Matt the Cat-Android

Matt the Cat-Android is a robot that was created to funtion as an assasin. He uses modern weapons that take the form of capsules inside his body. He also has mechanical wings that can emerge from his back, which makes him capable of flight.


Matt's personality somewhat varies bepending on the environment. When times are peaceful he is somewhat comedic. When something suspicius happens he becomes serious. When there is chaos he tries to bring peace, usually without trying to hurt anyone he doesn't need to.


Matt's weapons are capsules that turn into weapons when ejected from his hand. All of the weapons he has use energy bullets. He has 3 different kinds of capsules:

  1. Sniper capsule: He usually uses this one when he needs precision shooting.
  2. Pistol capsules: When fighting close range, sniper rifles become less efficient. He has two of these capsules.
  3. Anti-tank rifle capsule: This weapon is only used against the toughest enemies. Matt's robotic body allows him to use this weapon with one hand.


Matt is a robot, which gives him some abilities others don't.

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