Magnetism is an advanced element, being a combination of Electricity and Earth.


Unlike other elements based on electricity, which are more direct, Magnetism takes on Earth's traits of manipulating one's surroundings. By generating magnetic charges from their body, a Magnetism user manipulates the surrounding area. However, this element requires that the user's target contains some sort of magnetic charge. For those inexperienced in the use of Magnetism, this is a major setback, due to the lack of magnetic materials in any given area. However, more advanced users are capable of forcefully creating a magnetic charge in certain objects. All in all, Magnetism is a very complex element to use, typically requiring above-average intelligence and decent tactical knowledge to be used effectively.

Strong Against (Offensively)

Strong Against (Defensively)

Weak Against (Offensively)

Weak Against (Defensively)


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