&nbsp After Eggman sacrficied himself to allow the 2 Fusion Hedgehogs to Destroy Ragrarok The Chaos Emeralds are Gone Forever along With teh Sol Emeralds. To stop the Solaris and Chaos energies from ripping all of existince apart Sonic, Shadow, Neo, and Silver broke the Master Emerald and The univerial Emerald, the Quantam Emerald, to bring peace into the world. They made a Terriable Mistake, they both automatically caused a Universal wide Chaos Evolution.After the new Reality was created the shards broke entirely until there was no more. It has been 8 years sience that event, which is now called "Chaos Judgement". Sonic and his friends are grown up and now live in peace. Sonic and Amy have a child named Sonlyn. Rouge and Knuckles are living on Angel Island. Shadow Omega and Silver are working for G.U.N. Cream and Tails are now dating. Blaze and Marine are just starting thier adventures and training together. And the Babylons are well they never changed over the years. A reuinion is called for the 8th annivesiary of Eggman's Death. The Advenure Starts Here.


Dont God Mod

No BIt hing about your character dieeing.

This is a Dragonball RP.

No Forshadowing Stuff

No Changing peoples stiff

Keep Things PG-13 to Teen

Have Fun

Dont Have Your Character Just Jump In, Wait for the moment.,

If there is A Fight Like One wit h Teh Heroes Taking Turns There will be a list With the orer of Fighters.

Canon HeroesEdit

Sonic (Apallo)




Amy (Spongebob100)

Sonlyn (Apallo)


Shadow (Apallo)









Neo (Apallo)

Fanon Heroes (Not until Episode 3 or 6) -All Sagas-Edit

Isaiah The Red Wolf (Mr.Zaya)

Mercury The Cougar (Mr.Zaya)

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Series Villians -Sagas May Vary-Edit

Metalix -Metalix Saga-

Chaos Neo -Chaoblis Saga-

Iblis Neo -Chaoblis Saga-

Rage, God of Malice -new world saga-

Dr. EggPlankton -All Sagas-

New World Chapter 1

Kris: -running and jumping and playing in the trees- Kahahahahah Yeaa!

Kid Sonlyn:HI!

Kris: AAA! -falls down-

Kid Sonlyn: -Catches her- Got ya

Jack: Hi Isaiah!

Patricia: How's it going?

Jack: We just want to let you know that everything is going a-ok

Patricia: Everyone has grown up, but me & Jack, because we're Ageless

Jack: That's true

Kid Sonlyn: Jack how have you been. Ahahaah

Jack: I'm good by the way. After all we're Ageless

Patricia: Yeah, Jack is still 15 & I'm still 21

Sonlyn: im 8! OH! Daddy and Mommy want to tell you to go to Angel Island For a Picnic party!

Kris: I was sent to looa awfter the lil one when i lost her in the trees and she spooked me.

Jack: Oh ok then & thanks Sonlyn

Patricia: See you there

Sonlyn: Chaos Control -uses a chaos emerald shard to go to Particia and Jack and sends them to Sonic's House

Jack: Whao!

Patricia: Yeah, wow

Jack: Hello? Is anyone home?

Amy: (comes down the Stairs) Oh Hi Jack & Patricia. (gasps) You two are still the Same

Jack: Like I told your Daughter that Patricia & I are Ageless, rememeber?

Amy: Oh right

Sonic; Chaos HAA!

Jack: Hey Cousin Sonic!

Patricia: Hi there

Sonic: Hey guys. We should be at Knuckles and rouge's house any sec

Jack: Come on let's go

-the house teleports to the neighbor hood of knux and rouge-

Jack: Hello? Is anyone home?

Knux: Sup guys

Rouge: Hello i was just makign dinner. Girls would u help?

Patricia: Sure Rouge, I love to help

Jack: Well since Patricia & I are ageless, we're still look the same

( i will be rouge and knux sience no on is them yet)

Amy: Sure thing

Sonic: Hey hows my lil girl!

Kid Sonlyn: Good Daddy!

Kris: Well I must be off bye

Jack: Ok see you at the Party


-On the planet Cyterra an evil God named Malice used his Malise Emeralds to Destroy the entire planet-

Neo: -getting in a Cyterrian Space Pod- Dammit. Sonic we need you. -launches it-

(Meanwhile from inside Dr. EggPlankton's Space Base)

Dr. EggPlankton: (watches Malice using his Malice Emerald to destroy the Entire World through his Monitor) Wow, what powerful Emeralds, they'll be perfect for my Special Ray Gun. My plan is working perfectly. All I have to do is to get those Malice Emeralds & the world will tremble by the might of Dr. EggPlankton! (evil Laughter)

(With Jack & Patricia)

Jack: This is gonna be fun, we're gonna stay up, tell manly stories & in the morning, I'm making waffles



Jack; What was that?

