"Save the children? Care for the children? Don't make me laugh.." - Maybleed

Maybleed wants nothing more then to steal a hedgehogs soul. He ofen likes to kill and feast on souls, human waste, and blood. He is a being of darkness and was a G.U.N experiment with heaven gone wrong. He is a demon inside Gold's body. He is released when Gold's Trigger Emreald is removed. He lives deep in h**.


When Gold was still in thought, they made an evil hedgehog to kill all the Mobians. At this time, they thought they were dangerous. But the experiment wrong. They sealed it in Golds body for 50 years. After he was released, he took revenge.....


He is Black with spiky hair and red streaks. He has red devil horn's and black eyes. His pupils are red. His shoes are Mephiles's style color. Maybleed also sometimes wears a cape.


UpperBlood The Hellhog

Upperblood is a lifeform created by Maybleeds darkness. He is Maybleed's minion like his sister, Trant.

Trant The Hellhog

Trant is Maybleed's other minion, as well as a older sister to Upperblood.

MayMay the Hellhog

Maymay is Maybleed's daughter. She ofen does not follow her dad's orders and trys to help the good.

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