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Malisa the Mink

Malisa the Mink

Biographical Information
Age 15
  • Unknown mother
  • Unknown father
Romantic Interests Cryo the Cat
Physical Description
  • Height: 3'3"
  • Weight: 72 lbs
  • Fur: Gray w/ peach arms, muzzle ans chest, and darker gray hairtips
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Full body maid attire
  • Armor
  • Wrist guards
  • Metal boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry Sword
  • Swordsmanship
  • Highly agile
  • Great strength
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Kagimizu

Malisa the Mink is the girlfriend and sparring partner of Cryo the Cat, and the Knight and personal maid of Blaze the Cat.


Early Life

During her early life, Malisa wanted nothing more than to be a knight. Unfortunately, only males and female nobles could be knights, and Malisa was a peasant girl. However, this did not stop her, and she snuck into the knight training grounds. She quickly proved to be one of the strongest fighters and most skilled knight. However, it was found out that Malisa was not of noble blood, and she was arrested. She was brought to the king to be punished, but the king admired her spunk, feeling it was similiar to Blaze, and made her an offer. The king felt that Blaze, despite her powers, was still a princess, and thus needed protection. However, Blaze would constantly either scare/annoy the other knights away, or defeat them in a fight where if she won, the knight would be fired. Because of this, the king needed someone who could both become close to Blaze and protect her, should the need arise. So the king made Malisa the following offer: she could become a knight, but would have to become the princesses personal maid, and keep her knightship a secret. Grudgingly, Malisa accepted the offer.

Maid and Knight

Soon enough, Malisa completed her knight training with ease, though even after a while she gained the skills to only just barely pass herself off as a maid. Despite this, she was soon introduced to Blaze as her personal maid. Though she at first felt that Blaze was a cold and rude person, Malisa found out that Blaze was merely a lonely girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. After realising this, Malisa attempted to help Blaze, eventually becoming the closest thing to a friend Blaze had, until certain events introduced Blaze to other characters... 

Meeting Statyx & Friends

Malisa is first seen when she notices that Blaze, after returning, is in her room, apparently sad. She attempts to comfort her by asking her what's wrong, where Blaze tells her that she doesn't want to marry Cryo, and that she has feeling for someone else, but she has to marry Cryo because of her father. Malisa simply tells Blaze that, while doing such a thing for her kingdom is honorable, she should instead listen to her heart and do what she feels is truly right, not what her father feels is right.

Later, on the night before the duel, Malisa walked in on Statyx and Blaze, who were talking about the duel and having a romantic moment. While at first Malisa was about to attack Statyx, she noticed how Statyx got between Malisa and Blaze, as if protecting her, and figured out that Statyx was the one Blaze had feelings for. Malisa simply turned around and said that Statyx and Blaze should take care of any business they have before the next rounds. She also said that, despite all of his faults, Cryo truly had the kingdom's best interests in mind. With that, she left.

Later on, Malisa surprised everyone by crushing several robots that attempted to attack a still injured Blaze during Captain Whisker and Johnny's ambush. During this time Malisa's knightship was revealed, as she attacked and easily destroyed several more robots. After Captain Whisker and Johnny were sent packing, Malisa apologized to Blaze for lying to her, though Blaze said there was no need. Malisa was then surprised when Cryo, after stuttering, comlimented Malisa's abilities, causing her to blush. Statyx, being ever the romantic, noticed the two, and talked to the two, causing them to both reveal their feelings and start a relationship. Shortly afterwards, Statyx, Blaze, and everyone else left to return to Sonic's dimension.


While under her cover as a maid, Malisa is usually very quiet and respectful to everyone, though she is known to have a subtle and sharp tongue. However, her true personality is much different. In reality, Malisa is a strong-willed and independant girl, more than happy to prove her abilities to anyone. She, like Statyx, is more than happy to make her opinion known. She hates being treated differently because of being a girl, and will fly into a violent rage when she feels she is being treated differently, even she's not. Her sharp tongue is also far less subtle. However, Malisa can be very hot-headed and straightfoward, which can cause trouble.

When around Cryo however, her personality makes a full U-turn, becoming a shy and somewhat bumbling girl, stuttering and not able to put words together properly, something like a stereo-typical schoolgirl. However, this seems to have lessened since they started a relationship, though Malisa will blush furiously when Cryo compliments her.


While not exactly the best maid, Malisa is an accomplished knight. She has great strength (though not as great as that of characters like Knuckles), able to easily smash robots with her bare hands. She has great agility and flexibility, able to leap through the air and avoid attacks in a way that almost seems gracefull. Although she has rarely used, Malisa has great skill with her sword, able to easily disarm opponents like Captain Whiskers, and even hold her own against master swordsmen like Cryo.


Malisa's fur is a steely grey color and peach skin. She has has shoulder-length hair, and 3 bangs on her forehead much like Amy's, though longer and thinner. Her eyes are also a steely grey color.  Like almost all other characters, Malisa wears typival white gloves. When acting as a maid, Malisa wears a one-piece full-body robe that covers almost her entire body, with a headress and a blue belt. However, this suit is simply to cover her armor. Underneath this she wears metal arm guards, metal boots, and body armor that strangely shows her mid-section. She also wears a sword that is fastened onto the back of her belt.


Cryo the Cat

Cryo is Malisa's boyfriend and sparring partner. Malisa had a long-time crush on Cryo, due to the fact that when she first started out as a maid, she often made mistakes (with disasterous results), and was rarely treated with any respect by anyone except Blaze. Cryo however, was an exception. While he still treated her as a maid, he treated her with respect, politely asking if she could do something for him. She would often watch Cryo train, which would comically distract her. She knows that, despite all of his flaws, Cryo truly is honorable and has only the good of the kingdom in mind.

Malisa would often watch Cryo train, which would in turn distract her from her maid duties, causing embarrassing accidents. Since the two have become a couple, Malisa is very open about her affection for Cryo, and will often blush furiously and punch Cryo in the arm after a compliment from him, the punch, as Cryo says, often nearly breaking his arm.

Blaze the Cat

Malisa, as both a knight and Blaze's personal maid, feels a great deal of loyalty to Blaze. However, Malisa is also one of Blaze's first friends, and is always willing to listen to Blaze's problems and give her advice. The two will often talk about their relationships, much to the annoyance and misery of Statyx and Cryo, at least one of who will be just out of ear-shot.

Statyx the Hedgehog

At first, Malisa too felt that Statyx merely wanted the throne, and didn't truly care for Blaze. Upon entering Blaze's room when the two were secretly speaking, Malisa was about to attack Statyx, when Malisa noticed that the first thing Statyx did was get between Malisa and Blaze, as if protecting Blaze. Because of this, Malisa realised that Statyx did care for Blaze, and let him leave, since then coming to respect the hedgehog. After Malisa's knightship was revealed, a running gag has been that whenever Malisa destroys a robot (often through beheading the robots), Statyx will gulp and clench his neck, knowing that it could have happened to him.

Amy Rose

While Malisa and Amy rarely interact, they are good friends nonetheless. The two are very similiar, as they both strongly believe in girl power, have great strength, and both have crushes on someone. Malisa will often comfort Amy when Amy doubts the possibility of winning her Sonic's heart, saying that, if she was able to get together with the man she loved, so could Amy.