Lorix is the relationship of Lori the Cat and Felix the Echidna


Lori was taking a walk around Station Square.Then soon,some G.U.N members saw her and was about to shot her.Then Felix came and saved her.Soon after a battle,they meet again and she welcomed him to her house to stay.Soon,the two start growing feelings for eachother.

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Rushki the Hedgehog: I find couple very much nicest. I am liking many lovings. BUT THEY FILTHY KAPITALIST FILTHY KAPITALIST AAAAAAAAAARHGGGGGGG


Barry the Hedgehog: SHE WILL BE MINE SOMEDAY!!!!!!

Felix: YOUR FIVE!!!!!!!



Felix: bring it toddler...*his Rodin transforms into his weapon form...pilebunker gauntlets* *felix puts them on*

Draon: I can hate it because I'm evil. >:3

Barry the Hedgehog: -puts on his magic hat- FFFFFFF ITS ON MOF***ER

Felix:...ya know what. i ain't doin this...hey buddy, your 5 you wear a stupid frikin "magic hat" and think you can beat the heck out of a fully grown fully trained Dragon Guardian. i'm not fighting a 5 year old


Felix:...what the heck are you cussing fo- WHERE THE HELL DID YOU LEARN TO CUSS?!

Rushki the Hedgehog: Ahh vat is zis kapitalist nonsense

Barry the Hedgehog: OH S*** ITS RUSHKI

Felix:...what the heck?!


Lori:(Was taking a walk around Station Square)

(3 G.U.N. agents are down an alley watching her)

Captain: nobody notices these menaces that could over run this city...we are going to rid this city of these walking talking vermin.

Agents: yes sir

Captain: ready...aim

  • the agents ready their guns and aim at Lori*

"not so fast boys...gonna have to end this shooting pact" the creature jumps down and knocks out all the agents as one fires off a shot at lori that misses her by an inch in front of her face.

Lori:(Notice something flew past her and looks at the direction it came from)What just happen?

As the last Agent falls to the ground a Red Echidna stepped out of the alley. "sorry boys...won't be any deaths to day." a few minutes later police showed up and took the agents into custody. the Echidna walks over to Lori. "you okay ma'am?"

Lori:Yes I am.Thank you for saving me.If it wasn't for you,I would've been a goner.My name's Lori.What's yours?

The Echidna smiles "Felix, Felix the Echidna" a little Chinchilla climbs up onto his shoulder.

Lori:(Smiles)Thanks again Felix.(Sees the chinchilla)You got a cute little friend on your shoulder.

th chinchilla looks at her "i'm friendly as long as you don't try to feed me a cracker. that annoys me ever so much". Felix looks at lori "don't freak out he's a celestial weapon being...he can talk".

Lori:Wow.That's amazing.Its not everyday someone sees something as amazing as that.

"usually people want to disect him, but they don't understand" he smiles at her. "anyway your welcome for that...usually those guys are trying to kill off the mobians in station square. i've been helping the police in stopping the rebellion"

Lori:That's good.I don't want anyone to get hurt.How can I erpay you,Felix?

Felix looks back at Lori "no, no need." he smiles "though i haven't been able to talk to many people".

Lori:(Smiles)Well,I'm free to talk as much as you want.

Felix smiles contently "wanna go for a walk then maybe?"

Lori:Sure thing.^^

They go for a walk in the park at station square and talk about themselves "i've been doing this for awhile"

Lori:Isn't it a hard job?

Felix nods "sometimes...depends on how much work i do in a day...i've been working part-time with the police for my down time job, otherwise i'm working with a friend on missions." he sees his chinchilla struggleing to keep up on foot and picks him up on and puts him on his shoulder.

Lori:Wow.For me,I work as a gym teacher at New Hope Orpanage.The kids there are very happy and friendly.

Felix looked back in interest. "orphanage hope...sounds familiar. i grew up in an orphanage, not a very good one but i survived."

Lori:Hard childhood?

Felix chuckles "you could say that...but i have nothing against it. the people were afraid of my abilities to control fire instead of chaos like everyone else. of course the worst part was whenever a Fire went out of control some one blames me...but i have nothing against Orphanages at all."

Lori:I know.(Smiles)

Felix sighs "it does get old being alone in my work...i haven't been able to talk to many other mobians cause they run away thinking i'm a bigger threat to them then G.U.N." he sits down on a bench

Lori:(Sits next to him)I think its a great job that your protecting them.They just need to get to know you better.

Felix smiles at her then looks down at the ground "well i haven't met many more than 12 mobians who live here"

Lori:(Puts her hand on his)How about I take you to New Hope?

Felix looks at her "you sure...i mean i don't wanna to get in the way of your work"

Lori:(Smiles)Yes I'm sure.You won't get in the way.

Felix nods "okay then. lets go...although you'll have to lead the way."

Lori:(Sits up)I will.Let's go.(Helps him up)

Felix stands with her help and follows her to the orphanage.


Lori:There's New Hope.(Points at a white building up the road)

Felix looks up at the building "wow...thats a beautifull house"

Lori:It sure is.The owners made sure it was for the kids.

Felix looks over at her thinking. "so what again is your job?"

Lori:Gym teacher.(Smiles)

Felix smiles back "interesting...wait you mean this place has a gym too". anime sweatdrop.

Lori:(Giggles)Of course.The gym was made so kids can have fun while they stay fit.

Felix looks at the building. "must be bigger on the inside then it looks"

Lori:Yep.I was surprise too when I 1st came to work here.

Felix smiles "well ladies first" he says jokingly

Lori:(Giggles)Why thank you.(Leads the way)

Felix follows her in wondering what it looks like on the inside

(At the front door)

Lori:(Opens the door and holds it for Felix)Welcome ot New hope.

(Inside has normal walls and many doors,either leading to one of the kids rooms,the gym or class rooms,the extra rooms,washroom and kitchin dining room)

Felix looks around "wow, it is huge...dang" he remembers the orphanage he grew up in was more of an abandoned Pet store with the whole front window and everything...except they atleast didn't live in cages. "these kids are lucky to have such a place"

Lori:Yes they are.The people who build this place want to give the kids new hope as they grow.

Felix nods "which explains the name..." he looks around some more. "where is everyone?"

Lori:Its lunch time.They must be in the dining room.Its just down this hall.

Felix follows her down the hall "so how many kids do you guys take care of?"

Lori:I say about 19 or 20.

Felix looks at her puzzled "and i'm also guessin there are more teachers and such around to help you"

Lori:Yep.Each teacher has a different class.And some of the older kids help too.

(In the dinning room)

Lori:Hello everyone.

Kids:Hi Lori!

Felix feels awkward at being a stranger (anime sweat drop again)

Lori:Everyone,this is Felix.He's visiting today.


Yram:Welcome to New Hope,Mr.Felix.

Felix smiles "uh thanks...and hello"

Lori:This is Yram,she owns New Hope with her husband.

Dlan:That's me.

Felix shakes dlan's hand "running a nice place here. all kids need a chance in the world"

Dlan:(Shakes his hand too)That's right.Giving these kids hope helps them in life.

Yram:Very true.^^

Felix nods "i'm just here cause i met Lori here in station square...we were talking about orphanages and she brought up this place. it's good to see some one can take care of orphans like they're own"

Rey:Well,that's good.

Lori:The rest of the adults are Rey,our cook,Tim,the art teacher,Bel,the music teacher,Irol,our doctor,Sher,our seamtress,Molly,the math wiz,and Jony,the gardener.

Felix looks puzzled "wow so there isn't a class for fighting heh, whatever anyway glad to meet you all"

Irol:We have a self defence class.My husband Shank teaches it.

Shank:Pleasure to meet you.

Yram:And its good to meet you as well.

Lori:Ready to meet the kids?

Felix looks at his chinchilla "what do you think rodin"

Rodin's gem in his head flashes (he's a carbuncle: a kind of mammal or bird that has a jewel in it's forehead) "i would say it's a 50 50 chance of them being afraid of you

Felix chuckles "now you give me even statistics"

Kids:(LIne up from youngest to oldest)

Lori:Felix,these are the kids:Hayli,Rita,Hew,Matt Panda,Kitten,Kero the Lion,Raz the Human,Micke,Zuna,Anya,Ake,Crow,Kimmy,Linda,Christie the Cat,Rock,Freya,Mia,Chin and Elo.

