You may be looking for Lotus the Squirpine.
Lotus the Android
Lotus the Android



Technically, male


100cm (3'3")


159kg (350lbs)


Station Square




Ice blue


White gloves
Black-and-white trainers



Favorite Food



Complex problems, information, serving Forza


Computer viruses, the theory that all robots will eventually turn evil, the "Uncanny Valley"


Able to interface with machines
Huge database of information

Lotus the Android is a robot who currently resides in Station Square with Forza the Fox. He stands 100cm (3ft 3in) tall and weighs approximately 350lbs (159kg). His casing is green with yellow stripes, white chest markings and peach muzzle, and he has ice-blue eyes. A knock-off Shadow Android, Lotus assists Forza in his mechanical duties.


After finding the remains of a deactivated Shadow Android, Forza set about building his own Android to help him at the garage, using the Android's remains (and a set of hacked blueprints downloaded from the Internet) as a template. Due to a lack of parts and equipment, and Forza's average engineering skills, the completed machine - Lotus - was somewhat basic, but still powerful.

Forza did not build Lotus on his own; Mystery helped with the construction and sourcing of materials, while Melody did most of the advanced programming. As a result, Lotus feels a connection to Mystery and Melody. Lotus has no memory or knowledge of Dr. Eggman, having not been created by him.


Lotus has a very basic personality as programmed by Forza and Melody. He is obedient towards Forza and obeys his orders without question, but may hesitate to carry out orders from others. Lotus' programming prohibits him from harming others unless given an express order to do so, giving him a generally peaceful attitude. Lotus does not feel strong emotions such as love, anger or happiness, and struggles to recognise them in others.


Being a machine, Lotus has high strength and physical resistance, capable of withstanding sustained gunfire and even explosions. He is able to hack into other machines by merely touching them, and can then manipulate their behaviour as he desires. Lotus' hard drive stores terabytes of information, and using an instant Internet connection he can access terabytes more within milliseconds, making him extremely intelligent.


Lotus is incapable of forming emotional attachments to people and struggles to recognise emotions in others, and so can appear cold and uncaring at times.

Lotus' power source only lasts for about ten days at a time before it requires recharging; further, Lotus can take up to twelve hours to fully recharge. As a result, he is frequently deactivated for long periods to save energy.

Being little more than a cheap knock-off, Lotus' speed, strength and armament are all inferior to the original Shadow Androids, even if still superior to a normal Mobian.




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