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This page is for Marine the Raccoon from ANY person's continuity!

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests Tails (Puppy1's fanfics)(ANGRYBIRDSFAN's fanfics)
Jim the Doggaby (Scroundernut's fanfics)
Bokkun (Sonic Colors 2: Return of the Wisps)
Relatives Kelly Prower (Gurahk's universe) (daughter)
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Raccon
Gender Female
Description Fur: Orange
Eyes: Blue


  • Green and white tube top
  • Black skin-tight shorts
  • Green and Orange shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations The Coconut Crew, Stashing Trash, Stealing Food from Other People
Abilities scavenging, blasts made out of unknown material (Could of been Hydroknienis)

Waterballs (Sonic Colors 2)

Super Forms



Blaze and the Prince of Space

Marine first meets Blaze and Silver on the beach, when Silver saves her from crashing her wave-rider into sharp rocks. She also turns 7, and Keita, as a joke, gives her a Building Machines for Dummies book. She gets angry, then laughs. Marine fights with Metal Marine, and defeats it only with the help of Keita and his bow and arrow, which he shoots it through the head.

BearfootTruck's Universe

Marine has only made one appearance in any of BearfootTruck's stories. In Sonic's Weird Birthday, she gives Sonic a boomerang for his birthday. However, the Blue Blur gets hit in the face when trying to catch it. Nevertheless, Marine assures him that he'll become an expert boomerang thrower. She gives him a hug before parting.

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Sonic rush 3,Kailey the raccoon(game)Moon and star the fox,Sonic unleashed 2

Sonic Colors 2: Return of the Wisps

Marine, Silver and Blaze travel to Sonic's dimension to help defeat Dark Wisp. In this, Marine meets Bokkun and they slowly develop a relationship, which Blaze teases her about in the end.

Sonic Fanon Party

In this game, Marine appears as the owner of Pleasure Castle.

Soon Appearing In

Moon the Fox and Star the fox(AmyRoseishere2 sonic rush adventure fanon).

Voice Actors

  • Kayzie Rogers (2005-2010)
  • Wendee Lee (2010-Present)


Marine was hated because fans thought she was a good example on why you shouldn't take kids on dangerous quests. She was also immature and disobeyed orders.


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