Felix greets all of them "so what would the age range be"

Lori:From Hayli,who's age 3 to Elo who's age 20.


Felix: you take care of them even in their offense just didn't expect that one

Yram:Well,some kids stay longer to help as well.

Elo:Yeah.They offer me to leave,but I wanted to stay here to help watch the younger kids.

Felix: ah, thats understandable.


(Soon the kids circle around him,the younger kids hug him while the older ones shake his hands and pat his back)

Lori:(Giggles)The kids like you already.

Felix: maybe to much affection

Lori:Okay kids.Give Felix some room.

Kids:Kay!(Does so)

Felix: so what can i do to help you guys out?

Dlan:What can you do?

Felix: well i'm pretty good at fighting mostly...and i can play guitar, but i left my instrument back at my home so

Yram::What kind of fighting?Kids has self denfence.

Felix: well mainly offensive but i don't think thats a good tactic...i do more martial arts type stuff because i use pilebunkers...

Shank:Martial arts sounds good.You can even help Lori with the gym class if you want.

Felix: sounds good to me, that way i'm not huting anyone *Rodin pops over his shoulder*

Rodin: aaaahhh i needed a nap

Felix: in my pocket

Rodin: i fit well enough

Girl kids:Aww,he so cute!

Boy kids:Cool!

Felix: looks like your famous mousey

Rodin: i love long as they don't pull on my tail...i already have the longest tail in the rodent family

Felix: heh chinchilla's don't have...oh wait...maybe your right

Zuna:We promise not to pull it.

Kero:Cross our hearts.

Rodin: i like these kids

Felix: you like anyone who doesn't pull on your tail

Lori:(Giggles)See Felix,the kids do like you.

Felix: *smiles* i'd be glad to help you with the gym class

Lori:(Smiles too)Me too.

Felix: cool *smiles again and picks up Rodin putting him back in his pocket*

Rodin: *aaaahhhh warm and cozy*

Lori:Ready to see your room?I'll take you to it.

Felix: sure...

(At Felix's room)

Lori:Here it is.I hope its not a problem for you.

Felix: *chuckles* give me a bed and i'll sleep on it...all i need in a room is a bed and a window. heck all i have in my house back in Endac's forest is a bed.

Lori:(Giggles)Each room is different.(Opens the door to show a bed,a window and a shelf)

Felix: (sarcastically) oh my gosh, the full package. *he chuckles* sorry i have an uncurable illness...sarcasm

Lori:(Giggles)That's okay.

Felix: *snaps his fingers and a bag appears on the bed with clothes and other such stuff in it* well now that that is done so lets go


Felix: so whats next

Lori:Once lunch is done,our class is next.

Felix: ah, then lets go

(In gym class)

Lori:Okay kids.Today,Felix will be teaching you today.


Felix: wait hold on what?! (puzzled)

Lori:(Whipers to him)I'm just letting you get the hang of teaching a class 1st.

Felix: um okay...(what should i do *sweatdrop*)

Matt:Mr.Felix?How about we do some running?

Felix: okay...yeah...why don't we do that *awkward smile* (i feel so pathetic)

Kids:Kay!(Get in a running positon)

Felix: umm, on your marks, get set, Go


Lori:Your doing good so far,Felix.

Felix: i'm just going by instinct *sweatdrop*

Rodin: why do you keep doing that sweatdrop thing


(Soon after)

Lori:Okay class.You did good today.Get ready for your next class.

Kids:Okay!(Leaves to the other class)

Felix: heh that went pretty well

Rodin: until you joined in the race and tripped at the finish line

Felix: ya know, for a celestial weapon being, you can be pretty cruel

Rodin: ehh you know what they say...smaller the body, bigger the temper

Lori:(Giggles)Well,what would you like to do now?

Felix: i always go for a walk and watch the wanna come along


(later outside the orphanage Felix was sitting up on a tree branch with Lori During Sunset)

Felix: *looks at the reddish glow off the horizon* *sigh*

Rodin: ZZZzzzZZZzzz (snores loudly)

Felix: *looks down at his pocket then shakes his head looking at the ground* well that killed the nice mood (smiles)

Lori:(Giggles and smiles)Its still a nice sunset.

Felix: *chuckles* yeah...beautiful.

Lori:So did you enjoy your 1st day New Hope?'s wierd. we just met this morning over a freak incident...and now i could get a job working at an orphanage. crazy what could happen in a day

Lori:Sure is.I was surprise today as well.

Felix: *looks back out at the sunset*

Lori:(Looks at the sunset too)

Felix: *looks back at her* (is it just me or is she beautiful)

Rodin: (depends on what your looking at)

Felix: (Rodin!)

Rodin: (chuckles)

Lori:(Still watches the sunset,but feels Felix looking at her and slightly blushes)*He's looking right at me.A good looking man like him is actually looking at me,if this is a dream,I never want to wake up*

Felix: (what should i do)

Rodin: (don't ask me...i'm a celestial weapon, not your best friend)

Felix:...(endac...maybe i can ask him)

Rodin: (from here?)

Felix: (yeah thanks for the help)

Rodin: (just pointing out the obvious)

Lori:(Looks at him still blushing)Um,Felix?

Felix: *looking down at his pocket now then looks up* oh heh heh...uh yeah?

Lori:What's on your mind?

Felix: (she's reading me like a book...i bet she knows)

Rodin: (don't freak out...)


Rodin: (great cover) *facepalm*

Lori:(Giggles)What kind of fruit?

Felix: uuuuuuhhh...

Rodin: (why don't you choose a random one -_-)

Felix: plums?

Rodin: (great made her day, talking about plums while you stare into her "beautiful" eyes. i will never understand you creatures)

Lori:Plums are a cute fruit.And they taste good too.

Rodin: (this could go on for hours, because you didn't think you should say it)

Felix: (yeah i'm stupid) uhh yeah...plums heh heh

Rodin: (well you blew that shot...maybe it'll come back around)


Lori:So you want to know what's on my mind?

Felix: uh yeah sure...

Lori:(Blushes)Well...I think...I...

Felix: (*thump thump thump*)

Rodin: (would you stop thumping)

Felix: uhh y-yeah?

Lori:(Blushes even more)I love you!(Covers her face)


Rodin: (dude...yo close da mouth and make da move)


Rodin: (ugh) *pops out of Felix's pocket and climbs up his shoulder going over to him and nibbleing on his ear*

Felix: ow...oh

Rodin: *goes back into Felix's pocket*


Lori:Yes Felix?(Slowly takes her hands of her face)

Felix: *leans in and kisses her*

Lori:(A little shock,but relaxes and kisses back)

Felix: *pulls her close*

Rodin: ZZZzzzZZZzzz (he can handle fine without me)

Lori:(Hugs him)

Felix: *slowly breaks the kiss and smiles shyly at her* i think that serves best as a reply from me

Lori:(Shyly smiles too)Yes it does.

Felix: *hops down from the tree branch noticing the sun had set* *helps Lori down* shall we?


  • they walk back to the orphanage*

Felix: *stops on the front porch*...this has been the craziest day ever

Lori:Yes it has.

Felix: well i guess we better get to bed. *smiles*



Rodin: (awkward silence)

Felix: (shush) *opens the door and lets her go in* goodnight Lori...*kisses her again then goes to his room*

Lori:Goodnight Felix.(Goes to her room)


Felix: *wakes and opens his eyes...not recognizing the room he was in for about 30 seconds* whoa...*then he remembers what had happened yesterday* oh yeah...*gets up and out of bed opening the door*

LOri:(Standing at his door as he opens it,smiling)Morning Felix.^^

Felix: WHOA...*stumbles backwards and trips over his bag* oof...heh heh, could you warn a guy by knocking. *he chuckles as he struggles to get up*

Lori:(Offers her hand)Need a hand?(Giggles)

Felix: uh yeah, thanks *takes her hand*

Lori:(Helps him up)Your welcome.

Felix:...thanks *kisses her* good morning

Lori:Your welcome.(Kisses back)

Felix: so what are we gonna do first

Lori:Well,our class dosen't start till after lunch.So you wanna do something together?

Felix: sure sounds cool

Lori:Okay.So what would you like to do?

Felix:...i don't know ^^'

Lori:(Giggles)Um,how about we go get some breakfast?

Felix: yeah sure

Rodin: *head pops out of felix's pocket* why do i smell cat food

Felix: no need to worry Rodin, as far as we know there aren't any cats here

Rodin: as far as we know...i don't like those statistics

Lori:I promise Rodin.We have no cats here.

