Magnum Shot is an upgraded version of Static Bolt. It is used by Statyx the Hedgehog, but only when he has his Magnum Gloves equipped.


With his Magnum Gloves equipped, Statyx is able to make his basic attack much stronger and dangerous. Instead of a single concentrated blast of electricity, Statyx fires a small spark of electricity encased in a powerful magnetic field. The attack requires a powerful electromagnetic pulse to fire the attack, thus generating recoil and reducing firing rate. Unlike the Static Bolt, which is a basic attack that deals some damage to a single enemy, the Magnum Shot releases a powerful electrostatic blast, capable of severely damaging and knocking back multiple enemies at once. The most significant part of the attack is that due to the Magnum Gloves improving his efficiency with his electricity, the Magnum Shot doesn't take a significant amount of power.



  • Static Bolt: Original, weaker variant


Due to being an attack used by a single wielder, the attack has no rank.

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