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Maria Robotnik is a beautiful blonde-haired girl who Shadow seemed to love very much. She died about 50 years ago.
Shadow and Maria9

Maria sonic X

| |- |English voice portrayers |Shelly Fox (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, except for Sonic Heroes and Sonic Battle) Bella Hudson (Shadow the Hedgehog)

Megan Hollingshead (Sonic X season 3 and Sonic Super Action Speed) Veronica Taylor (Shadow the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic X: New Adventure)

Other Appearances

  • In Cy-Fox's Protocol Cy-Fox series, Maria is portrayed as being 25 years old as of Protocol Cy-Fox 1.0, working on board Space Station ARK as a new attending physician for the Medical Division, specializing in Cybernetic Medicine. She was initially in a relationship with xenophobic and abusive U.S Army captain Abraham Tower before meeting Mobian Space Navy lieutenant Miles Prower, ultimately becoming responsible for the procedure that made him into Cy-Fox Unit 01.
  • In Melanieluvjack's universe, Dr. Miranda Kinder is the reincarnation of Maria Robotnik.
  • In Nova The Hedgehog's universe, Maria is brought back to life in hedgehog form.
  • In Flashfire212's fanfics, she was transferred to the body of a hedgehog and is now known as Dawn the Hedgehog, Shadow's younger sister. Shadow also names one of his twin daughters after her.
  • In Sonic Crystal Universe, she appears in flash backs from Shima's memory. She also appears when Ruby takes evryone back in time, so they witness the fall of the Ark.
  • Maria appears in two Sonic Crystal Universe games and Shadow the Hedgehog: A.R.K.
  • In Second Chance Maria is brought backk to life by a time rift,but she Straightens her hair,dyes it black,and wears different clothes to escape G.U.N.
  • In JL the Hedgehog she becomes a close friend to JL
  • In lu-raziel / Louise F Andersen´s fan-fiction “Return of Maria Robotnik”, Maria is brought back from the dead as a hedgehog by Dr Eggman.
  • In NerotheHedgehog's Fanfics, Maria was taken to the future with Shadow when he goes back in time to save her but she can't survive in the future so tails creates a Hedgehog Body and moves Maria's Mind Over to the New Body
  • Maria appears in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes as a supporting non playable character along with her grandfather, Professor Gerald. Maria and Gerald appear only as visions multiple times during Shadow's memories aboard the ARK. She also appears in the unlockable short which tells the story of Shadow.
  • In SuperMolly's fanfics she is revived by Cornelia the Electric Hedgehog, when Cornelia traveled in time. She also has magical abilities.
  • In Cross heart:the joyous heart,in the flashbacks it was believed maria was actually dead but it was both wrong and right,elisa traveled through the time and saw that maria actually fell unconcious and survived the shot when waking up however she was in pain and knew she wasnt going to survive very long,she was met by a spirit,who told her that she would reincarnate in the present, sending a golden light inside her with maria dying instently.she reincarnates as marisa robotnik in the present day though she's incomplete making her not real and having no emotions.she later on turns real when finally reuniting with her past self.she has combat skills similar to shadows except can't do any chaos abilites.
  • In KindGenius' fanfics after death,she reincarnates into 2 more bodies and lives 2 more lives(one of which is Molly).As Elizabeth,her second life,and her afterlives,she learned Energy Controlling,so she was elected as a Guardian of the Fourth Dimension.Maria starts protecting The Fourth Dimension,the dimension where Shadow lives,but she can't see Shadow because all mortals,exept the Energy Controllers,She is one of the main characters in The Chronicles of The Stone of Power Trilogy and fights the main villain there.She is in love with Shadow,and they reunite after all the events of the trilogy.Has advanced Energy Controlling skills,Chaos Powers,and Guardian Powers.
  • In Shadow the Hedgehog 2 (Cameron's Universe), she appeares in Shadow's dream and appeares in flashbacks as well.
  • In Lizzy and Jur Unleashed, Klonoa mentions Maria to Dennis about Lizzy's life and how Lizzy really misses Maria.
  • In the TV series Sonic X she appears in Season 2 and Season 3 of Shadow's past.
  • In Pianoteen's Universe and Anime, Maria has been revived. She is know reunited with Shadow and has some affection for Louis. Later it was found that Maria was Louis' long lost second-cousin. Yet some people find her weird and sing "How do you solve a problem like Maria?".
  • In Mario and Friends, Super Smash Bros.: The Comic, Super Smash Bros.: 6 Years Later and Super Smash Bros.: Beyond, it is also revealed that Pauline's Mother, St. Arlene Smith-Daniels, is exactly the Angelic reincarnation of Maria Robotnik who got in the way to save Shadow's life while Claire was trying to shoot him.
  • In Wreck-it Ralph 2Shadow admits to Mariya that she reminds him of Maria after she thanks him her his nobility. Near the end of the film before Ralph's wedding, the young princess gives him an unnamed orphaned baby girl who looked just like Maria and asks him to care for the child and raise her as his own. Shadow tearfully agrees, naming her after Maria in memory.


Both pictures taken from DeviantArt.

Sonic the Fighters 2

Profile: Using the power of the Nova Ring Maria can contact and deliver her power to Shadow, but How?

Speed: 19

Power: 10

HP: 100

DEF: 33

ATK: 10

Attacks: Healing Capsule, Triple Kick, Falling Star Effect.


Good Luck Shadow.

Yes! It looks like we won!

Sorry Shadow, Next time I'll give you more power.

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