Rodin: *digs back into Felix's pocket* this a cheese puff?

Felix:...^^' haven't had time to change clothes in awhile...thats digusting. i'll meet you in the dining room *goes back in his room to change*

Lori:See you there.(Goes to the dining room)

  • a few minutes later*

Felix: *walks into the dining room*

Lori:Hey Felix.I saved you a spot next to me.^^

Felix: *sits down next to her* thanks

Lori:(Smiles)Your welcome.

  • after breakfast*

Felix: wow that was good

Lori:Yes it was.(Smiles and kisses his cheeck)

Felix: *smiles*...

Lori:So what would you like to do now?

Felix: well...i would usually be working right now but since i'm off for the week i would usually roam Station Square...not that we should do that cause i would always end up stopping a crime randomly

Lori:How about a walk in the woods?

Felix: sure ^^

Lori:Then let's go.(Grabs his hand)

Felix: *gets pulled out the door* whoa

Rodin: *falls out of Felix's pocket and starts running to catch up* wait, you dropped the chinchilla

Lori:Opps.Sorry Rodin.(Gently picks him up)

Felix: *takes him back and puts him in his pocket* sorry

Rodin: it's cool

Felix: *chuckles*

Lori:(Giggles)Shall we?

Felix: yeah *starts walking*

  • later in the woods*

Felix: *finishes explaining Why Jason is known as a hazard because Jason drove Shadow insane* -and till this day Shadow still fires off a shot whenever he hears Jason Laugh...endac told me not to tell anyone cause then the word will spread but i'm sure your trust worthy...

Lori:(Giggles)I promise to never tell.You have my word.^^

Felix: cool *smiles*...*looks around*...why does this forest seem familia-

  • 8 arrow hits the tree he was about to step infront of*

Felix: WHOA...*recognizes the arrows then looks down to see a wire thin string around his feet* a trap...wait, trap...i recognize this

Rodin: *looks out* yeah but i don't think they do.

Felix: *looks forward through a small hole in the leaves and he sees the top of a battlement where a mobian was holding a strung bow*


Lori:Who's that?


Sabin:...WHO ASKES *lowers his bow*


Sabin: *puts his bow away and hops down from the battlement...about 3 stories, and lands on his feet* alright...what did i tell you about signalling your approach...i mean you scared the hell out of me and now every guard is set to his post ready shoot anything that moves with about 20 6inch long shafts of lethal death per minute.

Felix: man...i didn't know the forest stretched all the way out here

Lori:That's the 1st I notice this.

Sabin: and who might this lovely lady be?

Felix: -_-

Sabin:...oh i gotcha, so have you told her about Endac and this here forest

Felix: no not yet. Lori, this is Sabin. he's one of i guess you could say

Sabin: pleasure...

Lori:Please to meet you.

Sabin: anyway, so you coming into the village or should we treat you as outsiders...just kidding cause that would involve-

Felix: we're going for a walk and just happened to stumble into this territory...thanks though

Lori:Thank you for the offer.

Sabin: oh okay...*runs back through the woods out of sight*

Felix: ^^', i'm sorry about him...he's a new kid about 16. shall we continue our walk?


Felix: alright then.

  • later that day*

Felix: *sitting on the orphanage's porch talking with Rodin*

Rodin: so are you maybe...going to take your relationship any further?

Felix: we just got together...i don't know

Lori:Hey guys.Everything okay?

Felix:...uh yeah we're good. *checks the time* has lunch ended?

Lori:Yes it has.

Felix: oh okay *gets up* shall we get to class ^^

Lori:Yes we shall.^^

  • later in class*

Felix: (whispers too lori) this time could we give them something different other than running...

Lori:(Whispers back to him)Sounds good.Any ideas?\

Felix:...i don't know...maybe jumping jacks or something

Lori:Good idea.Okay class,today we're doing jumping jacks.


Felix: alright everyone, ready...go

  • after class*

Felix: *stretches as the are leaving*

Lori:That was a good workout.

Felix: yeah, i know. so what now?

Lori:How about we see a movie?

Felix:...sure. except they don't allow pets in theatre's so i'll have to leave rodin here

Rodin: dang...*jumps out of Felix's pocket and runs out the door*


Lori:Will he be okay?

Felix: yeah he'll be good...he'll probably be hiding in the fridge barely scraping by on a donut

Lori:Okay.Shall we get going?

Felix: yeah sure lets go ^^

(At the movies)

Lori:We're just in time.

Felix:...for what movie? (clueless)

Lori:For the movie everyone is talking about.

Felix: oh yeah right that movie...(still clueless)

Lori:(Giggles)Let's go.

Felix: *shrugs and follows her*

(Once inside,they took their seats and watched the movie)

Felix:...*whispers*...i still don't know what this movies about

Lori:(Whispers to him)Its a action movie with some romace I think.

Felix: ah...

(After the movie)

Lori:What do you think about the movie Felix?

Felix: it was good...

Lori:That's good.

Felix: so should we head back then?

Lori:Yes we should.(Kisses him)

Felix: *kisses back* alright then ^^

(they start heading home but as they leave the city the G.U.N. members who had caused their meeting watch them)

Captain: will pay

Agent:What are we going to do sir?

Captain: i already got it figured out

(later when they got back)

Felix: ah home sweet home

Lori:Yes it is.^^

Felix: although i've only lived here for...2 days ^^

Lori:True.But it feels longer to me.

Felix: feels like a month. *kisses her cheek*

Lori:(Smiles)You may be right.(Kisses his cheeck)

Felix: (smiles back) yeah could be...

Lori:I hope the kids and Rodin are having a fun time.

Felix: *goes inside* seems fine...*opens the fridge and finds Rodin nibbleing on a donut* what did i tell ya

Rodin:...what...i was hungry

Kids:We've been good.

Lori:That's good to hear.

Felix: yeah ^^

Zuna:Did you two had a fun date?

Felix: yeah it was nice. *pulls out Rodin and puts him in his pocket*

Matt:That's great.I can't wait till I grow up and find someone.

Felix: anyway...if you need me i'll be outside in the tree *kisses Lori then goes outside*

Lori:(Kisses back)Okay Felix.


Rodin: so did you take it any further

Felix: it's only been one day, come on Rodin...

Rodin: well if you really love her than why don't you get hitch-

Felix: Rodin!

Rodin: fine fine


Felix: heh never noticed it was night...hey...did ou see that

  • shadows moving*

Rodin: on it *transforms into pilebunkers*

Felix: *puts on the pilebunkers and readies for battle* WHO'S OUT THERE

  • shadows move out and attack him randomly*

Felix: *punches one in the gut then does the same for the rest knocking all of them out* who are you

  • they all dissapear*

Felix: dang it...

Lori:Felix?You okay?

Felix:...except for the fact i nearly got killed i'm good (he wasn't angry he was being sarcastic)...i'm fine hon

Lori:(Hugs him)Good.I was worried when you didn't come to the front yard.

Felix: thanks for worrying but i'm fine

Rodin: so felix aint there something-

Felix: no

Lori:Your welcome.So,ready to come in?

Felix: yeah it's getting chilly *goes back inside with her*


Lori:I saved us some dinner.^^

Felix: oh good ^^

(IN the dinning room)

Lori:Rey made spagitti and meatballs tonight.

Felix: oh awesome, i'm starving

  • after they eat*

Felix: man, Rey is one good cook

Lori:Yes she is.She even gives kids lessons on how to cook.

Felix: well they will make pretty good chefs too

Lori:Very true.

Felix:...well i'm gonna go get a shower *gets up, kisses Lori's cheek, then leaves the room*

Lori:Call if you need anything.

Felix: sure (though i doubt that won't be awkward)

Lori:(Smiles as he goes to the shower)

Rodin: *laying upside down on the roof of the orphanage*

Felix: *gets in the shower*...hmm...rodin's probably okay wandering the house

Rodin: *hears a noise of some one breaking in* oh no

Felix: hmm maybe i should summon him, Rodin

Rodin: *appears with Felix* someone's breaking in master

Felix: what?! oh no *hops out of the shower and grabs some clothes*

  • meanwhile, who ever was breaking in had captured the children in their rooms while they were sneaking towards the dining room*

Felix: no their going to the dining room


Lori:Felix,someone has the kids.

