"No matter how long it takes, I'll find you again....I promise..."
—Mahala saying her goodbyes to Fantasm nearly 3,000 years ago
Mahala-Fantasm Friendship is the friendship between Fantasm the Psychic and Mahala the Psychic.


Nearly 3,000 years ago Mahala and Fantasm came from an ancient tribe of psychics. They had possessed incredible abilities. However, Fantasm was special. She had power that even the elders feared. They deemed them a risk and granted her rings to suppress that power. Mahala a young girl was deemed to be Fantasm's protector. She would watch over Fantasm like a younger sister, and make sure no harm came to her or to others through Fantasm's powers. The two became very close, forming a sisterly bond. An evil villain attempted to harness Fantasm's power and planned to freeze Fantasm's body so that she wouldn't stop him. Mahala, however sacrficed herself. Fantasm released almost all of her rings before she looked over to a frozen Mahala. Even though Fantasm put the supressors back on, the damage had been done and their village had been put to ruin. Fantasm loathing herself for this, again released all of the rings. After nearly destroying the planet Fantasm tired out, and fell into an ocean. She would be reborn 3,000 years later in the form of an egg. Fantasm was then found by the U.A.C.S.A.


Mahala is extremely protective of Fantasm, and automatically distruts anyone who gets to close to her. Mahala tought Fantasm in the past not to trust anyone, and that most only looked out for themselves. Mahala is heartbroken when she learns Fantasm has little memory of her past, and even resorts to fighting her as a means to jog her memory. Mahala cares deeply for Fantasm, and most could guess it was because Ala never had any family of her own. Mahala takes her role as Fantasm's guardian very seriously.

Theme Song(s)


  • "Just because yuo can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there Fantasm...always remember that. Even if you don't see me anymore....I'll be there."
  • "I'll tear down the skies if it means saving her!"
  • "I won't stop until I get her's my duty....and she's my sister"
  • "If you can't remember me on your own....then I have no choice!"





Part 1

Feel free to join AFTER this part.

(A figure can be seen running at amazing speeds towards the G.U.N base)

Soldier 1: Do you see that....up ahead?

Soldier 2: They're comin in hot, we better take precaution.

Soldier 3: Halt!!

(The figure doesn't stop! It appears to be a young woman in strange attire. She barrels through the guards knocking them over as she proceeds inside the base)

Soldier 1: We have a security breach, to your stations!

(The soldiers form all around the base. The woman continues to run. She looks highly confused and somewhat amazed. It's almost as if everything she sees is completely unknown to her. She makes her way down the hallway as soldiers rush her. She jumps up and pushes their heads together)

Soldier 4: We are warning you...we are authorized to use deadly force. Stand down now....

Strange Woman: Not a chance *She grabs a soldier and by one arm drags him through the air as she runs up the wall. They begin to open fire but miss every shot*

Soldier 5: She's too fast

(She runs down another corridor.)

Strange Woman: ....I have no idea where I'm going. At least I've lost those demon men for now. *She looks down at the soldier. He is scared out of his mind) Where is your tribal elder?

Soldier 6: Please ma'am I just started a week ago....I have no idea what you're talking about.

Strange Woman: Then I guess you're of no use to me. *She kicks him in the gut and tosses him out of a window. She looks around.* In there! *She heads to the room in which she heard noise from. She busts open the automatic door, and charges the Commander!. He meets her punch with his own*

Commander: So you're the one that's been causing trouble.

Strange Woman: *Extremely angered* Where is she?!!*She out matches him and grabs him by the neck. She uses psychokinesis to lift him into the air* I'll ask you this once more where is she?!

Commander: *Gasping for air* I have no idea what your talking about...*He looks down at her leg to see a familiar symbol. He remembers....Fantasm!* That monster is locked away like she should be!!

( Soldiers bust through the door and surround the woman.)

Soldier 7: Put your hands up where we can see them

Strange Woman: These weapons aren't like anything I've seen. They know where she is....that means they'll eventually lead me to her *She does as they say. They take her into custody*

(A few hours later....the woman is brought into the interrogation room. She is handcuffed with Anti-Psychic cuffs preventing her from using her abilities)

Soldier 8:*Seats her* Your not half bad...if you weren't a disgusting criminal....I would consider taking you out.

Woman:And if you weren't a disgusting idiot, I'd hesitate in doing this *Kicks him in the crotch*

(The soldier falls to the ground)

Shiva:*So Soldier 8* You're an idiot... *She turns her attention to the Woman.* Men....

Woman:.....*Stares harshly at Shiva*

Shiva:No need to be so me about yourself...

Woman:Why.... infiltrated our base

Woman:Your what....

Shiva:Our base...look that isn't the point. We need answers, and f you can give them to me I can getcha out of here...

Woman:I'm not leaving here without her....


