Manik the Hedgehog
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Manik the Hedgehog is Sonic's kid brother in the Purple Paw Continuity.

Physical Description

A small hedgehog of average build, Manik barely reaches 2 feet tall, as is befitting for most Mobians his age. He has a short snout, medium-sized triangular ears that stand upright, and a fairly short, pointed tail; his quills are short and soft-looking, and they cannot fully harden, like an adult hedgehog's can.

His fur is denim in color, with a peach muzzle, chest, arms and stomach; he has a small tuft of fur on his forehead, as well as azure eyes.


Early Years


The "field medic" idea is credit to Kagimizu.

Ironically, in the future, Manik becomes a field medic.


Manik is small and fragile, making him a poor fighter. He is, however, good at sneaking around, and is fairly quick, although nowhere near as fast as Sonic.

He can curl into a ball, but due to his physical immaturity, he is unable to fully harden his quills, so he cannot perform a proper Spin Dash.

Friends and Foes






Manik is like any other little kid; cute, rather hyper, innocent and easily intimidated. He can be quite impudent, but that's only towards his enemies, or people he simply dislikes. He is frightened of Overlanders, and, for some reason, greatly dislikes G.U.N. This may be because a majority of the soldiers and such are Overlanders. He also believes that G.U.N wants to rule Mobius.

He has been shown to be quite prideful and stubborn, believing that he can take on enemies much more powerful than he is. This may stem from the fact that he wants to be just like Sonic, whom he greatly looks up to.


  • Sonic and his friends
  • Ice cream (especially chocolate)
  • Exploring


  • Being told what to do (on some occasions)
  • Being left out

Biggest Fears