"Time itself is getting ruined... can you stop this?"


Mario and Sonic travel through time by going to a different abandoned world. They meet each other, then learning Eggman and Bowser had worked together. This game shows Rosalina's past as she sadly explains it after learning about Eggman and Bowser. They were ruining time and space for good. It's got tougher levels than ever, where Mario and friends and Sonic and friends are destined to stop Eggman in this crossover.

  • 1ups: Collect 100 Rings (Sonic), Collect 100 coins (Mario)



  • Rings
  • Invincibilty
  • Super Speed Sneakers


  • Coins
  • Super Star
  • Fire Mario

Team Mario's Levels

  1. Retro Hills (Mario)
  2. Block Palace (Luigi)
  3. Detective City (Peach)
  4. Retro Hills (destroyed, secret level, Metal Mario)
  5. Battlerock (Rosalina)
  6. Good Egg Castle (Yoshi)
  7. Bowser's Castle (Daisy)

Team Sonic's Levels

  1. Casinopolis (Sonic)
  2. City Escape (Tails)
  3. Tropical Resort (Knuckles)
  4. Rock Snow Park (Amy)
  5. Seaside Hill (Rouge)
  6. Wave Ocean (Wave)
  7. Eggman's Factory (Cream)

The Final Boss

This takes place in 'The Orb and the Fire' palace. All characters have their own small levels, and the final boss is played by Super Sonic and Super Duper Mario. Super Sonic is powered by rings, and Super Duper Mario is powered by coins.

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