Woman:My friend.....the one you locked in a cage. The one your leader called a "Monster"....she is my responsibility

Shiva:*Sighs as she gets up and walks out of the room. She closes the door behind her.*


Shiva:Besides random babling about Fantasm....nothing

Commander:We have to find out how these two are connected. She could hold the same powers....that could be vital to us....we'll have to bring in the big guns...we need her as an ally...if she knows Fantasm maybe she can tame that thing.....*makes a call* Send him in...

[A few minutes later, the door to the interrogation room opens...]

Woman:*Looks up*

[Statyx is standing there, leaning against the closed doorway]

Statyx: Hello miss. First and foremost, what would your name be?

Woman:*Despite beinjg a distance away she spits at Statyx's foot* You can do whatever you want to me, just let her go!...

Statyx: If you're referring to Fantasm, she's perfectly safe and unharmed. I've personally been seeing to it that she's treated with dignity and respect.

Woman:!!! So she is here...then this wasn't for nothing...Personally? If so much as one hair on her head is--

Statyx: -injured in any way shape or form, I will personally make sure the person responsable pays for it.

Woman:If you care so much about her why are you locking her up?

Statyx: Those idiots aren't really updated. To be more accurate, we merely provide her lodging. She's free to come and go as she pleases, save for some "observation".

(Statyx recieves a phone call from the Commander)

Commander: I know I said to befriend her, but we've got to pump her for some see those symbols on her legs and oner her arms bands...there the same ones Fantasm has....we could have another Fantasm on our offence to your little buddy.

Statyx: I do my job my way Commander. Fantasm isn't some tool for G.U.N to use, and this woman won't be one either. *hangs uP*

Woman:What....are you talking to?

Statyx: To my commander. Haven't you seen a telephone before?

Woman:*Shakes head "no"*

Statyx: Ah. Well the point of the matter is that fantasm is just fine. Happy even.

Woman:*Looks down...then she looks back up reassured* Could you take me to her?

Statyx: Well considering you incaded our ba- er, territory, and attacked us, we can't really trust you.

Woman: Fine! I'll find her on my own....I won't stop until I get her's my duty... and she's like my sister...

Statyx: I said I couldn't take you to her. I can bring Fantasm to you however. If you answer a few questions.

Woman:Yes, I will!!

Statyx: Alright then. What's your name?

Woman:M-Mahala of the Psychic Tribe.....

Statyx: Alright. Where are you from, and what year was it when you last checked?

Mahala: It was about 900 (B.C)....and I'm from the Psychic Tribe

Statyx: That explains it. Mahala, I'm about to give you shocking news. Can you prepare yourself?

Mahala:I'm a big girl I can handle myself...

Statyx: The current year is 2010 (A.D.).

Mahala: * A look of disbelief smeers unto her face* That would explain all of this *looks around*

Statyx: Looks like you can take it.

Mahala: I've been through a lot worse....

Statyx: Good. Second, your story doesn't match up with Fantasm's.

Mahala: What?! Are you calling me a liar?!

Statyx: No. What I'm saying is that this requires further investigation. However, since you've cooperated so far, and it would be helpful for this, I'm going to let you see Fantasm.

Mahala: *Her eyes light up in a way that sways any suspicion about her lying*

Statyx: *smiles a bit* Alright then.

Mahala: *Sits there waiting to see her*

Statyx: *heads towards the door, but stops, then turns to Mahala* You don't mind if Fantasm brings someone to accompany her, do you?

Mahala:I guess I'm not in much of a position to object....

Statyx: Alright then.

[Later, Fantasm is standing outside the room, with Mel next to her...]

Fantasm: ........................

Mel: You okay Fantasm?

Fantasm: *whine* I'm just so nervous...

Mel: *huggles Fantasm comfortingly* Don't worry, I'm here with you...

Fantasm: Thank you...

Mel: *kisses her on the cheek*

Fantasm: *blushes*

Mel: *holds her hand gently but firmly* You wanna go in now?

Fantasm: Okay...

[The two of them enter the room, holding hands.]

Fantasm: ......

Mahala: F-fantasm !! You're alright *A tear streams down her face* I was so--so afraid I would never see you again...

Fantasm: ???

Mahala: Wipe that look off of your face's me!

Fantasm: .....uhh...

Mahala: What's the matter...?

Fantasm: I...I don't remember you...

Mahala: !! What? *A tear sheds* So the Elders were right...the next time we met she'd have no idea who I was.....

(Famo-Ryu to you think instead of remember ...know would would be better since she doesn't know that she even has a past to remember yet)
(Kagi: I thought Fantasm wasn't supposed to remember Mahala?)
(Ryu-....... ><)
(Famo-This would be where you come in Kag)
( when can you join in? now? Later? It says feel free to enter now, but I want to be sure - Xab)
(Well do you have any G.U.N agent characters?)

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