  • two G.U.N. agents bust into the dining room*

Agent1: HA, now your dead rodent

Felix: *jumps in and beats the hell out of the agents* not on my watch, sorry i'm late Lori

Lori:(Protects the kids)Its good that you came Felix.

Kids:Yay Felix!

Felix: yeah and the others are taken care of thanks to some back up i called in

  • a Human with white hair and black dragon wings walked in the door*
    (looks like this-->)

???: is everyone all right?

Hew:Who's that?

Felix: everyone, meet Endac Korinth Dragonbane

Endac: pleasure *the white dragon in the picture lands on his left shoulder and a Red dragon lands on the other, both the same size as the one in the picture*

Lori:Please to meet you.Thanks you for helping us.

Endac: not a problem...

Felix: thanks alot Endac

Endac: no prob Felix

Rock:Who was that?The people you got in here?

Endac: *kneels next to one of them*...these are Criminals like the rest of the people who invaded this house, let loose by G.U.N. to help them assasinate someone...or ones

Felix: interesting, well what should we do with the bodies

Endac: i'll take them to G.U.N. headquarters and explain what happened, you guys enjoy the rest of your evening *walks out dragging the bodies*


Endac: SURE

Felix:...those Dragons were real and are supposed to be bigger. you guys wanna come see?

Kids:Yes please.

Felix: come on

  • outside*

Endac: *was on the red Dragon* Pyro get ready to take off

Felix: *walks out with the kids*

Pyro: aye Endac *his wings flap shooting huge gusts of wind at the ground as Pyromancer takes off*

Felix: always cool to watch



  • as the dragon flies off the kids return inside but Felix watches the fading form of his friend*


Rodin: don't you think we should go inside?



Felix:...huh, oh sorry...^^

Rodin: i said, don't you think we should go inside?

Lori:Its a little chilly tonight.

Felix: uh yeah right...lets go

(Once inside)

Lori:What a crazy night.

Felix: yeah i know ^^

Lori:(Smiles)I'm so glad to have met you.^^

Felix: same for me *kisses her cheek*

Lori:(Kisses his cheeck)I love you Felix.

Felix: I love you too Lori...

Lori:(Kisses him)Sweet dreams.(Smiles and goes to her room)

Felix: *goes to his room and lays down on his bed*...

Rodin: looks like you won't take it any fruther

Felix: come on Rodin, give it a rest

Rodin: fine

Lori:(In her room,getting ready for bed while thinnking of Felix)

Felix: i mean...we've only been together for 2 days

Rodin: quite true

Lori:(Brushes her hair in her room)

Felix: *thinks about lori* it feels like i've known her my whole life*

Lori:(Thinks about Felix)*He means so much to me*

Felix:...what do i do

Rodin: i don't know, i'm just the chinchilla carbuncle who can magicly transform into Pilebunkers

Felix:...heh heh

Lori:(Lays in bed)

Felix:...i'm in love

Rodin:...yeah i think anyone who reads this knows that...

Felix: what

Rodin: oh nothing, nothing

Felix:...whatever...*closes eyes and dreams of lori*

Lori:(Closes her eyes and dreams of Felix)

(the next morning)

Felix: *wakes up* *groans a little* oiy, headache

Rodin: ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ

Lori:(Knocks at Felix's door)Felix?You up?

Felix: huh...OH YEAH *gets up an goes to the door and opens it* hey...^^' morning

Lori:(Smiles and kisses him)Did you rest well?

Felix: yeah ^^

Lori:That's good.^^

Felix: so what do you guys do on saturday's here...

Lori:Well,we take feildtrips.

Felix: really? ^^

Lori:It sure is.Each trip is to a different location.

Felix: interesting *starts heading to the dining room*


Felix: so when is the feildtrip

Lori:1st we're picking where to go 1st.

Felix: ah *walks into the dining room*

(In the dinning room)

Yram:So who has ideas to where to go for our feildtrip?

Felix:...well i got one but i'll tell it later

Dlan:Your always welcome to share ideas Felix.

Felix:...yeah, but mine isn't too good...for me or the safety of the children...and it would be stupid to put something out there that could harm them...they've become like my own

Lori:That's very sweet of you Felix.^^

Felix: ^^ thanks, anyway

Rey:Okay,safe and fun for kids.


Tim:Maybe a amusement park.

Felix: yeah, that sounds good...

Rodin: ZZZzzzZZZzzz

Felix:...he sleeps...alot, and i don't know why

Irol:Maybe he's sick.I can check him if you like?

Felix: *Chuckles* if he were sick i'd be a millionare, to discover the first celestial to get sick...but no irol he can't be sick and go ahead if you want...well that is if you can wake him ^^'

Irol:(Holds out a dougnut over Rodin)Maybe he's hungry.


Felix:...not likely...anyway

Molly:Maybe he's bored.

Felix: probably...anyway

Yram:Well,the place is picked.

Felix: good

Rodin: ZZZzzzZZZzzz-...why do i smell a dougnut

Felix:...heh nothing gets past you rodin


Felix: ^^ anyway what can i do to help with breakfast

Rey:I'm making omlets.So I'll need eggs.

Lori:I'll help.

Felix:...okay, do have any eggs here cause if nott i can go into town and get some

Tim:We're low on eggs.So we need to go get them.

Felix: alright i'll go get some. brb ^^ *leaves the house and starts walking towards Station Square

Rodin: *wakes up*...ehh i'll wait here till i'm summoned

(in town)

Felix: *walks out of the store with a carton of Eggs* alright thats done now to head ba- *a bullet flies by his face and breaks a window*...ah no no no no *turns around and sees the captain*


Felix: listen buddy, i don't have time for this, so if you'll excuse me *starts walking away*


  • a black hedgehog with white hair wearing a ninja garb jumps down in front of them*

???: i beg to differ

Captain: *gulp*

  • back at the orphanage*

Felix: i'm back, sorry it took so long

Lori:We ran into trouble.But were okay.

Rey:Good.I'll get right to cooking.

Felix: hey he playing with the kids?

Rodin: *playing dead*


Kimmy:Yep.He's been doing that the whole time while you were away.


Rodin:...*wakes up and jumps on Felix's shoulder*

Felix: he's alive



Felix: anyway lets eat, i'm starving ^^'

Rey:Its ready!


  • after lunch*

Felix: *sigh* that was one mean omelette

Lori:Yes it was.

Felix: whats next...sad that i can't memorize a single day huh ^^'

Lori:(Giggles)That's why I'm helping you.^^

Felix:...right ^^' (chuckles)

Lori:Well,we better get to class.

Felix: okay *follows her*

(In gym calass)

Lori:So what to do today.

Felix: how about Running again *streches*

Lori:Sounds good.


Felix: alright kids, ready...seeeeet, GO *and the race starts*


Felix: *trips at the start* AGAIN...*looks at his shoes tied together*...huh...Rodin!

Rodin: *chuckles*

Lori:(Helps Felix up)

Felix: *gets up and watches the race end* well i lost horribly ^^'

Lori:Here's your prize for doing your best.(Kisses him)

Felix: thank you ^^

Lori:Your welcome.^^

  • after class*

Felix: how could i have forgotten to untie my shoes so i don't trip

Lori:Not sure.

Felix: *stands up and unties his shoes then reties them right*

Lori:Does Rodin do it alot?

Felix: no

Rodin: it was a joke master

Felix: whatever

Lori:Be nice you two.

Felix: yes ma'am *chuckles and kisses her cheek*

Lori:(Giggles and kisses his cheeck)

Felix: so what should we do now

Rodin: we could argue more

Felix:...*chuckles and shakes his head at the ground*

Lori:Do you have something to ask Felix?

Felix:...huh? uh i don't think so

Rodin: *ugh*...*shakes his head*

Felix:...uh ^^'

Lori:(Giggles)I hear you both fuss about something.

Felix: (she knows)...uh...oh yeah that

Rodin: (ya think, shes right inside the house whenever we're talking)

Felix: (but i don't know if i could do this now)

Rodin: (then adlib it)

Felix: (your kidding right)^^'

Lori:(Giggles and kisses him)When your ready,come and tell me.^^

Felix: okay...(she so knows)

Rodin: (come on i have an idea)

  • a couple hours later*

Felix: *walks into the orphanage* hello all

Everyone:Hi Felix!

Lori:Hey Felix,where did you go?

