in the Sonic universe, or any :D

The good news is, if I feel so inclined, I can start all over again. Yay.

The game has been recreated and is back in production!

Data has been corrupted once again. Project is on hiatus until I can figure out what the fell is happening. Fixed it, but I'm still worried it migh happen again. But I made copies this time, so it dosn't matter too much :D


82% complete

Suff that needs doing;

Moving enemies (that don't glitch out) I'm getting there :D I've just figured out how paths work! I am a jenious! Now I just need to perfect it... It's not perfect, but it's as good as it's going to get :)

Shooting enemies

Not dying when you use the homing attack. This is a big one... Maybe I'll get rid of it...

Bosses (should be easy enough)

Breackable walls (that I might scrap anyway. Scrapped for now, and will probably reprogram them)

Sound Effects

0% complete

I need jump, spindash, ememy's hit and all of that stuff, but I can't find it except on sound boards that do nothing! This is my greatest obsticle, and I need help to overcome it!


50% complete

(Not final, just ideas)

Main theme (possible): Locking up the sun by poets of the fall

Theme of the Egg liegion: Moving mountains by two steps from hell

Boss theme 1: Egg Genesis/Cerberus

Boss theme 2: Robotink orchesteral by Bakuriu007


50% complete

under development x 2


30% complete

Characters confirmed to appear;

Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Metal Sonic

New/fan characters who will make an appearance;

Shima the Hedgehog

Nero the Hedgehog

Keyser Vox

Pryce the Stoat

New creatures that will appear

Mole Lizards



New Badniks that will appear



Single Heavy Infantry Force Trooper


What I need from the good people at SFW...

Please, put your name down beneath the appropriate heading if you're interested and I'll get in touch;

Sprite artists

User:RandomFlab 2

Co-Script and story developers


Sprite animators



Voice actors


User:Flashfire212 (When I get a decent mic that is)



(Really? No-one?)