This is an article about Magnes The Fennec, a character created by Alphonse Uprising on 02/29/2016.

Magnes is a fan character made by Alphonse Uprising.




Magnes, known to be great friends with Curtis, is a very nice and helpful person.



Magnes, using a combination of ferrokinesis and magnekinesis, can use these powers to build structures with nearby metal, and even repair objects with them. Magnes can move, bend, stretch, and manipulate with alumunium, copper, tungsten, magnesium, and silver with his mind, but cannot use his powers on other metals.


Magnetic levitation

Magnes can allow himself to float above metallic surfaces like alumunium, copper, tungsten, magnesium, and silver if he wants to. Other metals, though, are not affected and will not work.


Magnes can use both ferrokinesis and magnekinesis to build structures with nearby metals.


Magnes can also use these powers to repair structures, like cars, computers, and buildings.

Superhuman intelligence

Magnes has an I.Q. of 220. With this, he is able to build complex structures like vehicles in a few minutes.


Metal Shield formation

Magnes can use his powers to create a metal shield that surrounds himself, to defend himself from enemies and get to places quicker.


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