Felix: ah no where special

Rodin: seriously he didn't...he was walking around in the forest...then right into a tree

Felix: i wasn't paying attension


Lori:Want me to treat that stratch of yours?

Felix: no i'm okay...i'ts just a small cut *rubs his forehead*

Rodin: anyway

Felix: so whats been going on while we were gone

Molly:The kids did the rest of their classes and played.

Felix: ah...heh...anyway, hey Lori can i talk with you outside

Lori:Sure Felix.

  • outside*

Felix: its wierd that we've not known eachother for long, but you know i love you *kisses her*

Lori:And I love you too.(Kisses back)

Felix:...well Rodin's been pushing me to do something and i've always been told that if you love someone don't let them go. i guess what i'm trying to say is *pulls out a small box* i want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Rodin: and it only took you about...3 days to say it.

Lori:(Smiles)I accept Felix.I want to spend my life with you too.

Felix: *kisses her*

Rodin: i'll leave you two love birds alone

Lori:(Kisses back)

Felix: *holds her close kissing her*

Lori:(Hugs back)

Felix: *breaks the kiss* i love you lori

Lori:And I love you Felix.

Felix: *smiles and kisses her again*

Lori:(Smiles and kisses him back)

Felix: (breaks the kiss again) we should probably go back inside, it's getting cold ^^' *shivers*

Lori:Sounds good.

Felix: *goes inside with her. as he closes the door rodin hits it*

Rodin: ow...YOU LOCKED THE CHINCHILA OU-whatever...*he climbs up on the roof and goes down the chimney*

  • inside*

Felix: *goes into the living room and hears something from the chimney as he sees rodin land in the fireplace* hey what are you doing in there

Rodin: you locked me out


Lori:So sorry Rodin.We thought you were inside already.'s fine *runs over and climbs up onto the chair Felix was sitting in and crawls into his pocket*

Felix: do you really have to stay in there

Rodin: it's warm


Felix: *chuckles*

Lori:Today has been the best ever.^^

Felix: i know...i love you

Lori:And I love you.

Felix: *kisses her again*

Lori:(Kisses back)

Felix: *Pulls her closer*

Lori:(Hugs him)

Felix: *wraps his arms around her and strokes her hair*

Lori:(Hugs him more)

Felix: *keeps stroking her hair and hugs back still kissing deeply*

Lori:(Kissing him more)

Felix: *strokes her back while kissing*


Lori:(Brakes the kiss and giggles)Someone if fast asleep.

Felix: *chuckles* he's not much into romance. *looks at the clock* whoa it's late...

Lori:Your right.Everyone's asleep by now.

Felix: i guess we should head to bed then, but first *pulls out the small box he had earlier and opens it showing a small ring with a Brilliant green Emerald* *smiles*

Lori:(Smiles)Its beautiful.

Felix: *takes it out and puts it on her 3rd finger* even better on you *smiles back*

Lori:(Hugs him)I love you Felix.

Felix: *hugs back* i love you too

Lori:(KIsses him)Sleep well.

Felix: i will, dreaming of you *goes to his room and pulls rodin out of his pocket, he then gets in his bed and falls asleep dreaming of Lori*

Lori:(Goes in her room,gets in bed,then falls asleep dreaming of Felix)

  • the next morning*

Felix:...*gets up and thinks to himself*...what day is today...i have forgotten

Rodin: so when are you two going to start sleeping in the same bed?

Felix: RODIN

Rodin: whoa...i'm sorry's fine *gets up and stretches*

Lori:(Knocks at the door)

Felix: *walks over to the door* lets see whats behind door number one *opens it* ah it's my lovely fiance *chuckles* goodmorning

Lori:(Giggles)Good morning Felix.Everyone heared the great news.

Felix: awww i wasn't's fine i was kidding. anyway thats great ^^

Lori:Yeah.They even plan to help with the wedding.

Felix: heh, hopefully none of these guys think of a bachelor party...that would not go down well *chuckles*

Lori:Don't worry about them.^^

Felix: alright *kisses her*

Lori:(Kisses him)

Felix: *keeps kissing her stroking her hair*

Lori:(Hugs him as they kiss)

Felix: *breaks the kiss* anyway so whats for breakfast


Felix:...oh pancakes...i'm not used to that term *chuckles* only one person says that and he's a southern hillybilly.

Lori:(Giggles)Sorry.That word just sounds funny.They are pancakes.

Felix: yeah i know cause i laugh whenever i hear it *chuckles* alright then lets go *starts walking with her towards the dining room

(In the dinning room)

Rey:Morning you love birds.^^I made special pancakes for you.(Gives them pancakes shape like hearts)

Jycal:And I helped mommy.^^

Felix: yeah thanks Rey *chuckles* *pulls back a chair for lori to sit in*

Lori:Thank you Felix.(Kisses him and sits in her chair)

Felix: your welcome *starts eating*

(After breakfast)

Lori:That was good as ever.^^

Felix: yeah amazing work Rey...

Rey:Your very welcome.So when do you want the wedding?

Felix:...well, i don't know exactly...i never thought about that. what do you think hon *looks at lori*

Lori:Um,how about next week from today?Or the week after that?

Felix: next weeks good, as long as it's not to soon for you guys Rey

Rey:No problem at all.^^

Tim:We enjoy helping eachother.


Felix: is next week okay for you dear?

Lori:Yes it is.^^

Jyscal:We'll make it the best.^^

Felix: alright then ^^

Yram:Well,you two have some fun while we do our classes.

Felix: whats that supposed to mean *chuckles* *smiles at lori* so what do you wanna do

Lori:(Giggles)We could go take a walk.^^

Felix: my favorite activity ^^ *gets up and helps her up*

Lori:(Stands up)Mine too.^^

Felix: *wraps an arm around her and walks out the door with her* so where to?

Lori:Hm.How about to the garden?

Felix: oh, that sounds nice


Felix: well lets go *starts walking with her*

(At the garden)

Lori:Perfect.They are in bloom.

Felix: *picks a flower and gives it to her* almost as beautiful as you

Lori:(Takes the flower and smiles)Such sweet words Felix.(Kisses his cheeck)

Felix: *smiles back* *sigh* this place is beautiful...

Lori:Yes it is.

Felix: *wraps an arm around her*

Lori:(Put her arm around his)

Felix: *keeps looking at the flowers* *kisses her cheeck*

Lori:(Does the same)

Felix: *kisses her passionatly*

Lori:(Kisses back)

Felix: *breaks the kiss* *then looks at his watch* whoa it's already 11:30...time flies ^^'

Lori:So true.(Giggles)

Felix: so should we start heading back?

Lori:Yes we should.

Felix: alright then *leads back to the orphanage*


  • back at the orphanage*

Felix: *opens the door* ladies first? *chuckles*

Lori:(Giggles)Thank you.^^(Enters)

Felix: *follows her in and goes to the kitchen to find Rey cooking* hey Rey, how's your day been?

Rey:Its been good.Me and Jyscal spend some mother and son time is all.^^

Felix: cool ^^ *leaves the kitchen and sits down in the living room* oiy...ow

Lori:Something on your mind Felix?

Felix: no but my neck and back kinda hurt...i could have slept wierd last night *rubs the back of his neck*

Rodin: well you did find a way to fall out of bed head first at about 3:18 AM

Lori:I could massage it if you want?

Felix: ^^' that would feel nice.

Lori:Okay.(Gets behind his back and put both her hands on his shoulders and starts massaging them)

Felix: *relaxes* uh...alittle lower

Rodin: this is awkward, i'm out *runs off towards Felix's room*

Lorix:(Goes lower)Right here?

Felix: *flinches in pain then relaxes* yeah thats it

Lori:Yeah.There's alot of tension here.

Felix: though it feels good with you rubbing it ^^'

Lori:(Smiles)I'm glad to help you feel better Felix.^^

Felix: *tenses as a spike of pain goes through him* ugh...ow...what was that?

Lori:Not sure.You must have hit this spot badly.

Felix: *relaxes again* thanks hon ^^

Lori:(Smiles and kisses his cheeck)Your welcome dear.^^

Felix: *smiles and kisses her*

Lori:(Smiles and kisses him)

Felix: *breaks the kiss and sees kids go by* must be lunch time ^^

Lori:(Looks at the clock)Yes it is.^^

Felix: *gets up and winces in pain rubbing his neck* i feel old *chuckles*

Lori:(Giggles)You don't look that old.^^

Felix: well i am only 23 so i'm not old *chuckles and wraps an arm around her and starts walking towards the dining room*

(In the dinning room)

Rey:Eat up guys.I made some casserole with my son.


