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Versions of the Mary-Sue

The Marty-Stu

Basically, a male version of the Mary-Sue. Also called a "Gary-Stu".

The God-Mod

The God-Modding Mary Sue is rarely found alone. Oftentimes they can be located within the mind of a “perfect” Mary Sue or a Plot-Stealer Mary Sue. These creations are ultra-powerful, usually not even knowing they have such powers until the first time they use them. The powers themselves are generally numerous, or strong enough to chase away even the baddest of baddies.

Jerk Sue

The basis of this is the tendency of many "darker and edgier" writers to create a bitter, ill-spirited, confrontational, or downright mean character and still play them up as an ideal person, or just get away with being a bullying jerk. The other characters tolerate the antics (which can range from petty to sociopathic), allowing him/her to walk all over them and talking them up in their conversations with each other. Common synonyms include "strong", "tough", and "rugged" while common topics include how much better they've made their lives through their "tough love" or whatever Freudian Excuse supposedly justifies their behavior.

Either way, they're both royal pains in the neck and annoying both to be around and read about. The male version tends to be less common nowadays, (or at least called out more often) as with Marty Stu he's falling victim to men wanting more realistic protagonists.

Almost always used in line with Karma Houdini, though they are not interchangable. An average jerky character can be called out or outright despised by the rest of the cast and still get away with it scot free, much like a Jerk Sue can have their cruel traits disregarded by the cast yet still be punished by sheer karma alone (though granted when a Jerk Sue is on the recieving end of abuse rather than causing it, expect it to be treated as far more sympathetic and poignant in the narrative).

The Pity-Beggar

The pity-beggar Mary Sue is a common one, often leading a painful life with hateful parents, perfect siblings/friends or no friends at all, no boyfriend, no guys hitting on her, and possibly, in the worst crime able to be committed in a fanfic, pointless rape. In the WORST of these cases, the raped character will have little to no reaction to the injustice, an injustice in itself to all who HAVE been through such a horrid experience.

The Plot-Stealer

Plot-stealer Mary Sues are generally upset with the main female character of a movie/book/anime, and rather than have her out of the picture, they’ll put themselves in that place. Cases have sometimes been noted as events of “déjà vu” to bring the Sue and her desired object closer together.

The Man-Hunter

The Man-Hunter is pretty much every single Sue that has been made. The writer will make the character with the intent of the story being a romance ending with the successful pairing of the writer’s desired love/lust object. Thus, the writer can imagine him/herself as the character and put him/herself into the circumstances in which they can end up with their dream date. Often Man-hunters forget important details such as time and place. They will go to any lengths to achieve the desired effect, overlooking detail and plot along the way.

The Perfect Sue

The most positively sickening of all Sues is the Perfectionist Sue. These Sues often have a combination of qualities of the previously mentioned Sues, most often the Man-Hunter Sue. What separates this from the others is the perfection involved with the character. These are the creations that have no depth. They are beautiful, smart, skilled, graceful, the kind of person who would win Miss Universe. Twice, because she’s just special like that and no one else can compare. So special, in fact, that often the men around her cannot help but fall in love with everything about her.

The Recolor Sue

Basically, a Mary-Sue that is also a recolored version of a canonical character.

Please refer to this page for more info.

List of Mary-Sues

To classify which character is a Mary-Sue over others is dubious at best, because while one section of fans agree, the other will disagree. However, a majority of fans will agree that fan-characters created with little or no originality are eligable for such placing.

Traits of the Mary-Sue

  • Often considered gorgeous or beautiful by every character.
  • Incredible powers/abilities with very few/no weaknesses. (A trait shared with Troll characters)
  • Able to get away with anything

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