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Featured User
Smash The Echidna

Greetings, salutations, and hello to everybody! Sorry about the wait, problems out of our control decided to muddle things up. This is DarkMantis speaking, by the way.

Unfortunately, GameDezyner could not find the time to do the interview. Instead, we're giving it to Smash, our runner-up this October.

With that out of the way, here we go!

Quote question: How do you feel about being Featured User?

Even if I am the runner-up because Game couldn't do the interview for whatever reason, this is seriously the fourth time I've been here. I think I'm making records here.

# 1. Q) What's your favorite season?

A) Autumn. Spring is nice, but I have bad allergies, and it's really, REALLY hard on me. Summer is my second favorite, considering the nature of summer vacation coupled with all the birthdays within it. (Mine, my brother's, my mother's, my friends, even some of my main characters.) But it's too dang hot! I can barely go outside during the day! I like the wintery atmosphere, but basically my entire opinion on winter lies within these three words: Snow or bust.
Autumn is the perfect combination of cool weather and a calming atmosphere. It's the time of the year I'm outside the most.

# 2. Q) If you could have the powers or abilities of any canon Sonic character, whose would you have?

A) I'm not particularly sure, actually. I might have to go with Sonic though, for convenience sake. Life could be so much easier if you could run at the speed of sound.

# 3. Q) If you were turned into a Mobian, what species do you think you would be?

A) Pfft, look who you're talking to. ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life

If I wasn't an echidna, I'd probably end up as a cat. I really like cats. (A dog would be nice too, actually)

# 4. Q) What do you do for a living? What's your favorite aspect of your job?

A) I'm currently unemployed and searching for a job. So, wish me luck in that regard.

# 5. Q) What types of video games do you play?

A) I tend to lean toward platformers and RPGs the most. I like puzzle games as well, and I somewhat recently got into the fighting game genre. (As in, more than just one or two games.)

# 6. Q) What would you consider your favorite movie released in the last year?

A) There were good movies released in the last year??
In all seriousness, I don't really watch many movies these days; especially not any new ones from anyone other than Pixar. I didn't even go to see the Hobbit, despite being a fan of the Lord of the Rings. Still, if I had to make a choice, it'd be Sharknado, solely because of just how bad it was.

# 7. Q) Do you have any pets? Have you had any?

A) I have a cat. We call him Kitty. We used to have more cats before we moved around, and we also used to have dogs. We had a few goldfish once but they all died. :(

We also had a parakeet, (two of them, even) but I was too young to remember what happened to em.

# 8. Q) What's your favorite exotic/wild animal species?

A) The Lion for being the King of Manliness, and the Platypus for being the King of Frikkin Weirdos.

# 9. Q) What's your favorite mythical animal, and what do you like about them?

A) Hmm...That is a good question. I don't really know. I could say Dragons, because of how flexible they are. I don't really know much about many other mythical animals though.

# 10. Q) If you could work for one video game company, which would it be and why?

A) Nintendo. 1: They have the best consoles, hands down. 2: I've been a fan of them ever since I first laid my hands on that Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt NES cartridge, which was nearly 20 years ago. 3: I just feel like I'd be more comfortable there.

Though if anything, I'd prefer to have my own indie game company or something. Considering how I tend to try and make my own games, I feel that would suit me best.

~Smash The Echidna~ Smash life 12:28, September 29, 2014 (UTC)

Congratulations to our new Featured User! Now, who will be next month's featured user? Let's see!

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Featured Article
Metal The Rogue

Greetings! Salutations! Hello! And other forms of "hi"! Hope everybody's having a good October in this year of 2014!

For September, we have a new guest that has won the poll for Featured Article! Can you believe it? It's the one, the only, Metal The Rogue! Owned by a rollback with the same name!

Now with that out of the way, the interview:

# 1. Q) How long have you had Metal?

A) I've had Metal for multiple years now, as he originally started out as Keith The Hedgewolf. I changed that over time, making a few characters from Keith The Hedgewolf. Believe it or not, Keith was the original Metal, but that was later scrapped due to confusions with my other roleplay character, my persona and Keith himself. I later made my Persona, and then later on made Metal, in the events of a RP on the chat.

# 2. Q) What do you think of him right now?

A) I think, he could of been better, as he isn't as strong as portray him as. Mainly because I'm horrible at fighting in roleplays, and this makes him weaker than he actually is.

# 3. Q) Were there any concepts you scrapped while making Metal?

A) I scrapped lots of concepts when making Metal. His original concept that he was a hero who fought for justice and to save the world from evil. I later on scrapped that, making him a anti-hero, then an anti-villain, due to the events of roleplays in chat. He controlled various elements and had different powers back then, some of them being Electricity, IceFire, Fire, Darkness and others that I can't remember.

# 4. Q) Do you have any plans for him in the future?

A) Yes, I do actually. I'm planning to scrap him and change what character concepts I had of him into my newer character Crimson. I feel that Metal has become way too powerful in my current universe, and I feel that I need to replace him with a new protagonist instead.

# 5. Q) If Metal had some kind of music representing him, what genre do you think would fit him? (Besides metal, of course.)

A) That's a hard one, it'll probably be some rock music or something similar along those lines.

# 6. Q) Does Metal take any characteristics after you, if at all?

A) Metal actually takes most of my characteristics off of me actually, quite alot of them. Mainly his aggressiveness, and his will to protect his friends.

# 7. Q) Lastly, has he been in any big/important events lately?

A) He's been in the Metal VS GUN RP and a RP I'm doing with Leopard, but other than that, nothing else has happened.

Okay, any last words from our Rogue friend here before we go?

"This isn't my sorta thing. I do not wish to be questioned about this again."

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Congratulations to our featured article! What will our next featured article be? Let's see!

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