Mecha Flab is a robot made by Team Asbalm. His primary functions were to keep Flab occupied while Team Asbalm stole or did what they needed. But Mecha Flab gained a mind of his own and left Team Asbalm. He now sets himself out to kill Flab so that he will be 'The one and only Flab'.

The creation of Mecha Flab

Mecha Flab went through alot of building and design changes to get to where he is today. Mecha Flab was originally made from blue-prints from Mecha Sonic, but it was incapable of standing up to Flab's quick attacks and defensive capabilities. So Brayd kept tampering with the battle capabilities of Mecha Flab, but because the body was too small and thin, it was impossible to give Mecha Flab the abilities that Mendoza wanted him to have. So then Trace ended up downloading every blue-print that Eggman had, while Brayd made the battle capabilities and gathered all the materials needed. Once back, Trace gave the blue-prints to Mendoza, and immediately Mendoza picked the blue-prints of E - 123 Omega. The reason being that it was the only soldier sized robot that could hold all the abilities and capabilities that he wanted. So Brayd began work on Mecha Flab, and started with the interior. Once pleased that everything could fit where it was needed to, Brayd made the body of Mecha Flab using Ironmeldium which was already set. Then after constant tests and upgrades, Mecha Flab was made and the design never changed from that day.


Mecha Flab has a self-righteous personailty. Meaning he will only do things for himself if he seems that it is worth it. Mecha Flab cares for himself and no one else. Works alone and only works in a team if the circumstances are dire. Mecha Flab is constantely tampering with his modeling to perfect his unfinished design. Also keeps tampering with his battle capabilities so that they will neither shut down or decrease in power unless he weakens himself intentionaly. When he talk, he tries to make himslef sound superior and tries to belittle everyone.


Mecha Flab single
Mecha Flab is a robot made from the blue-prints of E - 123 Omega. Mecha Flab has a sharp point sticking out of the front of his head and the back of his head. He has a Flab green Arms and legs, and has the red colour from Flab's vest painted on his torso. Has Black Feet, hands and back arms. Has green eyes. Has grey head plating. On his wrists, are grey bands with marone studs sticking out of them.


Due to constant tampering, everytime Mecha Flab enters a fight, his physical strength is always stronger time after time. As for his defensive capabilities, due to his body being made of ironmeldium, his body is only at two-thirds of Flab's Defensive abilities. Has what seems to be an endless supply of missiles and explosives in his arms and shoulder compartments. Can turn his hands into dual sabers.


  • Super Mecha Flab
  • Barrage Mecha Flab

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