Matoiza is the romantic relationship between Matoro"Blizzard" the Hedgehog and Akiza the Wolf.


One day on Glacier Plains, Akiza went to go skating on her favorite frozen pond just behind the town hall. When Akiza got there, she put on her skates as usual, and went out onto the ice. Akiza fell through a thin section of the ice and fell in the freezing water. Blizzard, who just happened to be around at the time, heard her screams for help and dived in after her. Blizzard brought her up out of the water and over to the side of the pond, and gave her his sweater. The two secretly had a crush on each other from that day. On Akiza's fourteenth birthday, Blizzard had secretly set up a surprise party for her on the same frozen pond. When Akiza arrived, Blizzard and some others popped out from some trees and shot confetti at her. After the party subsided, Blizzard took Akiza over to the same side of the pond, and told her that he loved her. Akiza did the same, kissing him.

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