Felix: looks good Rey, nice work *starts eating*



  • after lunch*

Felix: ahh that was good ^^ now if only my neck and back would stop hurting ^^'.

Lori:Maybe a warm bath can help.


Lori:Want me to start you one Felix?

Felix: yeah that would be nice ^^

Lori:I'll call you when its ready.(Goes to start the bath)

Felix: thanks hon

Lori:Your welcome dear and its all ready for you.^^

Felix: cool *gets up rubbing his back* oiy...well you know where to find me if you need me *kisses her cheeck and goes to the bathroom*

Lori:I know.^^

Rodin: yep...sitting naked in a bath tub with a-

Felix: RODIN?!

Rodin:...yeah...*scurries off*

Felix: *blushing*...i am sorry *walks off*

Lori:Its okay dear.^^

Rodin: *follows Felix but the door shuts in his face*...come on felix...hmph *scurries into Felix's room*

Lori:Something wrong Rodin?

Rodin: no...Felix is angry at me is all *leaves*

Lori:Give him time.

Rodin: heh, he's only angry at me cause i was talkin about him having a huge-

Felix: *muffled* RODIN

Rodin: *chuckles* you get the idea *scurries off*


  • in the bathroom*

Felix:...*sigh* he said it -_-...

Lori:(Behind the door)Don't feel bad about it dear.

Felix: right...thanks for not laughing *blushing*

Lori:Your very welcome.^^

Felix: *gets out and dries off wrapping a towel around him he walks out* i'm gonna go get some clothes

Lori:Kay.(Kisses him)I'll be waiting.^^

Felix: ^^ *goes to his room and changes into a Red tee shirt and blue jeans then comes back* *sigh* my back feels much better, thanks hon *kisses her cheek*

Lori:(Kisses his cheeck)Your welcome dear.^^

Felix: oh yeah we gotta get to the gym


  • once i the gym*

Felix: alright how about you lead class today hon ^^

Lori:Sure thing dear.Okay class,today we're going to try jumping jacks.


Felix: *starts counting off as they do jumping jacks*

Lori:They are doing a great job.

Felix: yeah. i guess they've gotten stronger


Felix: *watches them do jumping jacks*

(After Gym)

Lori:That was a good workout.

Felix: alright kids onto your next class

Kids:Kay .(Does so)

Felix: *stretches and rubs his back again* relaxation seems only to be temporary *chuckles*

Lori:(Giggles)Well,we can relax now.^^

Felix: oiy, i love this job more than my last one...but i need to relax now ^^'


Felix: *goes into the living room and lays out on the couch*

Lori:(Sits next to him)

Felix: ugh now my backs hurting again

Lori:Care for another massage?

Felix: that would be nice hon, thanks

Lori:Your welcome dear.(Starts massaging his sholuders)

Felix: *relaxes* mmm that feels good

Lori:(Smiles while still massging him)That's good.

Felix: mmm

Lori:(Still massging)Feel any better dear?

Felix: uh...yeah, it feels great hon

Rodin: *in felix's pocket* alright thats disgusting *crawls out of Felix's pocket* is that a bone in your

Felix: Rodin

Rodin:...hmph *falls asleep on the couch*

Lori:(Giggles)You two fuss like brothers.

Felix: he acts like it

Rodin: i can hear you

Felix: *chuckles* see...*relaxes alittle more* that feels much better hon

Lori:(Kisses his cheeck)That's good to hear dear.^^

Felix: *smiles and kisses her*

Lori:(Kisses back)

Felix: *breaks the kiss* can't wait till we're married

Rodin: ZZZzzzZZZzzz

Lori:(Smiles)Me too.

Felix: *kisses her again*

Lori:(Kisses back)

Felix: *holds her close wrapping his arms around her*

Lori:(Hugs back)

Felix: *breaks the kiss and smiles* well now i'm getting hungry ^^'

Lori:(Smiles)Me too.^^

Felix: lets go see if Rey needs any help with dinner


(They go to the dinnng room)

Felix: hey Rey, need any help with dinner?

Rey:Alittle:Me and Jyscal needs a hand.Could you both peel the potatoes for us?

Felix: sure *grabs a peeling knife and gets to work* so what are these for?

Jyscal:They are for mommy's yummy stew.^^

Lori:Sounds good.(Peeling a potato)

Felix: heh i was guessing stew...i have mind reading powers *chuckles*

Rodin: *scurries in and climbs up Felix' back onto his shoulder sniffing* i smell something

Felix: your in the kitchen while Rey is cooking, of course you smell something

Rodin: *looks at him sternly*

Felix:...uh oh, hon you stay here...i'm gonna go outside real quick *leaves the kitchen*

Lori:Be careful dear.

  • outside*

Felix: what is it rodin?

Rodin:...i'm not a bloodhound...hold on *sniffs a bit more*...

Felix: *all of a sudden he's jumped by 3 men in leather armor. in no time felix disspatches them with his martial arts knowlege of Chi points leaving them on the ground unconcious*

Rodin: *as Felix starts fighting them he has his back turned and explains whats going on* alright, 3 scouts, leather armor, all carrying swords and daggers. i suggest- *he then explained step by step what felix should do at the same point felix was doing it* -and you should end up with them all unconcious...Felix? *turns around* did i not hear that

Felix: is that all *now wary of his opponents*


Felix: *quickly ducks as a beast nearly misses hitting him with sharp claws from above. he looks up and sees a winged beast with four legs and covered in Tar Black Scales that reflected the evening sun* O-O dragon?

Rodin: i thought Endac had the younglings under control in the moutain village above the forest? wants me?, but why

Rodin: it's coming back

  • the creature turns and flies back roaring as it focuses on Felix*

Felix: remember what endac taught me...the chi points are under it's belly

  • he looks back to when he was 19 and endac was still a hedgehog*

Endac: alright Felix, you want a'll know who it is when you HAVE to become it's bane

Felix what do you mean

Endac: none of these younglings want to kill you...they think you as a friend, not that thats not good but to control a bond with a dragon you must first become it's bane, show it you can control it's power. your dragon will challenge you

  • flash back forward to present*'s chosen me?

  • the dragon flies down claws at the ready*

Felix: *right as the beast was about to hit him he held out his hand and said sternly* stop

  • the dragon stops growling at him*

Felix:...*holds out a hand, palm first towards the beast*

  • the dragon dissapeared in a white flash, but on the back of his hand flashed "Ashes to Ashes"*

Felix:...dust to dust, I accept you

  • the saying changed to a giberish: "Fenrir Orion pilondy, Liktu bon da Caraco"*

Felix: *recognizes the saying as dragon language and translates it as best as he can from what endac taught him* Gia...Hunter...Gia Hunter Aflame...Gia hunter Aflame, My name is...Voidex

  • the Black Dragon reappears*

Dragon: Worldly Hunter, Controler of fire, my name is Voidex...master *bows his head*

Felix: thats what that meant

Rodin:...ah man, now i gotta share the talking pet spotlight...this reminds me of a movie about an Ogre...what was his name...Shriek...ehh anyway

Voidex: shall i dispatch this rodent sir

Felix: NO...he's a celestial

Voidex: my apologies...if you need me, call my name *dissapears in a black flash*

Felix:...well...this was interesting, lets go back inside. *walks inside but closes the door on rodin again*

Rodin: why do i have a feeling this is gonna happen more often *climbs up the building and jumps in the chimeny*

Lori:You okay Felix?I heard alot of noise.And where's Rodin?

Felix: *opens his mouth to talk as rodin scurries in*

Rodin: brrrrrr, that chimeny is cold

Felix: anyway, i'm fine dear i just need to talk with Endac some time soon, some guys tried to jump me but it's okay, i knocked em out and called endac to take them to station square...also- *he explains what happened with the dragon and how he now owns it* -and so...seems i have another creature to take care of

Rodin: are you calling me a creature


Rodin:...right, Chinchilla.

Lori:I'm glad your both safe.^^

Felix: yeah, so lets eat...or have you guys not finished yet?

Rey:Nope.We wanted for you.^^

Felix: oh that was nice, thanks guys. sorry to keep you waiting *goes into the dining room*

Lori:Your welcome.^^You come too Rodin.

