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"Sorry for that , Polky."
—Mary before kill Polky in Season Two

Mary is a minor character in season one if Mobius Heroes' Squad and the protagonist of season two of Mobius Heroes' Squad. She is a Angelhog , a mix of a hedgehog and angel , to reward this , Mary gives up the Dark Power to you actual husband , Polky the Devilcat.


As a Child

Mary born in Landslide Mountain. She's father Luldry the Hedgehog is a warrior of Mobius' Castle and her mother Marie the Angel is a nurse in Mobius' Castle too. Mary has been separted of his fathers , because , Luldry has "stealed" a gold idol. Mary starts to train to become a Dark Warrior with Maiden the Cat.

Mobius Heroes' Squad - Season One

Mary become a Devilhog , with the bad alignment , she starts attack Urlia the Hedgecat with she's boyfriend (at time) Polky the Hedgecat. She has been defeated in Episode 65 , by Urlia.

Mobius Heroes' Squad - Season Two

Mary mades she debut during Episode 10 of Season Two , she's has been cured by Katie the Godness , Katie gives to Mary a chance to rewind the bad things. Katie create a new timeline , a timeline when Mary do good things and become the leader of Female Mobius' Squad. But , Katie gives a Mary a mission , reverse the "Devil" of Polky , but , she not complete the mission and Polky has been turned to a Supreme Devil , Mary with help of Urlia kill Polky and she's free.


During the episode 15 of Season Two , Katie show to all characters of the cartoon the future. In the Future , Mary and Urlia's son Leonardo the Cat will be captured by a team called Polky Demons , a group created to revive the supreme devil. Polky has been revived , by Mary's blood.

Main Powers

  • Angel Powers
    • Light Arrow - Mary can summon a Light Arrow , this arrow can turn devil to light.
    • Supreme Clear - Mary can light dark areas.
    • The Devil's End - During the last episode of Season Two , Mary won the Devil's End defeat Polky


Mary is hiperative , she likes her powers and guns , she haves a Desert Eagle and AK-47 in his bedroom. Mary seems to like be a leader , but , sometimes , she is sensitive (show in Episode 12 , Season Two) , she haves the eyes of father and the body of the mother , and , she don't like if the people call him... Rouge.


  • The Boss - By Urlia in Season Two.
  • The Angel in Form of Hedgehog - By Katie , Luldry and Marie in Season Two.
  • Amy - By Polky in Season One.




Mary in VideoGames

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