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Hello ladies and gentlemen of all ages, welcome to the Sonic Fanon Wiki; a place where you can bring your dreams and imaginations to life, forthposting them into reality. Everyone here welcomes your creative thinking, and we hope we can help you as much as you can help this Wiki.

Right now, there are 12,212 articles and growing! Now that's a shockingly high number of articles, and hopefully you can add to that figure. See you soon!


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Featured User

Hello everyone, this is TheSkullWolf here! Kagimizu is on vacation, so I will be subbing for him this month.

TheDarkMantis15 is a User who's been around for close to a year now. When asked about his reaction to becoming Featured User, Mantis said "Really exciting, actually. I've never been Featured Anything before, and it makes me proud that I've contributed so much to SFW. It also makes me happy that people really like me enough to have me be Featured." With that in mind, let us get on with the interview!

# 1. Q) When did you join SFW, and what caused you to join the wiki?

A) I joined on June 30th, 2013. What brought me to here? Well, I was poking around on the Sonic News Network when I noticed SFW being listed as a sister wiki. At the time, I had my characters' profiles on my userpage, and heading over there allowed me to flesh them out and become what they are now.

# 2. Q) Who would you say are your friends on this wiki?

A) Oh, I have a lot of them! Hehe. Though, the ones that have been a big impact on my wiki life here have been Kiramazing, Monk the Cat, HauntedPhantom, TheSkullWolf, and Ryushusupercat. They've inspired me for quite a while, and I'm thankful for that.

# 3. Q) What was the first article you ever created on SFW?

A) Blitz the Wolf! He happens to be my first character as well. When I first made him, at the time, I didn't think I'd become a big part of the community. After a while, I started making lots more, and... here I am. =P

# 4. Q) Do you contribute on any other wikis? If not, are there any you are interested in?

A) Not really, no. SFW is the one I mainly edit on, though I do use WoWWiki for my Warcraft fanfiction. Other than that, there aren't many wikis I contribute to. Though, I'm looking at the PokeFanon wiki since I'm getting a few ideas for stories. Transformers Fanon Wiki is also one of the wikis I'm interested in.

# 5. Q) What would you consider to be your best article on the wiki as of now?

A) Again, Blitz. I've made many changes to him over time, and though his history section is still unfinished, I'm inclined to say he's the best article I've made ever.

# 6. Q) Do you play any Sonic games? If so, what is your favorite?

A) I play whole bunches of them. My favorites happen to be Generations, Unleashed, and '06. They had the best music, gameplay, and settings overall. Plus, Mephiles and Silver made their introductions in '06, and I LOOOOVE Mephiles.

# 7. Q) You seemed to have made a new roleplay. Do you have high hopes for it? Do you wish for it to last until the very end?

A) Yes, I have! I'm hoping it lasts a long while. I actually made a roleplay before that (Roleplay:Death Metal), but it's kinda... dead, now. I'm hoping this one doesn't share the same fate.

# 8. Q) What advice can you give for others wishing to make their own successful roleplays?

A) Make a blog detailing the basic plotline for the roleplay (for example, I made one for Death Metal). That way, people can check it out and make suggestions/ask questions about what their characters could do, things that could improve it, etc.

# 9. Q) Sorry that the interview was not conducted on the first of April. Did you pull off any pranks that day?

A) I wish. >_>

# 10. Q) What are your future plans for SFW? Do you have another roleplay in mind? Perhaps a new character article?

A) I've been meaning to write up articles for my recent fanfic, Hidden Agenda, for the characters and other things that appear in it. I've also got another roleplay idea involving the Ice Blood Hounds, which Monk could help me with.

And now for some final words from TheDarkMantis15: "Banana-flavored cruise ship!"

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Featured Article
Twilight the Lycalo

Happy April Fools, everyone! I hope you enjoying your prank-filled day. This month's theme is Fursonas, the very representations of our fellow users. There was some interesting entrees, but the one that came out on top is Twilight the Lycalo.

Twilight is a blue, butt-kicking lycalo (a wolf-bat hybrid species made by the character's creator). He has a simple but stylish design that has a great color scheme. His backstory can be summed up as "spectacular". He has a well-written personality section and his powers are pretty neat too. He is an awesome character and you should go take a look at him.

Let's interview Twilight's creator, True Lycalo!

# 1. Q) Where did you come up with the idea of Twilight?

A)The idea for Twilight (much like my other characters) was done by a complete spontaneous thought. It was a week before Halloween of 2011 and I began to think of how awesome it'd be to have a character relevant to the haunting holiday, preferably a Werewolf or Vampire. I remember literally being kept up until 3 in the morning getting the basic concept down. The character was originally something akin to Nightmare, then was changed into someone more friendly and was ultimately given a personality identical to my own. After a couple scrapped contents, Twilight the Lycalo came to what he is today.

# 2. Q) Are you currently satisfied with how he has turned out design and story-wise?

A) I am heavily satisfied with how my wolfbat has turned out. I've been told his design is a little bit simplistic, and it did bother me a tiny bit, but I've grown to like it and have no plans to change it. His backstory is something I'm proud of as well and required some effort, as this is actually my third attempt at his history.

# 3. Q) Do you have any future plans for Twilight?

A) I do have a fanfiction in the process at the moment, which is going to be 4 or 5 parts. Twilight may get his own individual story in these parts, but even if he doesn't, he's still planned to make a major appearance throughout the separate parts. Other then that, I plan on just making small tweaks and changes to his page.

# 4. Q) Is there any aspects of Twilight that you had sought inspiration for?

A) Various Werewolf and Vampire folklore were heavy inspirations for Twilight and I found it interesting to blend the two together in the way I did so. Actual wolves and bats were a tiny inspiration and helped add a little bit more depth to the character. Aside from that, there was no real inspiration per say, as previously stated, he was just a spontaneous thought.

# 5. Q) How does Twilight usually start his mornings?

A) Well, Twilight first starts off by having a hearty breakfast while watching the sun rise as sleep doesn't exactly work for him. Since his wings ache to fly throughout the night, and he can't do that for a specific reason, his first order of business once he sees the sun is to take off to the sky (now accompanied by an oversized stress ball). It also serves as exercise and allows him to be a powerful flyer. He also alternates to running to keep his legs strong as well.

# 6. Q) What would be considered the highest priority on Twilight's bucket list?

A) The number one priority for Twilight would be to find a way to have complete control over his darker self, simple as that.

# 7. Q) Since today is April 1st, does Twilight have any pranks he plans to pull off today?

Twilight, much like myself, would find it to be too expecting. He'd probably have a few pranks in mind, but wouldn't go through with it. He's only mischievous in thought, not action.

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