Patricia: I don't know, let's check it out

Neos: (Gets out and falls out)

Jack: Whao, who's that?

Patricia: I don't know, but he could be hurt (to Neos) Excuse me, are you ok?

Neos: S-onic-fants-

Jack: I'm not Sonic, I'm his cousin, Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia: We betta take him to the Hospital & fast (carries Neos)

Jack: Right

(Jack & Patricia takes Neos to the Hospital)

(the next day)

Kid Sonlyn: Daddy what happened

Jack: Hey guys. We found someone that you want to see

Sonic: Neo!? I thought u went to your home world.

Neo: It's destroied. The God of Malise is comming here to follow me! -shows A Malise Emerald-

Jack: Wow! What was it?

Neo: It's a malise emerald. This is the Green Emerald. It was created by the God of Malice Himself.

Amy: Hey i thought there were 7 Gods

Neo: Besides Hades, This god is the orgional God of the Lower Seven. Malise is a Evil God who's only sole perpose is to exterminate all of the worlds and to make his evil empire out of the survivors. Using the Shards from the 14 emeralds that we destroied he fpund a way to asorb thier power and is now Trully Imortal. Urggggh.

Jack: You know, I don't even like Bad Guys that are getting in the way of our Missions & kill somebody for their duty

Sonic: Well. Atleast we have New Emeralds. -notices a shard in Neo';s hand- Hey Mabye Tails Can Make A Radar!

Patricia: He's back at his Workshop with Cream. Maybe Tails can help

Jack: Anyways, let's get moving!

So our heroes now have to put thier party on hold. What will happen to our heroes. And Will They be able to Save the Universe?

New World Chapter 2

(note every one has to be a powerful minion here are the names: Charbon, Zoa, Tao-Lyn, Sai-Lyn, Tokio, Gladuis, and Kage)

In Space on the Planet, Ka-Rage Malice's Evil Empire is Slowly Growing Now we gho to the 7 Generals of Rage to see what is happening.

Zoa: Zoa the Hedgehog, Reporting Your LordShip

Malise: Very Good. Arize my Generals. Now take a Malice Emerald and Use Malice Warp to get your Space Pods to wher i tell you to go., Tokio, Carbon, Gladius and Zuksy are going with me to the Planet Kemek to place the Master Malise Emerald On it's Highest <Mountian>. Zoa and Kage are going to the Planet Mobius to redy it for my destruckion Kannon. And to retrieve the Malise Emerald that Neos Stole FromMe. Lyn and Sai Go woht them

Zoa: Yes You Loard Ship

(Meanwhile in Dr. EggPlankton's Space Ship)

Dr. EggPlankton: (Scanning the Malice Emeralds) Jack-4, what's the status on the Malise Emeralds?

Jack-4 Robot: We have reports on the Malise Emeralds, they're even more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds

Dr. EggPlankton: (sighs) Tell me the Legend about the Malice Emeralds & we'll find it in the giffi

Jack-4 Robot: The Malice Emeralds are very powerful & they belong to Neos, ergo he crashed landed to Mobius

Dr. EggPlankton: Don't worry, I'll get rid of those Heroes including Sonic & Jack & make them look like an Accident (sends about 50 Jack-4 Bots) Like they say, they start small & then bigger. When I have these Malice Emeralds, all of my plans will be suceeded !

(With the Heroes)

Jack: We're here. Hello is anyone home?

Sonic: Jack get Knux and The Bat.

Jack: Ok, on my way! (goes inside to find Knuckles & Rouge in super Sonic Speed) Found them!

Patricia: That's 3 Seconds

Sonic: Guys im going to have to ask you somethign. We need to train

Jack: A train? Hmm. How about we take a train in the Train Station

Patricia: Let's go to the Train Station!

Sonic: -facepalms- no TO TRAIN not A TRAIN.

Jack: Then what are you trying to say?

Patricia: (whispers to Jack)

Jack: Ohhhh, I get it, we're doing training. Don't worry, I won't let you down

Sonic: Ok. Neos U get soem rest.

Patricia: Ok, let's start training!

(Meanwhile in the Battle Ship Heading to Neo Mobious)

Zoa: Twins! Status Report!

(Sponge Bob U can be the twins)

(Spongebob100: Ok)

Twin #1: We have reports that...

Twin #2: We'll reach to Mobius within....

Twins: Another 25 Days!

Zoa: Very Good. Now into the Sleeping Pods.

Twin 1: Yes Sir.

(btw look up for thier names)

(Meanwhile With Sonic and his friends)

Jack & Patricia: (training together)

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