The Mobian Secret Military or M.S.M is a Mobian based military service quite similar to GUN. Though they have many different types of jobs for their agents their main goal is to achieve world peace no matter how short the duration


MSM was founded in 1889 at the sea side city of Mompton during it's peak in crime rate. Millions of people were murdered through gang violence, drug selling and many people died by the hands of drugs and violent illegal immigrants. The jail became overcrowded and the prisoners found ways to escape. Young Kerman the Frog was forced to go to schooland endure all of the turmoil around him and every day he went to school there was a great chance he would never come bsck but he always did. His mother lost her job and wasn't able to pay bills, thetwo would soon be evicted. One night Kerman woke up in the middle of the night to his mom arging and crying with their landlord. The two were at it for hours until Kerman's mother snapped and screamed at the landlord then all Kerman heard was a gunshot. When daylight came he went to the kitchen to find a hole in his mother's forehead.

The heartbroken teenage couldn't take anymore of this so he ran away and snuck on a boat to the island Veria to clear his thoughts. There he met a girl named Sally and fell in love with her. He soon found out she once lived in Mompton and her mom died as well. After hearing this Kerman knew his mission: he would achieve world peace.

The two caught a boat back to Mompton only to find out the city destroyed itself due to the horrible crimes. This only anger Kerman more so he found all the guns in the city and hauled them back to Veria where he buried them in the sands. Kerman then decided to become a motivational speaker and travelled back to the mainland where he spoke out for justice and won a nobel peace prize. He checked the news one day and found out that his words actually induced MORE violence and angered people. He was shot soon afterwards. When he came to he found out his wife took him back to Veria and Kerman decided to take more harsher methods of achieving world peace.

He hired his followers to create a base that took up the entire Upper Veria and it connected to the underground chamber of weapons. He dubbed himself Sereant Kermon, dressed up in a back suit with shades and hired many agents to spy on illegal facilities and push back any terroists that tried to harm other countries. He also hired policemen and spies to work undercover to make sure nothing bad on a global scale was happening. They also secretly developed new technologies and a space station to ward off alien invaders. He then created a machine to move Veria furthest away from any countries before dying.


Their absolute mission is to achieve world peacee and the make sure to do it the safest way possible. They try to avoid casualities but are usually never afraid to point guns at victims. Due to their goal they allow themselves to come in and break in any area they need to and don't respect privacy to well.


They have advanced technology, worlds away from any country on Mobius. They have pens that can erase up to a week of someone's memory and they have the fastest rocket ships in the world. They also have cloaking devices due to their stealthy nature.

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Most of the agents are Mobians due to the fact that the death of Kerman's mother being a Mobian problem though the MSM is allowing more humans one reason they don't allow most humans is because most don't have powers so they believe them to be a hinderism. Agents are called due to the letter of either their first or last name if someone already has that letter they add a number to how many other agents there are with that number such as Agent T-5.

  • Sergeant Major T
  • Agent S-S

(Vegas the Fox Hybrid)

Enemy List

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Current List of Missions

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