Madeline "Sissy" Prower
Parkview, Green Emerald Zone
Prower-Hedgehog Incorporated, her own webshow, The Sis!
Evans Point Elementary School
Pranking, Cream the Rabbit, Tails (when she's not pranking him), Sylvia, Cathy Elmore
Sonic, Knuckles (she thinks he's a hothead), Shadow, Dr. Eggman
The Sis! (her webshow)
Knowledge of Pranking, Chaos Control, High Intelligence, Mechanical skills
See picture

Madeline Prower, commonly known as Sissy to her friends, is an yellow-ish fox and younger sister to Miles "Tails" Prower in the Emerald Hill universe. She is the owner, but not the operator of WSTV-TV 5.1 in Parkview, also called Parkview's SCTV.


Early life

Sissy was born in Emeraldsville, a city thought to have real emeralds. When she was 3, her family moved to Parkview. It took about 4 months for her to move on and make a new life in Parkview, leaving Emeraldsville behind. When she was 5, however, she met Sonic the Hedgehog and Sylvia Prower.

Life with Tails

Ever since Sissy was 6, Tails has had a zero-tolerance policy on pranking, thus making them rivals. Sissy had done some really bad pranks, such as replacing Tails' milk with toothpaste, placing a whoopie cushion in Tails' chair when talking with Sonic, or gluing Tails' bed so when he woke up he wouldn't be able to GET up. After 6 months, Tails began installing CCTV cameras to catch Sissy in the act. It has been over a year and Tails is still losing.

World's Greatest Pranker & Internet Star

5 months ago, Sissy met Knuckles the Echidna, Cathy Elmore, and Shadow the Hedgehog. She became best friends with Cathy Elmore, and they have hung out together ever since. However, Sissy expanded her pranking territory. She stole the Master Emerald once from Knuckles when he wasn't looking, and didn't give it back for 2 weeks; Shadow got a prank of his own when Sissy posted a fake EmerTube video showing Shadow being defeated by a bunch of 3-year olds, even with his powers. These events helped to classify Sissy on Shadow and Knuckles' Enemy lists.

2 months ago, Sissy entered the world of media, and started her own webshow, "The Sis! Starring Sissy Prower,". In less than 3 weeks, it became the 3rd most watched webshow on Mobius. Then Sissy found herself being treated like a TV star, with free stuff, clothes, and even brought Cathy along on occasion. However, one person caught Sissy's eye...


Dr. Eggman, tired of being defeated by Sonic, drew his attention when he kidnapped Sissy in broad daylight. He then offered an ultimatum: Send Sonic and let him lose, give Eggman all the Chaos Emeralds, or watch Sissy die. Sonic went with Tails, Rouge, Amy, Knuckles (for fun), Sylvia and Cathy to rescue her. Eggman sent ALL of his robots, but this time Knuckles, Sylvia and Rouge held back the army while everyone else went to rescue Sissy. Sonic, Tails and Cathy entered Dr. Eggman's room, but the doctor said that he was waiting. Sonic entered the usual battle against Eggman while Tails and Cathy retrieved Sissy from Eggman. With Eggman's defeat, they all went home.

Betrayal & T.T. Corp.

Sissy's gratitude, however, would not last long, as she then pranked Sonic himself, by tellling the world that "tests say Sonic is slower than Shadow, and it's true!" Sonic was angered, but before he could attack Sissy, Tails told him to just slide it off. He did, but Sissy was now on Sonic's Rivals list. No too long later, Tails began Tails n' Things Corporation, Sonic would only join if Sissy didn't. Sissy didn't (she has a webshow...), so Sonic did. Later, Sonic bought a stake in TT Corp, so it was renamed Prower-Hedgehog Incorporated.

Today, Sissy is the world's second most popular kid under the age of 10, behind Tails. Not long ago, Sissy and Cream met when they accidentally ran into each other. They talked, and they have been good friends since. Sissy is now in 3rd Grade at Evans Point Elementary School.

The Sis! Starring Sissy Prower

The Sis! is Sissy's webshow, which premiered not too long ago. Her webshow recently hit sky high in terms of popularity.


  • Sissy Prower (host)
  • Cathy Elmore (under her alias Cathy L' Emore) (technical producer)
  • Sylvia Prower (under her alias Sylvia the Kid) (executive producer/web designer)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (former co-host)

Guest Stars

  • Miles "Tails" Prower (older brother and Co-CEO/founder of PHI Inc.)


Sissy is a prankster, but is not a troublemaker. She cares for those she has and wants to, and hates or is distant toward everyone else. Basically, Sissy is the "Shadow the Hedgehog" of the Prower family, being somewhat shallow.

Background Information

  • Although Sissy was born in Emeraldsville, Tails (who was only 1 and a 1/2 at the time,) and his family lived in West Allis, 3 hours to the southeast. Sissy was born less than 14 hours after they moved to Emeraldsville.
  • Sissy, during her early years, wore a white shirt and a red bowtie in her hair, with black shoes and yellow fur, but then after her webshow premiered, she wears her current clothing.
  • She did appear in Parkview Roleplay briefly.


  • NO WAY, Mosey!
  • Uugh, forget it...Yeesh!
  • Hello, i'm Sissy Prower, and welcome to The Sis!
  • When Tails steps here, he'll...well I dunno, it's my first test, and when it comes to targets, he's the best!

People Sissy Pranked

  • Miles Prower
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Shahooter the Owl (with Cathy's help)
  • Tyler the Wolf

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