Maji Chao

Gruntilda as a Chao?

"Little fools, you can't beat me! Fight me now, i'll make you see!" - Maji

Maji the Chao is a Dark Chao that has somehow reduced his head to a skull. It is unkown how he got his head to be like that, or how he got a jar attached to his body where he can keep his skull. He apepars to be wearing a dark cloak and a metalic witch's hat to cap his jar.


Maji seems to be a evil mastermind, but is secretly working for other people. He is sometimes seen with Nanoq, acting like a guide to him during battle and traveling across lands. He says he has his own minnions, but it was later revealed that they were just Jack-O-Lanterns with an "M" symbol carved into the backs of the pumpkins. He also works as a mascot for a slushie-like drink sold in convenient stores.


Even though he is a chao, he seems to have strong controls over magic, specificaly Necromancy. He displays his control of this magic by reviveing a dead body by putting a water melon in place of the severed head of the corpse, which he uses later to defeat a group of Egg Pawns. Maji also posses control over mushrooms, summoning a group of them and gathering the spores into single clouds.


Maji is seen as an annoying little child, and is often picked up much to his dislike of being held. He seemingly wants to get in trouble with people, almost getting joy from seeing someone yell at him. It is revealed that he secretly keeps a stuffed animal with him and likes the taste of rotten fruit.


Made with 100% real purifed swamp water.


Maji appears frequently alongside Nanoq during battle, rooting for the hedgehog and giving battle strategy tips. He later appears on Teknee giving a speech to a new group of knights, calling them all names at the same time. Maji also appears on signs and merchandise for the soft drink he advertises.

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