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Hello there and welcome to Sonic Fanon Wiki! We are a growing community of 140 active users who partake in creating characters, fanfictions, stories, and roleplays. Everyone here welcomes you and your creativity and wishes you to come and join our wiki!

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Featured User


Nope, I'm not late! If I am, I try to be fashionable about it, hehe!

Welcome back! This month, we have another veteran: Ryushusupercat, one of our oldest admins (and 'crats) on the site! She's been here since 2008 - almost 8 years! That's a long time! She's also got quite a few ideas and stories to tell, and she's definitely got some roleplay experience under her belt if you ask me!

Alright, now let's go!

#1. How does it feel to be Featured?

A) Surprising, actually. I didn't think that many people would vote for me.

#2. What drew you to SFW, and what made you stay?

A) Well, I've always had a lot of ideas for Sonic fan characters, so I decided "Hey, why not bring some of my ideas here, since this is the place to do it?". Meeting a lot of cool people and being friends with them is what really made me want to stay, though.

#3. You seem to have made quite a few roleplays! Got any tips for people wanting to make their own?

A) Huh...I'm not really sure. I guess I would suggest that you really cement your rules when you make a roleplay. Apart from the usual "no godmodding/powerplaying/etc." you should be sure to specify plot-related rules, like, for example, maybe you don't want teleportation being used for an RP that's gonna have a lot of traveling during an adventure; you should specify that. Just an example. But other than that, I guess I'd just say have fun making it.

#4. Do you have any pets or companions, like a dog?

A) I have a pet rat named Felix. I used to have another one along with him, named Jax, but he had to be put to sleep due to health issues.

#5. Aside from Sonic, are there any other series you like? It can be anything from video games to TV!

A) I like Pokemon, the Legend of Zelda, Spyro the Dragon, and the Mario series. In terms of books, I like the Redwall series, most books by Stephen King, and the Harry Potter series. And for TV shows, I like The Simpsons and South Park.

#6. Have you done anything exciting or new back in April? Aside from pranking people on the 1st, of course. =P

A) Uhh...not really, no. I have a job and a license, but I've had those before April.

#7. What would you say is your greatest moment here on SFW?

A) Probably becoming a 'crat.

#8. If there was one thing you could change regarding the story of the Sonic series, what would it be, and why?

A) I'd bring back Julie-Su, Hershey St. John, Geoffrey St. John. etc. All the characters that got removed thanks to Penders being a jerk.

#9. Relatedly, do you think the Sonic franchise will recover from the fiasco regarding Rise of Lyric's reception?

A) I sure hope they do...but if they don't learn from the mistake that was Rise of Lyric, then they probably won't recover.

#10. Finally, what's your opinion on the future?

A) I feel like it's gonna be great. I'm looking forward to it.

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Featured Article

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

Hey hey hey! I'm not too late! :D [shot]

So this time, instead of a character, we've got a fangame here! And one by Juely nonetheless! A user who's been here quite a while, they've made plenty of fan games here that have quite a bit of depth to them! They've also collaborated with another user while writing them, and it seems they've done very well on their work!

Now, let's begin!

#1. Where'd you get the idea for this fangame?

A) It was in my mind for many years when I was a child. The truth is that I drew inspiration from so many things: games, movies, music. You know children, when they are young they get inspired by even the simplest things.

#2. What would you say was your favorite part of the game to work on while it was in development?

A) The story. It's always the story I come up with first and it's always the story I pay the most attention to when making a fan game idea. If I come up with a good story that I can develop into depth, I slowly start making the fan game. As for Rise of the Heroes, I really liked writing the Final story, the heroes teaming up and confronting their greatest threat. I think that sums up the game's spirit as well. What I believe is that if I write a story that I like, other people will like it too.

#3. If it were possible, do you think the game could be made into an official Sonic series game published by Sega?

A) No. As much as I would like this game to actually exist, and in spite of it being well-received by the community, it's still a fan game with numerous flaws here and there. Let's not forget that it was my very first fan game and as such I would like to go back to it and change many things myself. However, if some adjustments were made for example in the story and in the game's content, I think it would be a game that many fans would enjoy, especially after what SEGA has given us.

#4. Since you mentioned it was your very first fan game, do you think it holds up to other entries in your series? Or do you think the later entries are far superior?

A) I believe it does hold up to all the other fan games I've made. Winduct, with whom I collaborated during the making of the game considers it as one of his favourites because it was intended to be the ultimate Sonic game we dreamed of when we were children. And I believe we succeeded in it, at least for our expectations. The thing is that as I grew older and improved myself in real life, so did my games. I started drawing inspirations from other sources such as actual events, starting coming up with themes that I could add to the games' storyline and give it a more profound meaning. The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics is a good example that sums up what I've said.

#5. Was there anything in development that got scrapped or otherwise changed before the final product?

A) Many things. The game started as a simple idea and as years went on, little by little we started adding more and more content, changing things, scrapping characters, etc. For example, its first name as Sonic Heroes 2, because it was our favourite Sonic game, then we changed it to just Sonic the Hedgehog, renamed it twice after that and then the current name came to be. Some things which were deemed unoriginal were also scrapped.

#6. If the game had a main theme, what do you think would fit it best?

A) Even though I really love Crush 40's songs, I would say Take me Away by Globus would suit best for its main theme. As for Final Boss music, Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce would be the one that embodies Sonic's energy and the game's spirit.

#7. Finally, did you enjoy the interview?

A) Yes, I did. It was my first one here in almost 5 and a half years since I joined this wiki. Thank you.

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