Rodin: *Scurries in following Lori and Felix*

(In the dinning room)

Rey:Eat up everyone!Tonight is stew.


Felix: smells amazing Rey *starts eating*

Rey:Thank you.(Eats to)


  • after dinner*

Felix: man that was good stew

Lori:Yes it was.Did you like it too Rodin?

Rodin:...did you tell her Felix

Felix: oh yeah, uh because he's a celestial...he doesn't eat ^^'

Rodin: sorry

Lori:That's okay.Your part of the family.So its best that I get to know you as well.

Felix: i must have really done something to my back cause it's starting to feel mildly unconfertable

Lori:Care for another massage dear?

Felix: well you've already done so twice...i don't want to tire you hon

Lori:(Smiles)I'll be fine dear.^^

Felix: alright, wanna go to my room though or just the living room

Lori:Um,whatever feels moxt relaxing to you.

Felix:...lets just go to the living room ^^'

Rodin: wow you can't even stand the thought of being in the same bedroom with her yet

Felix: -_-

Rodin:...leaving *dissapears in a poof of yellow smoke*


(They go to the living room)

Lori:Take a seat dear.

Felix: *sits on the couch*

Lori:(Sits next to him and starts massing his sholuders)

Felix: *relaxes* mmm

Lori:Just tell me where it hurts.

Felix: in between my shoulder blades

Lori:(Massages the spot)Here?

Felix: yeah, also the point where my neck meets my back

Lori:(masses the spots)Like this?

Felix:...mmm yeah, thats it

Rodin: aaaahhh this is lovely

Felix: Rodin stop

Rodin: alright but you might want to know that the reason your back and spine hurts is because you have a needle thin inch long poison dart half way lodged in your spine

Felix: what *feels his neck and pricks his hand on something pullng it out* ow...what the

Rodin: it's florine poison

Felix: but i'm immune to that poison so how did it affect me

Rodin: it must have been lodged in your spine and it caused a discomfort, thankfully you didn't move too much or it would have impaled your spinal chord killing you

Felix:...hey my neck feels better...thanks hon

Rodin: *dissapears again*

Lori:Your welcome dear.^^(And thank you Rodin)

Felix: oiy what time is it now?

Lori:8:04 I think.

Felix: hmm well theres nothing left for me to do today...i think i might hit the sack early.

Lori:Me too.(Kisses him)Sweet dreams dear.

Felix: Sweet dreams *goes to his room* what a day...

  • Voidex appears*

Voidex: i have met with master Dragonbane...he has allowed me to serve you master

Felix: you know Pyro

Voidex: yes sir

Felix: be like him, the names felix

Voidex:...aye Felix *dissapears*

Felix: *lays down on his bed as Rodin Scurries onto his tiny chinchilla sized bed* oiy

Rodin: this is going to be interesting

Felix: what

Rodin: you and your mate Felix, you and your mate *without another word he fell asleep*

Felix: *following in his footsteps he quickly falls asleep dreaming of the day his life becomes complete*

(The day of the wedding)

Yram:Everythings ready.

Felix: *in a tux*...alright

Rodin: *pops out of his tux jacket pocket* are you sure this is new

Felix: yes

Rodin: *pulls out a cheese puff*

Felix: Rodin...i said not to put food in the pockets of this thing, it's a rental

Rodin: *chuckles*

Felix: *checks the time* almost time

Rodin: i think you should geta shirt with one of's comfy

Felix: alright but your out when the ceremony starts

Rodin: aaaawww.

Dlan:You can still watch Rodin.

Felix: yeah but he'd probably try to get to second base with my wife during the kiss

Rodin: i would be close

Felix: exactly why i can't trust him


(The music starts playing)

Felix: oh *goes up and stands in position at the far end of the room* alright you can stay in but don't you dare make a move

Rodin: *chuckles* aye aye *burries back into the pocket*

Felix: *looks towards the doors where his Fiance is expected to come through*

(1st came Elizabeth as the flower girl)

Tim:That's my little girl.^^

Felix: *watches a s elizabeth comes in still watching the hall outside*

(Then Lori comes in a white dress,walking to the alter)

Felix: *Smiles when he sees her walking in* (thoughts: she's stunning)

Rodin: *pokes out then goes back in*

Lori:(Stands next to him and smiles*He's looks hansome)

Priest:Dearly Beloved.We are gathered here today,to join Felix and Lori in marrie.The ring plese?

Felix:...*looks down at his pocket as rodin pulls out the ring and drops it in Felix's hand*

Rodin: (whispers) nearly didn't find it

Felix: (it's just a small pocket)

Rodin: (you have no idea)

Priest:Please place the ring on your bride's finger.

Felix: *slides the emerald ring on her ring finger on her right hand*


Priest:I now accounce you man and wife.You may kiss the bride.

Felix: *smiles and pulls her close kissing her*

Rodin: aww how sweet *chuckles*

Lori:(Kisses back)


Felix: *Breaks the kiss and smiles* well it's official

Rodin: great, can i go get some food now, there's a Barbeque rib with my name on it

Felix: fine *rodin pops out and runs off* i don't know what i'm gonna do with him


Felix: *chuckles and kisses her again*

Lori:(Kisses him too)

Felix: *breaks the kiss again* so what should we do now...?

Rodin: *scurries back* those ribs are amazing

Molly:Throw the flowers.

Lori:I almost forget that part.

Felix: oh this will be interesting *chuckles and steps back for her to throw*

Lori:(Throws the flowers)

(As the girls reach for it,Sher caught the flowers)

Felix: and sher is the lucky lady *chuckles*


Sher:(Blushes and smiles)

Lori:Congrates Sher.^^

Felix: wow usually it's a fight to the death over the flowers

Rodin: these people are to civilized for weddings

Felix: *chuckles*


Yram:A toast to the newly weds.May they spend many happy days together.^^

Felix: aye, thank you Yram, thank you all for having me...but a month ago i was just saving a woman's that woman is sitting next to my wife. i wouldn't trade the time we've spent together for the world.

Lori:And I wouldn't trade our time together as well.^^

Everyone:(Cheers for them)

Felix: *kisses her on the cheeck smileing*

Rodin:...*scurries out of his pocket unnoticed and out the door*

Lori:(Kisses his cheeck and smiles)

Felix *notices a missing bulge feeling in his Tux pocket* Rodin? *feels it* hmm *looks around* Rodin

Rodin: *appears floating in a cloud of smoke* yes

Felix: where were you

Rodin: relaxing in the "just married" limo out front

Felix: Limo?

Lori:Who sent a limo?

Felix: *shrug* *goes outside to find the limo, then sees a note on the back right window. taking it he opens it and after a few seconds of reading chuckles*

  • The letter: "congrats on the marraige my friend. i wish you both a happy life, bonded in love. i also hope you have a good strong child, and if it's a boy...bring him to train with me. goodluck my friend and here's a gift to ya...lets call it a wedding present"
  • Signed, E. K. Dragonbane

Felix: of course you did Kor'...

Lori:That was nice of him.

Felix: heh, he's the generous type but i didn't expect this from him...Shall we? *opens the door*

Lori:Yes we shall.^^(Enters)

Felix: *follows her in sitting down and looks up at the driver* uh-

Driver: sir, the buyer of this limo has preset a destination

Felix: \=|...okay then

(they go driving around stopping at a beach. they sit and watch the sunset then return to the orphanage)

Felix: *sigh* home sweet home again...but now a new chapter starts *kisses Lori's cheeck*

Lori:(Kisses his cheeck)Very true.^^

Felix: *checks the time* oh wow it's already 10:00. the kids are probably asleep *walks inside*

Lori:Your right.(Walks in)

Felix: *goes inside seeing all the lights are off* (whispers) hmm seems everyone's already asleep...



Rodin: (your freaking married you guys should be sharing a room)

Felix: (-_-)

Rodin: (whatever)

Lori:So what should we do now?

Felix: well, no use staying out here...and since we're married we probably shouldn't be sleeping in different rooms...

Rodin: (yeah, that approach won't seem perverted)

Lori:That's true.Which room should we sleep in?

Felix: well, i guess your room since i was sleeping in the guest bedroom ^^'

Lori:Kay.Let's go.^^

Felix:...*follows her to her room*

Rodin: (hops out and goes and sleeps on the couch)

Felix: don't to worry about him, he's probably just leaving us alone for a reason

Lori:Okay.(Sits on the bed)

Felix: *goes over and sits next to her*...

Rodin: (awkward)

Felix: (your not even here)

Rodin: (i have ears like a i'm reading your thoughts like a book, your in the middle of an awkward silence on her bed just sitting there)

Felix: (

Lori:Nervous dear? could say that ^^'

Rodin: (i'll let you be)

Lori:I am too alittle.

Felix:...^^' *kisses her*

Lori:(Kisses back)

Felix: *holds her close kissing deeper wrapping his arms around her and stroking her hair*

Lori:(Hugs him in the kiss and enjoys it)

Felix: (Enjoys it as well, holding her closer stroking her back)

Lori:(Keeps kissing him)

Felix: (kisses deeper while still stroking her back and pressing her close to him)

Lorix:(Brakes the kiss alittle)I love you Felix.

Felix: i love you too Lori *kisses her again*

Lori:(Kisses back)

Felix: *breaks the kiss and pauses, then lays down on the bed*

Lori:(Lays on the bed next to him) you think we should finally take our relationship further...i mean we're married now...

Lori:That's very true.I'm ready if you are.

Felix:...i-i think i'm ready...

Lori:(Bluhes and pulls the covers on them both)Baby steps dear.

(the next morning)

Felix: *awakes slowly rubbing his eyes*

Lori:(Wakes up too)

Felix *looks over at her and smiles* oh hey sweety *kisses her forehead*

Lori:(Smiles and kisses back)Hey honey.Sleep well?

Felix: very well...*notices the fact that they're still...* oh yeah

Lori:(Blushes)Good to hear.^//^

Felix: *kisses her again then grabs his clothes and puts them on handing her her clothes*

Lori:(Kisses back and puts on her clothes)

Felix: hold on...*sniffs his armpit* i think i could use a shower *chuckles*

Lori:(Giggles)Okay.I'll meet you by the door.

Felix: *goes and takes a quick shower and comes back out of the bathroom*...well atleast i smell better now

Lori:Glad you feel better.^^

Felix: ^^ yeah, lets go *wraps an arm around her and walks to the dining room with her*

(In the dining room)

Rey:Well,good morning you two.Sleep well?

Lori:Yes we did.^^

Felix: yeah, like a rock...hey where's Rodin

Rodin: *passed out on a pancake with an extended belly*

Felix:...i'm sorry for him *chuckles*

Jyscal:(Chuckles)Its okay.We made sure he was feed.

Rodin: so much syrup

Felix: looks like he's coming to, hey rodin

Rodin: don't talk to hurts to talk

Felix: *lols*


Felix: uh man, i'm starving

Rodin: *groans then dissapears in a puff of smoke*

Felix: must going to relieve himself of humiliation

Rodin: *reappears fine floating next to Felix* funny

Felix: WHOA...don't do that

Rey:(Lays down Felix and Lori's pancakes)Fresh just for you two.^^

Lori:Thank you Rey.^^

Felix: thanks Rey *starts eating*

Rey:Your very welcome.^^

  • after breakfast*

Felix: man your pancakes are the best Rey

Rey:Glad you enjoyed them.

Lori:We sure do.^^

Felix: well, what shall we do today hon

Lori:Hm,how about a walk to the gardens?

Felix: sounds lovely ^^

Jyscal:Have a great time you two.^^

Felix: we will *walks out with Lori*

Lori:(Goes with Felix)

(at the Garden)

Felix: *picks a flower and smells it* aaaaaahhh, they're still in bloom

Lori:Yes they are.^^

Felix: *kisses her*

Lori:(Kisses back)

Felix: *Holds the kiss making it more passionate*

Lori:(Hugs him in the kiss)

Felix: (hugs her close against him)

Lori:(Kisses him)

Felix: *keeps holding the kiss*

Lori:(Enjoying the kiss)

Felix: *breaks the kiss* i love you

Lori:And I love you.^^

Felix: *kisses her again*

Lori:(Kisses back)

Felix: *holds her close pressing up against her making the kiss more passionate*

Lori:(Hugs him as they kiss)

Felix: *wraps his arms around her lower back*

Lori:(Wraps her arms around his neck)

Felix: *strokes her back*

Lori:(Enjoys the kiss)

Felix: *starts rubbing her back pressing them two somewhat strongly agaisnt eachother*

Lori:(Rubs his back as she kisses him)

Felix: *a bulge starts to grow in his pants again*...*breaks the kiss blushing* heh maybe to passionate ^^'

Lori:(Giggles)Yeah.And I think lunch will be ready soon.Then its Gym class.^^

Felix: then we can take care of it...i mean...anyway ^^' lets head back *walks back with her*


  • back at the orphanage*

Felix: *walks into the dineing room* hey Rey

Rey:Welcome back you two.I hope your hungry.

Lori:Yes we are.

Felix: i know i am *sits down after pulling out a chair for Lori*

Lori:Thanks dear.^^(Sits down)

Felix; your welcome hon. so whats for lunch Rey?

Rey:Today's lunch is pizza.


  • after lunch back in the gym*

Felix: alright kids lets first stretch then we're going to have a race...whoever wins gets a prize (gotta get them inspired somehow)

Kids:Okay.(Does so)

  • after stretching*

Felix: alright this is a 3 lap race...ready, set...GO

Kids:(Race eachother)

  • 2 laps later*

Felix: and the winner is...

Lori:Matt Panda!


Felix: alright Matt, heres your prize...a...huh...i had something here

Matt:(Waits calmly)

Felix:...well this is awkward...i'm sorry matt i had something in my pocket but it's dissapeared...i swear i had something...i'm sorry

Rodin:...oh you were gonna eat that cake

Felix: what


Lori:(Puts a cupcake in Felix's other hand and and winks)Try this dear.

Felix: okay...uh heres your prize matt *hands him the cupcake*

Matt:Thank you Mr.Felix.^^

Felix: your welcome ^^ (whispers) it's a good thing you came up with somethin hon...

Lori:(Smiles and whispers back)Your very welcome dear.^^

  • after gym back in the living room*

Felix: *plops on the couch* oiy

Lori:(Sits next to him)You okay dear?

Felix: just kinda tired...*kisses her smileing* ^^ i'm sorta okay

Lori:(Kisses back)That's good.^^

Felix: *kisses her again passionatly*

Lori:(Hugs him in the kiss)

Felix: *wraps his arms around her stroking her back*

Lori:(Enjoys the kiss)

Felix: *Kisses deeper and more passionatley while continuing to stroke her back lovingly*

Lori:(Rubs his back,while kissing him)

Felix: *holds her against him kissing deeeper another bulge growing*

Lori:(Enjoys the kiss even more)

Felix: *feels his bulge get larger and blushes but holds the kiss*

Lori:(Blushes but keeps kissing)

Felix: *keeps kissing then breaks the kiss sort of panting* wanna maybe take care of this or...sorry ^^'

Lori:(Giggles)That's okay..^^

Felix:...really theres nothing to do right now...i mean...i don't know how to put this

Lori:(Smiles)All is left is dinner and then just us.

Felix: i guess it can wait then *chuckles*

Lori:(Giggles)I know.^^

Felix: speaking of which what time is it?


Felix: should be dinner time


Mia:Ms Lori and Mr.Felix,dinnner is ready.^^

Felix: oh thanks mia we're coming ^^ *goes to the dining room with Lori*

(In the dining room)

Rey:Tonight is curry night everyone.^^


Felix: oh i've never had curry before *eats some* wow thats good *keeps eating*

Elizabeth:Rey makes great curry.^^

  • after dinner*

Felix: man that curry was spicy

Lori:Yeah.But she makes it the best.^^

Felix: yeah it was great...anyway theres not much to do anymore i guess

Lori:Just us going to bed.^^

Felix:...*kisses her again*

Lori:(Kisses him again)

Felix: *kisses back passionatly wrapping his arms around her stroking her back*

Lori:(Enjoys the kiss)

Felix: (breaks the kiss) should we continue this in our room?

Lori:Sounds good,^^

(Many months later,they are in the hospital)

Lori:(Holding their new born daughter while smiling)

Felix: shes so beautiful...

Lori:Yes she is.Want to hold her dear?

Felix: yes actually

Lori:(Gently puts their daughter in her father's arms)

Felix:...*starts to cry*...shes so beautiful...

Lori:I even have the perfect name for her.Ishizu.

Felix:...i love it...

Baby Ishizu:(Opens her eyes and smiles at her father)Goo.^^

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